Roosters go on try scoring spree

The Sydney Roosters have thrashed the Wests Tigers 56-0 at Campbelltown Stadium in a very one sided affair.

Despite an early try to Walker for the Roosters, it was a very competitive first 20 minutes with Wests having the better of possession and territory.

It all turned sour very quickly for the Tigers though as the Roosters went on a try scoring spree that lasted 17 minutes and resulted in 6 tries to give them an amazing 40-0 lead at half time.

Despite plenty of effort after the break, the Tigers couldn?t find a way through the Roosters line or a way to keep their own in tact and the points continued to mount.

The Roosters added three more tries to the tally before halftime to hand out their second successive thrashing and continue their excellent mid-season form.

Campbelltown Stadium Referee: Tim Mander Video Referee: Graeme West Touch Judges: Allen Foster, Steve Carrall

Scorers: WESTS TIGERS 0 Tries: Goals: defeated by ROOSTERS 56 Tries: Cross 3, Finch 3, Walker, Crocker, Minichiello, Byrne Goals: Fitzgibbon 7/8, Walker 1/2

By the clock: 0 min: Kick-off!

2nd min: NEWS - The Roosters have made the first mistake of the night putting the Tigers in a good attacking position.

4th min: NEWS - After repeat sets and a near try from the Tigers they have undone their good work in giving away the first penalty of the match.

9th min: NEWS - It's been a bit of a scrappy start with both sides showing poor ball control and discipline.

10th min: TRY - Roosters. Brett Finch on the short side put a perfect kick in behind the defence line that Walker swooped on to score. Fitzgibbon converts - Roosters 6-0.

15th min: NEWS - The Roosters defence looks water tight tonight with the Tigers not looking like scoring in nearly 6 sets on the Roosters line.

20th min: NEWS - The Tigers have been very solid in this first quarter but they really need to find some ways through this Roosters line if they are to compete.

23rd min: TRY - Roosters. Hodgeson let a Finch bomb bounce and paid the price as the ball came loose with the final result being a try to Crocker. Fitzgibbon converts - Roosters 12-0.

26th min: TRY - Roosters. Ryan Cross went between two Tigers defenders and scored in the corner very close to the dead ball line. Fitzgibbon fails to converts - Roosters 16-0.

29th min: TRY - Roosters. The youngster Anthony Topou made a great 20 metre run on the last tackle before offloading to Minichiello to score a try out of nothing. Fitzgibbon converts - Roosters 22-0.

31st min: TRY - Roosters. It's an absolute carve up now. This time it was Ryan Cross running through a gap and letting Todd Byrne Loose. Fitzgibbon converts - Roosters 28-0.

36th min: TRY - Roosters. After some scrappy play on the last Fittler steadied the ship and Finch finished off under the posts. Fitzgibbon converts - Roosters 34-0.

38th min: TRY - Roosters. After another break from the Roosters, Ryan Cross pinned his ears back and crossed for his second of the night. Fitzgibbon converts - Roosters 40-0.

40th min: HALF TIME - It was a competitive match up until the 20th minute until the Roosters just unleashed a wave of tries. The end result seeing the Tigers being booed to the sheds. Half time score - Roosters 40 Tigers 0.

HALF TIME STATS: Penalties: Tigers 2 Roosters 5 Completions: Tigers 12/17 Roosters 18/24 Hitups: Tigers 59 Roosters 96 Tackles: Tigers 153 Roosters 97 Mistackles: Tigers 18 Roosters 7 Errors: Tigers 5 Roosters 6

41st min: The second half is underway!

42nd min: NEWS - The Tigers have shown their not going to lie down, throwing the ball around and making 70 metres in their first set of six.

48th min: TRY - Roosters. After a big out the back off load the ball eventually came out to Finch who dived over for his second try of the night. Fitzgibbon converts - Roosters 46-0.

50th min: NEWS - The Roosters are taking advantage of their big lead bringing Fittler to the bench for an early rest.

55th min: NEWS - A bit of intensity has gone from the Roosters match as Fitzgibbon has also been brought to the bench to be rested.

57th min: NEWS - The Roosters have been denied a try by the video referee with Chris Walker having been ruled to have knocked on in the lead up to scoring.

59th min: TRY - Roosters. On the last tackle Finch decided to offload to Minichiello who ran across field and put Cross over in the corner for his hatrick. Walker fails to convert - Roosters 50-0.

64th min: NEWS - The Tigers are still trying to mount an attack with repeat sets and are showing a lot of heart.

69th min: NEWS - With just 11 minutes to go the Tigers can be proud that they have managed to stop the flow of Roosters tries.

74th min: NEWS - Both teams are going through the motions as this match starts to wind down.

79th min: TRY - Roosters. Brett Finch managed to make his way over the line to score a hatrick. Walker converts - Roosters 56-0.

80th min: FULL TIME - While it's been a dour second half, overall it's been a very dominant and impressive performance from the Roosters. Final Score - Roosters 56 Tigers 0.

FULL TIME STATS: Penalties: Tigers 3 Roosters 8 Completions: Tigers 24/38 Roosters 34/46 Hitups: Tigers 134 Roosters 204 Tackles: Tigers 341 Roosters 205 Mistackles: Tigers 37 Roosters 17 Errors: Tigers 16 Roosters 14

----------------------------------------- players of the match: 3 - B Finch (Roosters) 2 - R Cross (Roosters) 1 - A Topou (Roosters) -----------------------------------------