Roosters steal victory from Sharks at SFS

THE Sydney Roosters have won two wins in a row for the first time in 2011 after downing the Sharks 36-25 in front of a 8,761 crowd at the Sydney Football Stadium.

The Roosters trailed by 1 point with only three minutes to go before scoring back to back tries to take out the intense match.

It was end to end football in the opening half hour of the game as the sides matched each other in attack and defence.

The home side crossed the try line first with Brad Takairangi scoring his maiden try in the 13th minute courtesy of a good short ball from his skipper Braith Anasta.

However the visitors hit back only two minutes later when Ben Pomeroy scored off a Roosters' error. Nathan Stapleton missed the conversion to keep the home side in front.

The Roosters crossed for their second in the 20 the minute whe Jared Waerea-Hargreaves muscled his way over.

The visitors hit back again, this time eight minutes later through Wade Graham. Stapleton added the extras this time to keep the Roosters' lead to two.

Brian Smith's side were given a chance to hit back again a few minutes later, but a lack of creativity saw them fail to cpaitalise on some good field posession.

The Sharks did not squander their opportunities so easily when they were given good field position in the 35th minute with John Williams scoring in the corner to give the Sharks the lead.

Williams scored his double four minutes later in a some what questionable fashion. Stapleton added the extras to give the visitors a ten point lead going into the break.

Both sides started the second half with full intensity as both sides came up with good meters and some big hits in the opening minutes.

The home side were the first get over the try line, scoring in the 48th minute through Jake Friend after another nice inside pass from Anasta. The skipper added the extras to reduce the Sharks' lead to four.

Cronulla posted their first points for the half only three minutes later when Nathan Stapleton nailed a penalty goal from 40 meters out to extend their lead to six.

While the intensity of the the match continued both teams butchered opportunities over the next passage of play. Points finally came again in the 72nd minute with Graham kicked a field goal.

But the Roosters were not ready to concede defeat, Braith Anasta went for the short kick off and the home side went on the attack and Jake Friend was over a minute later. 

It was all the Roosters in the next few minutes with Mitchell Pearce attempting to level the scores in the next set with a field goal but missing.

The home side continued to make great meters in their next sets enabling veteran fullback Anthony Minichiello to score in the 78th minute to give the Roosters the lead for the first time in the second half. 

This time it was the Sharks turn to go for the short kick off, but the kick was too short and the Roosters were awarded a penalty on halfway. 

The Roosters had no problem getting over the try line on this occasion with Frank Paul Nuuasala slicing through the Cronulla defence to score on full time. 

Match Details
Sydney Roosters 36 defeated Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 25
National Rugby League - Round 24 - Saturday August 20, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: Sydney Football Stadium
Referee: Steve Lyons and Adam Gee
Video Referee: Pat Reynolds
Touch Judges: Adam Reid and Nick Beashel
Crowd: 8761

Halftime: Sydney Roosters 12 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 22 players of the match:
3 Points - Jake Friend (2 Tries)
2 Points - Anthony Minichiello (1 Try)
1 Point - Jason Ryles

Tries: Anthony Minichiello, Frank-Paul Nuuausala, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Brad Takairangi, Jake Friend (2)
Field Goals: Mitchell Pearce (0/1)
Conversions: Braith Anasta (6/6)

