Roosters only singing when their

The decision by the Sydney Roosters to consider legal action against the NRL in relation to the salary cap is absolutely idiotic. Some may not believe it but at the moment I think that the salary cap is the best way to distribute playing talent equally.

Let me ask a question. Do you think teams like the Rabbitohs, Eagles and Tigers would want to eliminate the salary cap? Well I can?t be 100% sure but I have a hunch the answer might be no. Why? It?s easy. They are examples of teams looking to rebuild and restructure their playing roosters and therefore become a stronger team. And already those sides especially the Tigers potentially look better on paper than in previous years.

Its no surprise the Roosters are the ones that don?t want the cap. They aren?t struggling. They have ample playing talent with plenty of representative players. They would be quite happy to keep things the way they are now. Them on top, others below them. As Paul Kent states in a recent article in the Daily Telegraph, I?m sure their tune may have been a little different a few years ago when they were one of the others. But now that they have been able to purchase players at the expense of other clubs who could not fit them under their salary ,they have found success and now want to get rid of the cap. Sounds a lot like a case of stop when your on top to me. What about teams like Parramatta, Brisbane and Newcastle who were the stronger sides a few years ago. I?m sure they would have wanted to keep all their players as well. But they didn?t seek legal action to get rid of the cap. In fact most of those clubs are in favour of it because they realise it is in the best interest of the game.

Picture a situation without any salary cap. The stronger and richer clubs will dominate with the weaker, poorer sides unable to compete. It would be very similar to an English Premier League soccer system. Year after year a team like Manchester United and Arsenal dominate and the other teams struggle. I?m sure Man United and Arsenal are loving it but what about those other teams. Winning a premiership is the pinnacle of the game, but what?s the point if realistically you have absolutely no chance of winning it.

More legal action is something the game does not need after such a successful season. The Roosters need to wake up and smell the roses for once and think about the big picture rather than thinking about themselves and only themselves.