Roosters Flying Again: Bulldogs Own Worst Enemy

Their season was over coming into this clash at the Sydney Football Stadium and as a result the Roosters played a more free flowing expansive game. In a Harlem Globetrotters style of football the Bondi Club defeated the Bulldogs 32-28.

The match didn't start well for both sides with both failing to complete their opening sets. However Ben Barba as in games past turned defence into attack in the 13th minutes as he streaked 90 metres downfield to opening the scoring. Steve Turner starting the conversions with a successful kick.

Two visits to the man upstairs in this match, first in the 19th minute with green lights spun up for Joseph Leilua diving over the line off a Phil Graham chip. Roosters with Todd Carney making it all locked up at 6-all

Only 3 minutes later and the Roosters making the Bulldogs defence pay with Aidan Guerra crossing the line for the first of his double. He crashed over soft defence to score. Carney extending it to 10-6.

Heading inside the final 10 minutes of the first half and the Roosters dominated, however the Bulldogs broke the play and sent Tim Lafai through the line to give them the lead again at 12-10. Although the Roosters not content with conceding points as they hit back 3 minutes later with Aidan Guerra crossing for his second. Stealing the lead back just before the break to give up the half time score of 16-12.

Sparking attack from the Bondi club giving them the win tonight and the Bulldogs their own worst enemy with their errors and ill-disciplined penalties. Roosters got to an early start in second 40 minutes with Nate Myles reaching out as he crashed over. Roosters extending the lead to 10 points with the conversion after 45mins.

Bulldogs started a fight back 10 minutes into the second half with two tries. Jamal Idris going down the sideline before kicking in field to find Steve Turner to avoided colliding with the posts to score. 7 minutes later another to the Blue and Whites as rampaging hooker Joel Romelo scoring his first NRL try thanks to a line break from Frank Pitchard. Roosters going behind 22-24.

The Bondi club would go on to score a further 10 points in the match as Todd Carney took the opportunity to snap two penalty goals thanks to poor Bulldogs discipline. In between those goals Sam Perrett was gifted a try from Aidan Guerra has he tapped it to the wing for Perrett to stroll over. Roosters making it 32-24 with 9 minutes to play.

With 3 minutes remaining in the match the score looked set with the Roosters to collect the win, however the Bulldogs having the final say. Jonathan Wright plowing in goals to score as the Canterbury side looked to chance their hand on the last.

The Bulldogs tonight have made their finals campaign just that little harder as 2 point would of helped their cause. That is compared to the Roosters who played an open game with their season over. The Bulldogs look to claim a win next week against the Cowboys and the Bondi club meet their beach rivalries in Manly on Monday Night. 

Match Details
Sydney Roosters 32 defeated Canterbury Bulldogs 28
National Rugby League - Round 21 - Saturday July 30, 2011 5:30pm
Venue: Sydney Football Stadium
Referee: Ben Cummins and Phil Haines
Video Referee: Pat Reynolds
Touch Judges: Russell Turner and Luke Phillips
Crowd: 0
Halftime: Sydney Roosters 16 Canterbury Bulldogs 12 players of the match:
3 Points - Mitchell Pearce
2 Points - Aiden Guerra (2 Tries)
1 Point - Phil Graham

Tries: Nate Myles, Sam Perrett, Aiden Guerra (2), Joseph Leilua
Conversions: Todd Carney (4/5)
Penalty Goals: Todd Carney (2/2)

Tries: Steve Turner, Ben Barba, Jonathan Wright, Joel Romelo, Timoteo Lafai
Conversions: Steve Turner (4/5) Live Commentary Good afternoon League Fans, Welcome to Super Saturday for Round 21. We are 30 minutes from first grade however full time in the U20's Toyota Cup, The Roosters making it 6 straight wins as they defeated the Bulldogs 50-8.

Team Changes:

Roosters: Phil Graham (20) moves into the centres from Kane Linnett. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves comes into the side at Lock (15). On the bench comes Mose Masoe and Lama Tasi, as a result Frank-Paul Nuuausala, Tinirau Arona and Tom Symonds have been ruled out.

