Roosters down unlucky Warriors

The Sydney Roosters claimed their fourth win of the year tonight against the New Zealand Warriors in front of a small, rain soaked crowd at the Sydney Football Stadium.

With rain falling heavily both teams reverted to wet weather mode with early kicks and one off plays. Ball control was an issue for the Roosters and ill-discipline cost the Warriors vital field position.

The Roosters crossed first 5 minutes out from halftime to break the deadlock. Some smart work from Jake Friend saw Aiden Guerra power over from short range. There were some question marks over the pass from Friend but the referees ruled the ball flat and awarded the try. Braith Anasta easily kicked the goal from just next to the posts and the Roosters lead 6-0.

The Roosters scored again 3 minutes later on the back of a penalty from the Warriors. Anthony Minichiello ran to the line and put a neat little grubber through the line and Shaun Kenny-Dowall dived on the ball to extend the Roosters lead. Braith Anasta nailed the difficult conversion from the sideline as the half time siren sounded in the background.

The Warriors started the second half in the best possible way with a try in the 43rd minute. The video referee was called upon to rule on possible tries to both teams on the same play. Shaun Johnson put in a nice little grubber that appeared to be fumbled by Joseph Leilua and grounded by Simon Mannering before Leilua played the whistle and ran 80 meters down field to claim a try for the Roosters. The video referee indeed ruled a knock on by Leilua and that Simon Mannering managed to get enough downward pressure on the ball before Leilua picked it back up. James Maloney made no mistake with the conversion and the Warriors were down by 6.

The Warriors appeared to have drawn level 6 minutes later with a possible try to James Maloney. The video referee controversially ruled a knock on to Krisnan Inu in the lead up despite replays suggesting otherwise.

With the clock working against them the Warriors were using every opportunity they could to get the ball out Manu Vatuvei and spark something for their team. This proved to be an exercise in futility after some poor kicking attempts and some equally good defense from the Roosters.

After having his first attempt charged down, Todd Carney made no mistake at his second attempt for field goal to seal the victory for the Roosters.

The Roosters will be looking for their fifth win of the year next week when they travel down to AAMI Park to face Melbourne while the Warriors will head home to New Zealand and hope for a better performance against the Tigers.

Match Details
Sydney Roosters 13 defeated New Zealand Warriors 6
National Rugby League - Round 13 - Saturday June 4, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: Sydney Football Stadium
Referee: Jason Robinson and Alan Shortall
Video Referee: Pat Reynolds
Touch Judges: Daniel Eastwood and Grant Atkins
Crowd:ย 10,116
Halftime: Sydney Roosters 12 New Zealand Warriors 0 players of the match:
3 Points - Anthony Minichiello
2 Points - Jake Friend
1 Point - Nate Myles

Sydney Roosters (13)
Tries: Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Aiden Guerra
Field Goals: Todd Carney (1/1)
Conversions: Braith Anasta (2/2)

New Zealand Warriors (6)
Tries: Simon Mannering
Conversions: James Maloney (1/1) Live Commentary Welcome to tonight's game between the Sydney Roosters and the New Zealand Warriors. Kick off in about 15 minutes.
The Warriors were comprehensive victors in the Toyota Cup tonight winning 50-10.
Team News:

Roosters - Mark Riddell couldn't shake his flu and has dropped off the bench. In his place comes Boyd Cordner in jersey 18. Tom Symonds will start the game at lock with Aidan Guerra relegated to the bench.

