Roosters stun Tigers in extra time thriller

Todd Carney and Shaun Kenny Dowall have combined to break the hearts of Tigers fan with a 101st minute intercept sealing a 19-15 win in front of 33,315 fans.

The first twenty minutes was just a highlights reel for Gareth Ellis who went close to the tryline on three seperate occassions to be denied by the video referee. Wests were attacking the line for most of the time but it would be Todd Carney who would open the scoring not with a try but a penalty goal after twenty minutes.

Tigers finally found the line, with the left side play working Lote Tuiqiri dived over to make it 6-2. Beau Ryan showed he knows more than just comedy segments on the footy show, after doing a nice spin to take the Tigers to halftime ahead 10 points to 2.

Wests continued with their roll in the second half, dominating the Roosters all over the park.

This was emphasised when an errant pass allowed Blake Ayshford to run away, putting the scoreline out to 14 points to 2. With all the running, Robbie Farah gave his side some extra padding slotting a field goal bringing the scoreline to 15 points to 2 and a long way back for the Roosters.

It took the dally m medal winner and some luck, when Todd Carney after an unsuccessful chip, tried it a second time and send his captain Braith Anasta over to make it game on and 15-8. Guess who did it again, Todd Carney he took a nice pass from Jake Friend to draw the fullback and sent Mitchell Pearce in to make it a one point ballgame.

This had the Tigers looking over their shoulder for the rampaging Roosters who tried everything they had to equalise the scoreboard but all looked gone when they dropped it with thirty seconds to go. Roosters pushed in the scrum, got the ball back threw it around like the Harlem Globetrotters and finally through their captain Braith Anasta kicked a booming field goal to give us extra time.

Extra time turned into a war of attrition, both sides had players walking wounded with Benji Marshall being injured taking away one of their options for field goals. This would prove to be pivotal with Farah trying to slot the winner several times but it went wide. Sydney went to three different options in Anasta, Pearce and Carney, with Bryce Gibbs getting in the face of Carney to deny him several times.

It took 100 plus minutes to get a result and it came in the most unlikely circumstances, Tigers were attacking the Roosters line and tried a long looping pass but before it could get to a person in black and orange, it was swooped upon by Kenny-Dowall who streaked away to score the winner.

Match Details
Wests Tigers 15 were defeated by Sydney Roosters 19
National Rugby League - Finals Week 1 - Saturday September 11, 2010 6:30pm
Venue: Sydney Football Stadium
Referee: Shayne Hayne and Matt Cecchin
Video Referee: Steve Clark
Touch Judges: Steve Carrall and Steve Chiddy
Crowd: 33,315
Halftime: Wests Tigers 10 Sydney Roosters 2 players of the match:
3 Points - Todd Carney (2 Conversions, 1 Penalty Goal)
2 Points - Shaun Kenny-Dowall (1 Try)
1 Point - Bryce Gibbs

Wests Tigers (15)
Tries: Beau Ryan, Blake Ayshford, Lote Tuqiri
Field Goals: Robbie Farah (1/3), Robert Lui (0/1)
Conversions: Benji Marshall (1/3)

