Roosters put sword to sloppy

The Sydney Roosters have beaten the Cronulla Sharks 38-18 in a dominant display at Toyota Park.

It was a strong start in the forwards from the Sharks giving Kimmorley a platform to work from in the 16th minute when he put Vagana over for the first try of the match.

Shortly after Fittler?not one to be out done?ran to the line at the other end of the field and sent Fitzgibbon over.

Then in typical Roosters fashion they turned the heat up and ran in three tries just before half time to go into the sheds with a 22-6 lead.

The second half proved just as woeful for the Sharks where despite an early try they never managed to hold on to the ball for any length of time and subsequently couldn?t mount an attack on the Roosters lead.

The match was then sealed late in the match with two tries to the Roosters to cap off a very solid performance.

Toyota Park Referee: Sean Hampstead Video Referee: Graeme West. Touch Judges: Pat Reynolds, Paul Holland

Scorers: SHARKS 18 Tries: Vagana, Bailey, Simmons Goals: Kimmorley 3/3 defeated by ROOSTERS 38 Tries: Finch 2, Fitzgibbon, Lester, Hodges, Topou, Crocker Goals: Fitzgibbon 5/8

By the clock: 0 min: Kick-off!

1st min: NEWS - Fine conditions at Toyota Park as Brad Fittler plays his 320th first grade match.

4th min: NEWS - A strong start from the Sharks pack with some driving tackles. Kimmorley will be hoping for more of the same as he tries to play himself into a New South Wales jersey tonight.

8th min: NEWS - Jason Stevens gives away the first penalty of the match giving the Roosters a great opportunity to attack.

13th min: NEWS - The Sharks have managed to survive repeat sets on defence on their own line.

14th min: NEWS - Michael Crocker has been put on report for a late and high tackle on Brett Kimmorley.

16th min: TRY - Sharks. On the back of a penalty, Kimmorley dummied and ran behind one of his players before putting Nigel Vagana across for a try. There was a question of obstruction and Brad Fittler in particular was not happy with the decision. Kimmorley converts - Sharks 6-0.

22nd min: TRY - Roosters. A mistake from David Simmons put the Roosters in great territory. From the following set of six Fittler ran to the line, got his arms free and put Fitzgibbon over for a try. Fitzgibbon's kick hits the post and deflects away - Sharks 6-4.

26th min: NEWS - The Roosters are starting to look dangerous on attack with quick play the balls and some strong running out of dummy half.

29th min: NEWS - Errors are really starting to hurt the Sharks, particularly in their own half.

31st min: TRY - Roosters. On the back of another Sharks error Finch ran to the line, dummied and dived over for a very soft try. Fitzgibbon again hits the post with his conversion attempt - Roosters 8-6.

36th min: TRY - Roosters. Yet another error from the Sharks and this time it's wing running from dummy half and putting Finch in under the posts. Fitzgibbon finally avoids the posts and converts - Roosters 14-6.

39th min: TRY - Roosters. After a big Todd Byrne break the Roosters spread it out wide where Lester forced his way over off a Justin Hodges flick pass. Fitzgibbon converts from out wide - Roosters 20-6.

40th min: HALF TIME - After an early set back the Roosters have really turned up the heat late in the second half on the back of a succession of errors from the Sharks. Half time score - Roosters 20 Sharks 6.

41st min: The Second Half is underway!

42nd min: PENALTY GOAL - Roosters. In the opening set Peachey was penalised for running behind one of his own players and Craig Fitzgibbon slotted an easy 2 points - Roosters 22-6.

45th min: TRY - Sharks. Kimmorley was heavily involved in getting the Sharks down field and finished it off with a ball on to Bailey's chest to score. Kimmorley converts - Roosters 22-12.

47th min: NEWS - Kimmorley is starting to work his magic with a great kick into the in goal area from half way and it was finished off with a beautiful tackle from Peachey to trap Minichiello and force a line drop-out.

50th min: TRY - Roosters. Justin Hodges following through managed to force the ball from a Simmons mistake. The video referee took a long look at the play before finally awarding a try. Fitzgibbon fails to convert - Roosters 26-12.

51st min: NEWS - Gavin Lester is out for the rest of the match with an eye injury.

55th min: NEWS - The Sharks have now made 12 errors compared with just 4 from the Roosters.

60th min: NEWS - The Sharks are looking a tad frustrated as they struggle to find a way through the Roosters line despite some good field position.

64th min: NEWS - After successive penalties on the Roosters line the Sharks looked flat footed and out of sorts as the clock is really working against them now.

66th min: NEWS - Brad Fittler and Luke Ricketson have been given an early rest by Ricky Stuart.

69th min: NEWS - The errors are starting to become comical from both sides now.

70th min: NEWS - The Sharks have been denied a try by the video referee. Michael Sullivan tried to force his way over the line but knocked on when trying to force the ball.

72nd min: TRY - Sharks. From the scrum the Sharks went out wide to the left where McGoldrick drew in two defenders and sent Simmons away for a 70 metre try. Kimmorley converts - Roosters 26-18.

75th min: TRY - Roosters. Anthony Topou bet three defenders to force his way over for his first try in first grade and rap up the match for the Roosters. Fitzgibbon converts - Roosters 32-18.

78th min: TRY - Roosters. Brett Finch kicked towards the post and Crocker scored with a perfectly timed run. Fitzgibbon converts - Roosters 38-18.

80th min: FULL TIME - It's been a very sloppy second half from both sides and in the end that burst of tries from the Roosters just before half time was the deciding factor in the match. Full time score - Roosters 32 Sharks 18.

----------------------------------------- players of the match: 3 - B Finch (Roosters) 2 - B Kimmorley (Sharks) 1 - C Fitzgibbon (Roosters) -----------------------------------------