Rookie Eels Upset Fancied Broncos

An out of form Parramatta Eels side has scored a surprise 19-18 win over the Brisbane Broncos in front of 11,005 fans at Parramatta Stadium.

The game started with early momentum with the Eels and in just the fourth minute of the game Jarryd Hayne was able to muscle his way over the line which was converted from out wide by Chris Sandow.

Just two minutes later Parramatta were able to cross the try line again this time through five-eighth Luke Kelly but this time Chris Sandow was unable to convert.

The Eels were unable to counter the mounting pressure with Jordan Kahu crossing for his first career try and first of his two tries for the night. The Broncos first try was a touch bittersweet with just minutes before Scott Prince limping up the tunnel after reinjuring his hamstring that he had strained in their match last week.

Jordan Kahu getting his double in the nineteenth minute and Corey Parker was unable to convert it wide out. On the half hour mark the broncos Josh McGuire was placed on report for a high tackle.

On the stroke of half time Jarryd Hayne slotted what many people thought was a useless field goal to take the Eels margin out to 3 points.

As was the case in the first half it took Parramatta just 4 minutes to score the opening try of the half this time through Joseph Paulo and was converted by Chris Sandow.

The game erupted three minutes later when Mitch Allgood was penalised for a late hit on Peter Wallace which was the beginning of a fight which saw Mitch Allgood and Josh McGuire sin binned by referee Ashley Klein for throwing punches.

The game turned back into the armwrestle it had been in the second quarter of the match and just short of the hour mark Justin Hodges scored the broncos third of the night, Peter Wallace was the player that was unable to convert this time. Soon after the eels were able to push the margin back to 7 points when Chris Sandow converted a penalty goal to take it to 19-12.

Though the Broncos weren’t done with yet and Ben Hunt managed to score a try four minutes later although initially called a No Try by referee Ashley Klein replays showed that there was no obstruction and the try was awarded, Peter Wallace converted to make it a one point ball game and that’s where it finished for the night.

Neither side has it easy next week with the Eels travelling down to Wollongong to take on the Dragons meanwhile the Broncos head back up to QLD for their match with the Gold Coast Titans at Suncorp Stadium.

Match Details
Parramatta Eels 19 Brisbane Broncos 18
Venue: Parramatta Stadium
Crowd: 11005
Halftime Score: Parramatta Eels 11-8 Players of the Match:
3 points - Jarryd Hayne
2 points - Chris Sandow
1 point - Jordan Kahu

Tries: Jarryd Hayne, Luke Kelly, Joseph Paulo
Field Goals: Jarryd Hayne (1/1)
Conversions: Chris Sandow (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Chris Sandow (1/2)

Tries: Jordan Kahu (2), Justin Hodges, Ben Hunt
Field Goals:
Conversions: Corey Parker (0/2), Peter Wallace (1/2)
Penalty Goals: Live Commentary

Eels: 1. Jarryd Hayne 2. Ken Sio 3. Ryan Morgan 4. Jacob Loko 5. Vai Toutai 6. Luke Kelly 7. Chris Sandow 8. Fuifui Moimoi 9. Matt Keating 10. Tim Mannah 11. Reni Maitua 12. Kelepi Tanginoa 13. Peni Terepo
Interchange: 14. Kaysa Pritchard 15. Darcy Lussick 16. Joseph Paulo 17. Mitchell Allgood 18. Api Pewhairangi

