Robbo Reckons

Well the ref has blown his whistle and we?ve had our trial games. Against Brothers Valleys coach Wharton decided to play a young side leaving out twelve regular first graders and we went down to the two blues. Then a week later the boys travelled to Ipswich to take on the Jets in three grades in very hot conditions with first grade getting away with 24-14 victory. By the time you read this the big NRL trial game at Dolphin Oval would have been played hopefully in fine weather and with a full house. And hopefully we would?ve rolled Toowoomba and Wests in the lead up games, I must say the boys are looking fit, the sadistic David Simpson is putting the guys through some torrid fitness sessions even the fossils, whoops I mean veterans Troy Lindsay, Adam Starr and Brian Jellick are running around like 19 year olds again. Footballers are known to have strange sense of humours and just look at their nicknames for proof. Some people have simple nicknames like me while others are more creative. One of the more interesting ones is Marijan Harris ?The Croatian sensation?. One of the new colts Blake Harwood has picked up the nicknames of Hollywood or JJ (Junior Jones). It seems young Blake loves nothing more than taking his shirt off and asking if his hair is ok when a young lady walks past. Then there is Penalty Pete Delaivuna who got that nickname after giving away a few penalties during last season. Daniel Jones has picked up a new nickname as well it?s something about one week in four weeks out. While his brother Ben has picked up Joe Dirt as a nickname after turning up to training with new mullet hair cut not that there is anything wrong with them I even sported one for a while. The premiership proper starts in a few weeks with our first game against neighbours Norths in the ABC match of the day on Saturday the 13th. There is nothing better as player than playing in front of big crowds that are vocal and passionate. Wynnum seems to be the top of the tree with crowd support and I think we can we do better so why don?t you do yourself a favour get along to a game at Dolphin and cheer the boys along, I know they would appreciate it and it?s a good cheap day out. Some people say the local comp isn?t any good since the Broncos came in but I beg to differ it?s a very strong competition and you?ll see good footy every week. From the old days the names may have changed but the game is still the same. So get along and cheer tomorrow?s stars today. And don?t forget if you want the best deal on the Peninsula for a new or used car pop in and see the Keystar team.

Until next month Cheers Robbo