Bulldogs: As per program 1 through 17.
We are minutes away from kick here at the Sydney Football Stadium. Tonight poses an interesting clash between the two sides. The Bulldogs must win if they are to contest the 2011 NRL Premiership whilst for the Roosters there season is over for another year. They have been good in parts over the last few weeks however not getting the points. Both sides to run out shortly.
1 min: TIME ON! Ben Cummins is in control to start Super Saturday, Roosters will be receiving the ball first as the Bulldogs will be kicking off.
1 min: KNOCK ON! Not the best start for the Roosters, looking to spread the ball wide, however Anthony Minichiello went to jump as he caught the ball and lost it forward. Bulldogs with the scrum.
2 min: Three errors. First with the Bulldogs from Idris out of the scrum and then the Roosters giving it back. And then another knock on. Completion rate is 0/2 for both sides after 2mins. Scrum feed with the Roosters inside their 40m line.
3 min: Cross field kick from the Roosters finding the hands of Kenny-Dowall who knocks on. Bulldogs with the 20 metre tap.
4 min: Bulldogs completing the first set of the match. Good football from the dogs as they ran the ball on the last. Idris popping the ball back for Turner to be tackled for a change over.
6 min: Roosters going 77 metres in their set, going with a grubber to the line but collected by the Bulldogs.
8 min: Aidan Guerra showing some speed and working around the Bulldogs to open them up and almost find the line but before going into touch throws the ball back inside to be collected by the Bulldogs.
9 min: Todd Carney almost looking for a 40/20 but outside the 40 metre line and collected on the full by Ben Barba. Bulldogs attacking inside their 30m line.
11 min: Penalty to the Roosters, first of the match. Jamal Idris has been placed on report for a swinging arm on Anthony Minichiello.
13 min: TRY
TRY! The Bulldogs have turned defence into attack, as a grubber kick from Todd Carney who was looking goals. However it found the arms of Ben Barba who put the foot down and streaked away 90 metres to score. Steve Turner success with the boot.
Canterbury Bulldogs 6-0
16 min: Steve Turner great cover defence. Braith Anasta leaping high in goals but held up from scoring.
18 min: Joel Romelo putting in the big hits as he collided with Minichiello from the kick return. As a result the Roosters get a penalty. Kick for touch giving them the play inside the 40.
19 min: TRY
GREEN LIGHTS! TRY! Roosters spreading it wide to the left and Phil Graham placing a nice left footed chip. The ball allowed to bounce and Joseph Leilua collects it and dives over the line.
6 all
21 min: Penalty Roosters, Bulldogs pulled up for a strip against Andrew Ryan. Touch finder gives the Roosters a chance inside the Bulldogs 20 m line. Penalty Count 3-0 Roosters.
22 min: TRY
TRY! From the penalty the Rooters doing to the right hand side and through the hands of Friend found the running Aidan Guerra to crash over for the Roosters 2nd. Todd Carney from beside the posts pushes it wide.
Sydney Roosters 10-6
25 min: End of the set for the Roosters from the try kicking down field for Ben Barba to work it back.
26 min: Anthony Minichiello juggling the ball from the kick in goals and almost caught but hit hard but the defence of the Bulldogs.
26 min: KNOCK ON! Phil Graham playing the inside ball to Anasta who wasn't expecting the ball as he pulled up on his run. Scrum feed packing for the Bulldogs inside their own half
28 min: Phil Graham leaping up and contesting the ball against Jamal Idris as the kick of Hodkinson was placed in goals with the Bulldogs looking for their second try.
29 min: KNOCK ON! Roosters trying to keep the ball alive and the offload is knocked on by Leulia. Error count at 6-2 now with the Roosters. Bulldogs are on the attack inside their 20m line.
30 min: Penalty to the Bulldogs, first of the night for them against Jason Ryles for laying in the ruck. Another set on the Roosters 20 mline.
31 min: Another penalty to the Bulldogs for Jake Friend not standing up fast enough according to the Referee, however the call could of gone with the Roosters for Corey Payne crawling off the mark.
32 min: TRY
TRY! From the double penalty the Bulldogs getting some ball and attacking the left side of the Roosters and Tim Lafai split the line and dived over.
Canterbury Bulldogs 12-10
34 min: KNOCK ON! Josh Reynolds from dummy half trying to pick up the ball too quick and dropped it. Roosters with the ball
35 min: TRY
TRY! On the last the Roosters opting with the cross field kick and Aidan Guerra catching and diving over the line for his double. Carney converts from next to the uprights.
Sydney Roosters 16-12
37 min: Roosters not done in this half with Phil Graham getting the go forward. Attacking inside the Bulldogs half
38 min: Mitchell Pearce opening up the dogs line however the pass not on with support on both sides, however the try went begging. Bulldogs back on the attack.