Tries: Ben Pomeroy, John Williams (2), Wade Graham
Field Goals: Wade Graham (1/1)
Conversions: Nathan Stapleton (3/4)
Penalty Goals: Nathan Stapleton (1/1) Live Commentary Good Evening folks and welcome to the Sydney Football Stadium where the Sydney Roosters take on the Cronulla Sharks.
Both sides have announced a few late changes for the match for the home side Justin Carney comes into the centres for BJ Leilua and Frank Paul Nuuausala comes onto the bench in place of Tinirau Arona. For the Sharks Gordon, Best and Wright are all out and will be replaced by Williams, Pomeroy and Collis.
1 min: Braith Anasta kicks off to bring the game under way.
1 min: Sharks make 60 meters from their first set before Townsend boots it down field for Graham to take a few meters from his own try line.
2 min: Pearce boots it down the field from half way but it goes straight down the throat of the Sharks back.
3 min: Sharks finish their set only 30 out from the Roosters try line before Townsend kicks it into the Roosters in goal for Minichiello to run out.
4 min: Nathan Gardner fields Pearce's kick a few meters from his own try line.
5 min: Townsend kicks it from his own 40 on halfway field Graham fields the kick and runs back to his own 30.
6 min: Great set by the Roosters before Pearce goes to the air and Williams diffuses it a few meters from his own try line.
6 min: Great set by the visitors this time, Townsend goes to the air from 40 out on the last and Graham fields it ten out.
7 min: Another good set from the chooks they get to the 30 before Pearce goes to the air with a cross field kick.
8 min: Douglas loses the ball 40 out from the Roosters' try line.
9 min: Possible try to the Roosters here.
10 min: Mitchell Pearce puts up a cross field kick from 10 out and the ball is batted back by Ref;s Call and it's no try, held up. Takairangi and Justin Carney is there to take it he goes over the try line but was rolled on to his back and denied by the Sharks' defence. But a knock on by the Sharks was found and the Roosters will get six again.
11 min: Pearce tries the cross field kick from ten out again but Nathan Stapleton takes it under pressure, but the Roosters defence takes him over the goal line.
13 min: TRY
Takairangi runs over for a try after a beautiful short pass from his captain Braith Anasta. Anasta's conversion attempt is successful.
Sydney Roosters 6-0
16 min: TRY
Ben Pomeroy scores for the Sharks after taking an intercept. Stapleton's conversion attempt is waved away.
Sydney Roosters 6-4
17 min: It's started to rain at the Sydney Football Stadium as the Sharks lose the ball on half way.
17 min: Sharks are penalised 40 out from their own line.
18 min: Sharks are penalised again and the tackle count will recount for the Roosters 10 out from the Sharks' line.
20 min: TRY
Jared Waerea-Hargreaves scores a try after a quick play the ball and good service from dummy half from Friend. Anasta adds the extras. Ryles lucky to get away with an obstruction there.
Sydney Roosters 12-4
21 min: Roosters get a penalty 30 out from their own line.
22 min: Snowden bats the ball out of Friend's hand 20 out from the Sharks' line and the referee said it went forward. Roosters get six again.
23 min: Anasta goes for a cross field kick on the last but Williams takes it easily in his own in goal.
24 min: Roosters knock the ball on and the Sharks get a scrum on their own 40.
25 min: The Sharks get their first penalty of the match on halfway.
26 min: Roosters are penalised for holding back a Sharks' player after Townsend kicks into the in goal.
28 min: TRY
Wade Graham muscles his way over for a try. Stapleton's conversion is successful
Sydney Roosters 12-10
31 min: Great meters by the Roosters in their set and they are rewarded with a penalty on the final tackle only 20 out from the Sharks' line.
32 min: Pearce goes for a cross field kick on the last and Collis diffuses it easily.
32 min: Sharks get a relieving penalty 10 out from their own line.
34 min: Sharks get six again 30 out after a Roosters' player plays at the ball.
34 min: Takairangi is penalised for a strip 20 out from his own line.
34 min: Possible Sharks' try here.
35 min: TRY
Wade Graham throws a wonderful long cut out pass to his winger John Williams who scores in the left corner. Stapleton's conversion successful.
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 16-12
37 min: Braith Anasta is penalised 40 out from the Sharks' line and Cronulla will go on the attack again.
38 min: Possible try to Paul Gallen here.
39 min: TRY