Warriors - Brett Seymour is out. Shaun Johnson will play halfback in jersey 18. Ben Matulino will start the game up front and Jacob Lillyman will come off the bench.
It's pouring rain at the moment.
We're underway. Warriors have first possession.
1 min: Strong first set from the Warriors. Minichiello takes the ball on the full with a diving catch.
2 min: Manu Vatuvei is taken in the air. Penalty to the Warriors.
3 min: Minichiello dragged back into the in goal after a nice kick from Shaun Johnson. Referee rules a penalty to the Roosters as Minichiello was down.
4 min: Rhys Pritchard comes so close to scoring his first try in first grade. Tackled just short of the try line.
5 min: Roosters waste that opportunity as a poor kick from Jake Friend goes dead.
6 min: Warriors pass the ball forward running on the last. Roosters get the turn over deep in their own half.
7 min: Referees found a little knock on by Shaun Kenny-Dowall. Warriors will attack the Roosters line.
9 min: Warriors force a repeat set. Another opportunity here.
10 min: Mateo goes very close to scoring but can't reach far enough. Pressure off the Roosters for now.
11 min: Penalty to the Roosters. Luck stripped the ball out.
12 min: Todd Carney drops the ball cold for the Roosters.
13 min: Minichiello does very well to take a spiraling bomb from Shaun Johnson in these conditions.
14 min: Warriors get a penalty in their own half. Jason Ryles held on too long on the tackle.
15 min: Warriors get another repeat set after a well placed kick from Kevin Locke is grounded in goal by Kenny-Dowall.
15 min: Locke looked to lose the ball there but the referees ruled it backwards.
16 min: Mateo tries a chip over the top but no one chases for the Warriors and the ball goes dead.
18 min: Both teams are opting for the early kicks and hoping for an error from the fullbacks in the slippery conditions.
19 min: Roosters pass the ball forward running on the last tackle. Change over on half way.
19 min: Warriors get a penalty after Waerea-Hargreaves drifts high.
20 min: Elijah Taylor is tackled on the last for the Warriors.
22 min: Kevin Locke is penalised in possession for passing after the held call.
23 min: Locke makes a try saving tackle on Minichiello.
23 min: Pritchard loses the ball in strong defense from the Warriors.
26 min: Lewis Brown loses possession for the Warriors. Roosters in a good attacking position.
27 min: Inu comes flying in and smashes Justin Carney, who loses the ball.
28 min: Break by Leilua down the right hand touch line. He tries to chip over the top but Locke knocks the ball into touch. Roosters will get a scrum feed on the Warriors 10m line.
30 min: Terrible from kick from Jake Friend is easily gathered by Kevin Locke at the back.
32 min: Warriors penalised for being inside the 10. More attacking opportunities for the Roosters.
32 min: Roosters lose the ball again!
34 min: Berrigan penalised for slowing down the play the ball. Roosters will kick for touch.
35 min: TRY
Guerra powers over from short range after some smart work at dummy half by Jake Friend.
Sydney Roosters 6-0
37 min: Another penalty against the Warriors for ruck infringements.
38 min: TRY
Back to the back for the Roosters. Minichiello puts in a neat little grubber on the last and Kenny-Dowall dives on it for his seventh try of the year. Anasta nails the conversion from the sideline.
Sydney Roosters 12-0
40 min: That's halftime at the Sydney Football Stadium. Roosters lead 12-0.
41 min: Back underway in the second half. Roosters have the first possession.
41 min: Pearce slips over receiving the ball on the last tackle and quickly offloads to a team mate, who drops the ball cold.
42 min: Tackle count restarts for the Warriors as Minichiello can't take a contested bomb.
43 min: Checking a try to both teams. Yes, that's right. BOTH TEAMS.
43 min: TRY
Wow! A kick from Mateo is contested in goal by Mannering, who claims a try as Leilua picked up the ball and ran 80m and claims a try for the Roosters. The video referee ruled a knock on by Leilua and Mannering grounded the ball before Leilua picked it back up.

That has to be the first time that has ever happened!
Sydney Roosters 12-6
47 min: Kevin Locke drops a spiral bomb from Todd Carney. Roosters will get a scrum on the Warriors 10m line.
48 min: Roosters butcher it with a loose pass. Vatuvei beat Kenny-Dowall to the ball to reclaim possession for the Warriors.
49 min: Checking a try to the Warriors.
49 min: NO TRY!

Video referee ruled a knock on from Krisnan Inu during a tussle on the ground with Anthony Minichiello. A tough call on the Warriors there.
51 min: Maloney tries for a 40/20 but the ball goes too far and stops in the in goal.
52 min: Roosters get away with a knock on after a communication breakdown between Minichiello and Pritchard at the back.
54 min: Roosters give away a penalty for a strip and then get marched 10 for back chat.
55 min: Warriors try the kick for Vatuvei but it goes too deep and is easily taken by Leilua.
55 min: Leilua loses the ball after the quick tap. Plenty of pressure on the Roosters.
57 min: Lillyman loses the ball for the Warriors. Bit of push and shove after the event too.
59 min: Berrigan gives away a penalty to give the Roosters a piggyback out of their own half.
60 min: Vatuvei saves a try for his team and takes a shot for his effort. He appears to be okay though.
62 min: A great cross field kick from Mitchell Pearce is fumbled by Krisnan Inu and Roosters will get another set of 6 on the Warriors line.
63 min: Leilua strolls over out wide but gets called back for a forward pass from Minichiello.
65 min: Awful grubber kick from Maloney is regathered by Jake Friend on halfway.
65 min: Kenny-Dowall is down for the Roosters.
66 min: Kenny-Dowall is helped off the field by a trainer after the referee didn't stop the game.
68 min: The Warriors are looking a little lost on the last tackle after another poor option, this time from Shaun Johnson.
69 min: Warriors kick for Manu Vatuvei again but this one doesn't go deep enough and the Roosters get the ball back.
70 min: Roosters get 6 again deep in the Warriors half. Looked like there was a knock on there.
71 min: Warriors get a penalty after Todd Carney holds back a Warriors player trying to gather a kick.
72 min: Warriors are chancing their arm now throwing some miracle balls.
73 min: Penalty to the Warriors for a strip on Feleti Mateo.
74 min: Shaun Johnson loses the ball for the Warriors trying a miracle pass.
75 min: Warriors get penalised trying to force Minichiello into the in goal. Silly play there from the Warriors.
77 min: Field goal attempt from Todd Carney is charged down and regathered by Carney for 6 more tackles.
78 min: FIELD GOAL
Warriors couldn't get to this one. Carney kicks it from just right of the posts, 20m out.
Sydney Roosters 13-6
79 min: Carney kicks the ball dead to soak up some time.
80 min: There's the siren. The Roosters have notched up their 4th win of the season with a 13-6 victory over the New Zealand Warriors in trying conditions.

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