Robbo Reckons

How does that Bob Dylan song go ?For the times they are a changing? the mighty Dolphins in 2005 will welcome back to the fold Anthony ?Hook? Griffin who takes over from Neil Wharton as coach of the Queensland Cup side. Wharto walks away from the job with the distinction of being the longest serving first grade coach in the club?s history and the most successful. I am sure whatever he does in the future he will be successful at, and that may just be in commentary if you managed to listen to the ABC radio broadcast of preliminary and grand finals. Also going is Bertie Campbell whose side ran into a white hot Easts side in the preliminary final, fell one game short of going to the show. Bertie coached the way he played full of emotion and pride and he?ll be missed around the place. I have heard through one of my very reliable sources that Bertie will be lead singer in an Australian Crawl tribute band after his efforts in the pig pen on silly Sunday. Both these guys gave enormous service to the club so if you see them around say well done boys. Crusher Cleal moves from the coaching role to become Development Manager following the departure of Neil Bishop who has decided to become a truckie so all the best Bisho 10-4 big buddy. The club will also have a new strength and conditioning coach with David Simpson also not being re-appointed. With Simmo at the helm no team ran over the top of us physically and we always finished the year full of running, he is another who will be missed around the place. As I promised last month I am set to announce the prestigious awards in the game today ?The Robbo?s?. Player of the Year: Cowboy Troy Lindsay although Brian Jellick and Adam Starr were right up his clacker. Best New Face: He wasn?t new face to the Club but a new face to first grade Nick Walker Texas Ranger. Best Young Gun: Gavin Cooper if Coops sticks on the straight and narrow I feel we?ll be hearing a lot of him in years to come. Most Outstanding Prospects: In the forwards Tino Kurene and the backs Maddison Murphy watch for these two next year to push for Qld Cup spots. Now for the important awards Boomtown Rat Award: For the player most likely not to train Tuesday nights Cody Norton. The Dodgem Car Award: Chris Jelich I?m too Sexy for Shirt Award: Pick your own first name but the last name will be Jones. Crazy Hair Award: Henry Coutts for his Fro. The TV Tony Award: The player most likely to give away a penalty Peter Delaivuna The Alpha First Aid Award: The player most likely to get injured Andrew Wynyard. The Hinchey Award: For the player least likely to pass inside the opposition 25metres. Ben Jones Try of the Year: Russell McDonald, he got the ball from the kick off burst through the first line, chipped kick and regathered over the cover defender stepped the fullback put a goose step on the winger and sprinted away from the opposition centre. Well that?s how he tells it anyway.

Well as for me I?ll be heading down to Centrelink to scour the boards for assistant coaching jobs maybe I?ll give the Augathella Meat ants a call Until next month Cheers Robbo