Broncos: 1. Corey Norman 2. Josh Hoffman 3. Jack Reed 4. Justin Hodges 5. Jordan Kahu 6. Scott Prince 7. Peter Wallace 8. Ben Hannant 9. Andrew McCullough 10. Sam Thaiday 11. Matt Gillett 12. Alex Glenn 13. Corey Parker
Interchange: 14. Ben Hint 15. Scott Anderson 16. David Hala 17. Jarrod Wallace 18. Josh McGuire 19. David Stagg
Ashley Klein calls time on and its Parramatta with the first possession defending the southern end of the ground
2 min: First Penalty going to the Eels with a penalty for slowing the tackle down, Eels start the set 25m out from Broncos line
4 min: VIDEO REFEREE For a possible Jarryd Hayne TRY, Gavin Reynolds says try
Scored by Jarryd Hayne. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow successful.
Jarryd Hayne gets the green light from the video referees for the opening points of the match & Converted 6-0 Parramatta
Parramatta Eels 6-0
Scored by Luke Kelly. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow unsuccessful.
Audacious last tackle gives Parramatta another try - conversion unsuccessful
Parramatta Eels 10-0
12 min: Brisbane get a repeat set after ball pushed dead by Parramatta
15 min: Brisbane on the attack close to the Parramatta line & pressure will stay on with a late tackle penalty given away by Reni Maitua
Scored by Jordan Kahu. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker unsuccessful.
First career try for Jordan Kahu after the broncos successive sets on the Parramatta goal line, conversion waved away
Parramatta Eels 10-4
18 min: Not good news for Broncos fans with reports that Scott Prince won't be back after going up the tunnel, reports are he has strained his hamstring again
Scored by Jordan Kahu. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker unsuccessful.
A Double for Jordan Kahu after a good pass from Justin Hodges, conversion from the sideline hits the post and misses
Parramatta Eels 10-8
22 min: Some good looking play from the Broncos called back for a forward pass that on replays may have been backwards
23 min: A fast moving Jarryd Hayne traps Ben Hunt in-goal from a clever Chris Sandow kick
Reni Maitua makes an unforced error.
Parramatta unable to put pressure on the Broncos from the dropout
Jacob Loko makes an unforced error.
Drop ball from Jacob Loko puts the pressure back on the eels with a drop ball just inside his own half
29 min: Cheers go up at Parramatta Stadium as Parramatta get their second penalty of the game 4-2 to Broncos
29 min: Parramatta get another penalty with Josh McGuire getting place on report for a high tackle, Penalty count now 4-3 broncos
31 min: Luke Kelly with a pass that would've been a beauty if it was to the touch judge but a poor attacking pass
32 min: Brisbane concede a penalty for a defender being taken out of the kick, Parramatta on the attack
34 min: A bit of aerial Ping-Pong close to the Broncos goal line but pressure relived with Ashley Klein calling a knock on against Joseph Paulo
36 min: Parramatta concede another penalty this time for Jacob Loko putting Corey Norman over the sideline after the referee called held
38 min: A sideline burst from Jack Reed comes to nothing with him being put into touch
39 min: Chris Sandow penalised for the second time tonight for denying a Broncos player from contesting the bomb
40 min: A penalty on the stroke of Half-Time gives the Eels a penalty & a big kick for touch puts Parramatta right on the attack
Field goal attempt by Jarryd Hayne successful.
After a 50m kick for touch Jarryd Hayne takes a shot at the one point and kicks it after the half time siren to give Parramatta a 3 point lead
Parramatta Eels 11-8
40 min: HALF TIME: Parramatta will head into the sheds the happier team after the opening 40 taking a 3 point lead though Ricky Stuart won't be happy with the number of penalties his side has conceded in the opening 40 minutes
40 min: Players back on the field with the Eels kicking off in the second half
41 min: An excellent start to the second half from the broncos sees the Eels having to start their first set just 15m out from their own line
42 min: Parramatta secure a repeat set after trapping Corey Norman in-goal after an excellent kick from Luke Kelly
Scored by Joseph Paulo. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow successful.
Chris Sandow attacks the line on the last tackle and is able to get the offload to Joseph Paulo, Sandow converts from right in front
Parramatta Eels 17-8
47 min: A bit of heat into the game after Parramatta give away a silly penalty for a penalty against Mitch Allgood for a high tackle that was late on Peter Wallace
47 min: SIN BIN
Mitchell Allgood is sent to the sin bin.
Mitchell Allgood sent to the sin bin and gives Ashley Klein a spray & could've been lucky to not be sent off
47 min: SIN BIN
Josh McGuire is sent to the sin bin.
Josh McGuire sent to the sin bin as well for the fight in the centre of the ground at Parramatta Stadium
49 min: A remarkable piece of defence from Jarryd Hayne stops Jack Reed from scoring a try
50 min: Sam Thaiday for penalised for a late tackle on Joseph Paulo which on replays looked to be harsh from Ashley Klein
Penalty goal attempt by Chris Sandow unsuccessful.
Chris Sandow unable to kick the penalty goal hitting the posts gives possession back to the Broncos 10m out from their own line
Parramatta Eels 17-8
52 min: Jordan Kahu almost embarrassing Jarryd Hayne there but knocks on, Parramatta get a 20m restart as a result
53 min: Parramatta give up possession in their own half with a forward pass 5m short of halfway, Broncos with the feed
54 min: Parramatta get another 20m restart after Jack Reed is unable to take a Peter Wallace kick,
56 min: Enterprising play from the Broncos comes to nothing with Jack Reed being penalised for being in front on a Peter Wallace kick
58 min: VIDEO REFEREE - Possible Justin Hodges Try - Referee Gavin Reynolds thinks we have a try
Scored by Justin Hodges. Conversion attempt by Peter Wallace unsuccessful.
Justin Hodges scores right in the corner but looks to be in a bit of pain after the try, Peter Wallace to take the kick while Corey Parker is off the field
Parramatta Eels 17-12
Jordan Kahu makes an unforced error.
The Broncos release the strong pressure they had on the Eels with Jordan Kahu making an error on the kick receive deep inside his own half
Penalty goal attempt by Chris Sandow successful.
Chris Sandow makes up for the last penalty goal miss by converting the goal from almost infront
Parramatta Eels 19-12
65 min: VIDEO REFEREE - Possible Ben Hunt - Looking At Obstruction - Ashley Klein says No Try
Scored by Ben Hunt. Conversion attempt by Peter Wallace successful.
The video referees overturns the initial call from Ashley Klein to give Ben Hunt a try & Peter Wallace converts to make it a 1 point game
Parramatta Eels 19-18
70 min: Parramatta get a penalty for a hand on the ball, was a good pick up from the referees, Parramatta again on the attack deep inside Broncos half
Luke Kelly makes an unforced error.
Luke Kelly puts the ball down while the Eels were on the attack deep inside the Broncos half
72 min: Broncos manage to relieve pressure on themselves on the last tackle and Parramatta will start their set around 20m on their own line
76 min: Surely the broncos are getting thoughts of going for a field goal if they get into good enough position with the clock counting down
77 min: Peter Wallace puts the ball in the air and once again taken brilliantly by Jarryd Hayne, looking like a field goal is their only scoring option now
79 min: Broncos look like they made a break down the sideline but called back by Ashley Klein for a forward pass against Justin Hodges
80 min: Luke Kelly puts the ball over the touch line, Broncos rush to the scrum with time called off with just 8 seconds to go
80 min: FULL TIME - Upset here at Parramatta Stadium with the Eels upsetting the Brisbane Broncos 19-18 at Parramatta Stadium