Benefit of the doubt try to John Williams, Perrett raked the ball out of Paul Gallen's hands and John Williams grounded the loose ball. Stapleton's conversion attempt is successful.
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 22-12
40 min: Townsend boots it down field and Graham runs it back to his 30 and that's the half.
41 min: Second half is underway.
42 min: Good intensity from both sides in their opening sets of the second half.
44 min: Nice work by Sammy Perrett to deny Graham an almost certain 40/20.
45 min: Roosters are penalised 40 out from the Sharks' line and the visitors should go on the attack here.
46 min: Gallen loses the ball 20 out from the Roosters' line and the Chooks are off the hook.
47 min: Roosters get a penalty on their own 30.
48 min: Roosters get six again 10 out after a Sharks' players get their hand to the ball.
50 min: TRY
Jake Friend scores just to the left of the goal post after a good inside pass from Braith Anasta. Anasta adds the extras.
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 22-18
52 min: A good set by the Roosters culminates in a bad kick by Anasta which goes out on the full. The Sharks will get a scrum 40 out from their own line.
52 min: Penalty against the Roosters 40 out. The Sharks are going for the two.
52 min: Penalty against the Roosters 40 out. The Sharks are going for the two.
Stapleton has no problems kicking the penalty goal from 40 out.
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 24-18
55 min: The Roosters will go on the attack after a great break by Sam Perrett.
56 min: Roosters will get six again 10 out after Gallen is penalised for a high shot.
57 min: Pearce goes to the air on the last but Williams takes care of it easily.
58 min: Roosters' finish their set on the Sharks' 20 and they run it on the last but Perrett is tackled into the side line.
59 min: Sharks get six again on halfway and will go on the attack here.
60 min: Sharks get a penalty a few meters out and another six.
61 min: Townsend goes the air on the last and the kick is spot on but Graham can't control it and Minichiello is there to save the day for the chooks.
62 min: Good set by the Roosters, they finish it on the Sharks 20 meter line.
63 min: Roosters will get a scrum on their own 20 meter line after a crazy passage of play from the Sharks that almost saw Gallen get his first try assist.
64 min: Nuuausala loses the ball on his own 40.
65 min: Townsend is down after a hit from Tasi 10 out from the Roosters' line.
65 min: The video ref has no problem with the tackle and Gallen is not happy.
65 min: Sharks get six again after a Roosters' hand gets in the way of a pass.
66 min: Stapleton drops it cold with the line open five meters out.
67 min: A good set from the Roosters, Pearce chips it from 15 out on the last and Carney chases through forcing Gardner to bat the ball dead.
68 min: Parrett knocks it on 30 out from the Sharks' line and Cronulla are off the hook.
71 min: Sharks will get a piggyback up the field after JWH is penalised for a high shot on Paul Gallen 20 out from the Sharks' line. Gallen is still down.
71 min: Gallen is coming off the field after the hit and JWH will go on report here.
72 min: FIELD GOAL
Graham kicks a field goal from 25 meters out and it goes straight over the black dot.
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 25-18
73 min: Roosters go for the short kick off and they get it 30 meters out from the Sharks' line.
73 min: Jake Friend may have his double.
74 min: TRY
Try! Pearce grubbers through on the last and hits the post, Gardner fails to clean it up and it bounces back into the arms of Jake Friend who scores. Anasta's conversion attempt is successful.
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 25-24
Roosters finish their set 25 out and Pearce attempts a field goal but it's waved away.
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 25-24
76 min: Roosters are already halfway on tackle two. They're making great meters here.
78 min: TRY
Anthony Minichiello scores after some great runs from his forward and a nice offload from Kenny-Dowell. Anasta's conversion attempt is successful.
Sydney Roosters 30-25
79 min: Roosters get a penalty on halfway after the kick off from Stapleton doesn't go ten meters.
80 min: The rain is bucketing down as the Roosters run at the Sharks' line.
80 min: TRY
Nuuausala scores on full time after running sideways before finding a gap and sliding over to score. Anasat adds the extras.
Sydney Roosters 36-25

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