40 min: HALFTIME: Roosters sparking in attack towards the back end of the half with some great line movements. However the Bulldogs not out of this contest yet. Phil Graham has improved his form and showing his skills in attack. Early errors from both sides presented the idea that this match might be a flop, but the Roosters getting some sets together and have the lead at the break and are on top over the Bulldogs. It will be an interesting second half.
We are underway for the second half. Roosters kicking off and the Bulldogs getting the first use as Phil Haines blows time on here at the SFS.
44 min: Bulldogs looking to get moving forward and spreading it wide, however Ben Barba not helping the dogs cause with Leilua coming up with it.
45 min: ZERO! Roosters only 5 metres from the line. Bulldogs getting hand off the high ball in the contest. Here is their chance.
45 min: TRY
TRY! Nate Myles reaching out and scoring for the Roosters. Great run from the prop to crash over. From the tackle restart the Roosters extending their lead to 10 points. Todd Carney converts.
Sydney Roosters 22-12
48 min: Roosters more good running opening up the Bulldogs line, with the kick deep in goals. Ben Barba collects the ball and streaking away again. Mose Masoe chasing with support of Myles, Barba going into touch. Scrum feed Roosters.
50 min: From the scrum the Roosters rolling over the top of the Bulldogs now, with Mose Masoe the big man to get the metres. Kick on the last tapped over to Mitchell Pearce to backwards kicked it in field but ruled he was in touch. Bulldogs with the change over.
51 min: TRY
TRY! Jamal Idris flirting with the touch line before he kicked back in field for his winger in Steve Turner to collected it at the posts to score. Turner coverts his own try from in front.
Sydney Roosters 22-18
54 min: Touch judge called the Bulldogs up for a forward pass however on replay looking okay.
55 min: From the scrum Todd Carney getting the Roosters to 11 metres from the line. Good Running.
56 min: Roosters trying everything in that set with Phil Graham in the action. Roosters attempting to keep the ball alive but the kick from Carney rolling dead for a Bulldogs 20 metre tap.
57 min: Roosters looking for a 40/20 but again Ben Barba is at the back to gather it on the full and returns it to the defensive line.
58 min: TRY
TRY! Joel Romelo thanks to the running break off Frank Pitrach who opened up the Roosters line. Romelo backing up in support to score his first try in his NRL career. Steve Turner converts
Canterbury Bulldogs 24-22
61 min: Good charge from Sam Kasiano but he knocked on to give the Roosters the zero tackle.
62 min: KNOCK ON! Jason Ryles losing the ball as he went to ground. On replay looks like an elbow to the face from Frank Pritchard.
62 min: Phil Haines has placed Pritchard on report for a high shot on Myles. As a result the Roosters get a free interchange and will attempt the penalty goal.
GOAL! Todd Carney from in front of the posts levels the scores at 24-all
24 all
63 min: Penalty against the Bulldogs for a strip against Josh Reynolds. Roosters getting free stroll up field. Attacking inside the 40m line of the Dogs.
65 min: TRY
TRY! Sam Perrett gives the Roosters the lead again as the Bulldogs defence was out on their feet. The high ball contested by Guerra who tapped it over to Perrett on the wing and strolling over to score. Carney from out wide has just kicked it inside the posts.
Sydney Roosters 30-24
67 min: Penalty to the Roosters for the Bulldogs being offside at the kick restart with Dene Halatu being in front of the kicker.
68 min: Steve Turner flying in goals to save the day for the Bulldogs. Kick from Pearce a good grubber but not points for the Roosters. Drop out for the Sydney club.
69 min: From the drop out, not the best set from the Roosters as they don't complete it.
69 min: KNOCK ON! Andrew Ryan looking tired a simple lost ball from the pass. Roosters with the zero tackle.
70 min: Penalty to the Roosters. Count at 7-2. Bulldogs offside.
GOAL! Carney converts the penalty goal to extend the lead to 8 points.
Sydney Roosters 32-24
73 min: Roosters through Mitchell Pearce kicking out on the full, chance for the Bulldogs
74 min: Repeat side for the Bulldogs as Phil Graham kicking it dead. Attacking off a drop out.
75 min: Ben Barba trying to create some magic however on the last the Bulldogs kicking in goals for Ryles to take it over the dead ball line.
74 min: Repeat side for the Bulldogs as Phil Graham kicking it dead. Attacking off a drop out.
77 min: TRY
TRY! Bulldogs chancing their hand on the last play and taking on the line and Jonathan Wright crashes over the line to score. Steve Turner rushing the kick pushing it to the left hand upright.
Sydney Roosters 32-28
79 min: GAME SET MATCH! KNOCK ON. Frank Pritchard losing control of the ball at the line as the magic was starting to happen. Scrum feed to the Roosters, 34 seconds to go.
80 min: FULL TIME! Siren sounds at the SFS. The Roosters putting it together and both sides had their opportunities to seal the win. Bulldogs their own worst enemy in the game with the errors and the penalty count not with them. Their season is now on the line with 10 points on the line after this still.

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