Roosters keep faint finals hopes

Round 23 Sydney Roosters 14 v Cronulla Sharks 8. Match summary The Sydney Roosters have defeated the Cronulla Shark 14-8 at Aussie Stadium this evening.

A match that is best described as dour never reached any great height with errors and penalties making the match anything but a viewer friendly spectacle.

Both teams were off their game and the Sharks only came to life after the 60th minute but it was too late to mount a comeback with an attack that relies too heavily on flat passes and inside balls to score points.

The Roosters keep their faint finals hopes alive but still look to be cannon fodder for the top sides while the Sharks season is not over, they are merely making up the numbers after tonight?s inept performance.

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Scorers: SYDNEY ROOSTERS 14 Tries: Roberts, Wing Goals: Fitzgibbon 3/3

CRONULLA SHARKS 8 Tries: Covell Goals: Covell 2/2

Venue: Aussie Stadium Crowd: 7,845 Referee: Shayne Hayne Half time: Roosters 8-0

Live commentary: 1st min: We are underway at Aussie Stadium for the match between the Roosters and Sharks. With Melbourne victorious, the Roosters already slim finals hopes have evaporated but the Sharks need the points if they are to maintain their momentum leading into the finals as a loss could have a devestating effect on their already inconsistent season.

1st min: Early penalty to the Sharks but Kimmorley fails to find touch!

2nd min: Roosters attacking the Sharks line and awarded a penalty. Shayne Hayne is in fine voice.

4th min: Stevens knocks on to give the Roosters possession once again.

5th min: Goal line drop by the Sharks as Gallen took the ball over the dead ball line.

6th min: Monaghan drops a bomb that may have led to a Roosters try. Roosters with all the ball in the opening five minutes.

8th min: Penalty to the Sharks for hands in the play the ball from Adrian Morley.

9th min: Sharks drop the ball on the second tackle, ten metres out from the Roosters line.

10th min: Mini makes a long break and the next tackle Amos Roberts scores. Conversion successful. Roosters 6-0.

13th min: Penalty to the Sharks for a flop in by the Roosters but the Sharks lose the footy on the first tackle, then the Roosters lose the ball with the Roosters ruled to have been given the advantage so scrum feed to the Sharks.

15th min: Another knock on by the Roosters so the Sharks are on the attack again but not looking dangerous with the ball in hand.

16th min: Poor grubber by Kimmorely sees it go dead with a 20 metre re-start to the Roosters. Poor third tackle option from the Sharks.

18th min: Great clearing kick by Kimmorley and the Roosters are looking a little tired moidway through the first half.

19th min: Ricketson throws the ball to the touchie who according to the rules, cannot catch the ball and run with it as much as Ricketson would like it to be so. Scrum Sharks.

20th min: Sharks knock on again and this game has the makings of a complete dud if the current level of skill continues. Both sides have no idea what they are doing with the ball in hand.

23rd min: High shot on Ryan Cross by Ciraldo. Looked a lot worse than it was so a penalty was sufficient with Ciraldo placed on report.

25th min: PEANLTY GOAL - Roosters. Fitzgibbon pushes the Roosters lead out a little further. The Sharks are playing a very poor match so far. Roosters 8-0.

33rd min: Very even over the past five minutes and still no change to the score.

35th min: Luke Covell knocks on to give the Roosters the ball in the Sharks half with five minutes until half time.

37th min: Sharks butcher a try and the errors by both sides are far too high in what is turning out to be a disappointing match skills-wise.

HALF TIME: Ordinary game of footbal with neither side showing much skill with the ball in hand. If the Sharks are serious about the finals, they will want to show a lot more in the second half. The Roosters have nothing to lose and would love to ruin the Sharks finals chances.

41st min: We are underway in the second half. The Sharks have a big job ahead of them if they are to win this based on their first half performance.

43rd min: Sharks do nothing with the ball inside the Roosters twenty. Very ordinary.

46th min: PEANLTY GOAL - Sharks. Luke Covell gets the Sharks on the board. Roosters 8-2.

49th min: Sharks make a meal of an Adam Dykes bomb but haven't looked like scoring yet.

52nd min: TRY - Roosters. Craig Wing scores to extend the Roosters lead. A long way back for the Sharks now. Conversion successful. Roosters 14-2.

57th min: Roosters looking to land the killer punch and deal the Sharks a massive blow three weeks out from the finals.

61st min: The Roosters defending stoutly with the Sharks starting to lauch a few more raids on the Roosters line. So far, so good for the Roosters.

65th min: Time running out for the Sharks and they are starting to show some urgency but the Roosters defence has been up to the task to date.

67th min: TRY - Sharks. Luke Covell scores in the corner to get the Sharks back into the match. Sets up an interesting finish. Conversion successful. Roosters 14-8.

72nd min: Jason Stevens gives a away a penalty while in possession. With less than ten to go, it's going down to the wire with the Roosters looking very tired late in the match.

78th min: Sharks have the ball but still have 70 metres to travel and don't look like getting there.

80th min: Dyles loses the ball with a simple drop. Game over folks and the Sharks are now walking the finals tightrope yet again. Roosters won but not in style and certianly not convincing enough to suggest they can make the finals.

----------------------------------------- players of the match: 3 - C Fitzgibbon (Roosters) 2 - J Stevens (Sharks) 1 - C Wing (Roosters) -----------------------------------------