Sydney Roosters (19)
Tries: Braith Anasta, Mitchell Pearce, Shaun Kenny-Dowall
Field Goals: Todd Carney (0/2), Braith Anasta (1/2), Mitchell Pearce (0/2)
Conversions: Todd Carney (2/3)
Penalty Goals: Todd Carney (1/1) Live Commentary Welcome to the Sydney Football Stadium after a beautiful Sydney day has turned into a beautiful Sydney night. This may be a Tigers home game but there will be a lot of support for the Roosters in the stands. The key matchup is between the two five eighths Dally M winner Todd Carney and Kiwi internation Benji Marshall, whoever steers their team around better will dominate tonight.
An early report on the changes for both teams ahead of this highly anticipated clash between 3rd place Wests Tigers and the 6th place Sydney Roosters. Tigers have fullback Wade McKinnon out, Mitch Brown will take the custodian role, with Geoff Daniela going from the bench to the centres. Bryce Gibbs will start in place of Liam Fulton and Ben Murdoch will sit on the bench for his debut. Roosters only have one change, James Aubusson will start at hooker, sending Friend to the bench and BJ Leilua drops out of the team.
Not a good start to the night for Rooster fans, with their Toyota Cup side getting towelled up by the 4th place North Queensland Cowboys 46 points to 12. North Queensland lead at halftime 30-0, Roosters seemed to suffer without their two players sacked for disciplinary issues.
1 min: Roosters are first onto the field, with a chorus of boos followed by the Tigers who will kick the game off. Here we go!
3 min: Safety first starts from both sides, seems just a tad more Tigers support at the ground.
4 min: Gareth Ellis puts on the first big hit of the match and forces it loose. Good field position for the Tigers here.
Gareth Ellis could have the first try of the match but it seems to have come loose, we'll check with the video referee.
6 min: NO TRY! Todd Carney saves the day, with a strip but it will be a goal line dropout.
7 min: Gareth Ellis has white line fever tonight, he's held up after a toe through from Farah. Tigers have a repeat set though.
8 min: First penalty of the night goes to the Roosters, that will piggyback them out of their own half.
Ellis! He might of finally got there, just checking.
11 min: Unfortunately Ellis is denied again, Benji Marshall interfered with Mitchell Pearce at marker and rendered the following play useless. Still no score here at the football stadium.
15 min: All the running is with the Tigers atm, Roosters look out on their feet.
16 min: Anasta charges into the defense and is taken high, Roosters will start their set on the Tigers thirty metre line.
Gareth Ellis can't stay out of the action, in the first twenty minutes. This time he collects Carney high and Roosters opt for the penalty goal. Carney doesn't miss from close range and slams it over.
Sydney Roosters 2-0
22 min: Roosters were unable to get far from their own line, compounded with Mitchell Pearce kicking the ball out on the full.
23 min: Robbie Farah and Robert Lui seem to be controlling the play for the Tigers here. The former stabbed a kick in-goal and trapped Graham in-goal just.
25 min: More pressure here, Sam Perrett was forced to bat it dead. Another set for the Wests Tigers.
26 min: Hargreaves is trying to wrestle with the man at marker and he's pinged for it. Tigers have had 70% of the ball down the Roosters end but have been repelled thus far.
27 min: Another possible try for the Tigers not to Ellis though, Ayshford is the man but he's been held up by Minichiello. Yep it's ruled no try but another set at the Roosters line for the Tigers.
30 min: TRY
They've cracked them finally. Marshall sends it left again and it finally works with Tuiqiri taking it himself and scoring in the corner. Benji's first kick is from out wide and he has slotted it.
Wests Tigers 6-2
33 min: Tigers just look on a different level to the Roosters, faster play the balls and getting penalties.
35 min: Farah just like a broken record, repeats the play sliding it in-goal and forcing the Roosters to defend more.
Beau Ryan could have a try here but the video referee will check it again.
37 min: TRY
Beau knows scoring a try, this time it's shifted to the right by the Tigers and Ryan spins and plants it down. Marshall from the other touchline misses this one.
Wests Tigers 10-2
40 min: Payten and Fulton try to play some football at the line but it's called forward. That should take us to halftime.
41 min: Both sides have hit the field again and Roosters boot it deep to begin the second half.
44 min: Tigers have started the second half, just like the first ended. In full control.
47 min: Six more for the Roosters, with Tuiqiri playing at the ball to stop it getting to Perrett.
50 min: TRY
Roosters try the wide spread again but it's put right into Ayshford's bread basket and he sprints away even with attention from Carney to score. Marshall hs another hard kick and sprays it wide again.
Wests Tigers 14-2
50 min: Braith Anasta kicks the ball almost to the SCG and gifts the Tigers more time in the Roosters half.
52 min: The footballing gods aren't liking the Roosters tonight, the ball took a wicked bounce there and luckily it's knocked on by Beau Ryan. Roosters can't finish a set, Carney drops it early in the count.
54 min: FIELD GOAL
Robbie Farah sees nothing going on, last tackle and strikes it for a field goal and it's good.
Wests Tigers 15-2
Todd Carney chips for himself but its batted back Gibbs then Farah and Tuiqiri just for good measure. Roosters will have a repeat set though.
57 min: Mitchell Peare throws a hospital ball for Minichiello who is smashed and knocked it on.
59 min: Tigers are just bringing it out of their own area with ease, until Murdoch knocks it on. Can the Roosters conjure something?
61 min: TRY Dewsbury Rams (NL1)
Carney brilliance has got the Roosters back into it. Carney chips it for himself again, catches it and passes to Anasta who juggles and scores. Carney from the sideline, slots it easily.
Wests Tigers 15-8
Minichiello might have scored but I think he's dropped the ball.
66 min: Minichiello has dropped the ball, had it knocked out just. Tigers looking ragged now.
67 min: A knock on from the Tigers has prevented what would have been a magical try.
71 min: Roosters try to throw it around on fifth and catch a lucky break with Dwyer taking out of the field of play.
75 min: TRY
Todd Carney has done it again! A sharp ball from Friend to Carney who slices through and holds it up enough for Pearce who streaks away. Carney slots it from in front.
Wests Tigers 15-14
76 min: Mitchell Aubusson is streaking down the sideline but Robert Lui shows him the sideline and tosses him almost into Fittlers lap.
79 min: Braith Anasta goes for the glory play on last and traps Mitch Brown in-goal. Roosters will have one more set to win it.
80 min: Simon Dwyer puts one a brut big hit! Hargeaves has lost it and the Tigers have won this game, with thirty seconds to go.
80 min: FIELD GOAL Dewsbury Rams (NL1)
Roosters have pushed in the scrum and got the ball back. They've kept the ball alive and Anasta has kicked the field goal! We're going to extra time.
15 all
81 min: Roosters will kick off in the first half of extra time, but they have all the momentum.
Farah has the first field goal attempt of extra time but it goes nowhere near the posts.
15 all
Carney takes the second shot but it's charged down by Gibbs and gathers it up.
15 all
Farah takes his second shot in extra time but it's just wide. Roosters will have forty seconds.
15 all
85 min: FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT Dewsbury Rams (NL1)
Anasta has the last play of the first period of extra time but it goes loser to the ten metre line.
15 all
86 min: A knock on for the Roosters offers the Tigers a giftwrapped opportunity to win it.
Robert Lui might have the winner here, no it goes wide.
15 all
89 min: Tigers have touched the ball and it's six again. Carney is ragdolled by Heinington.
Carney has another attempt but he is charged down again!
15 all
Mitchell Pearce tries one from close range but slices it to the right.
15 all
92 min: Tigers have had a brain explosion here, Todd Payten passes it to a early offside Lui.
Mitchell Pearce with nothing happening tries another field goal but misses it left this time.
15 all
95 min: Sam Perrett has tried to rake him in a 40/20 and he gets a touch. Tigers have a full set, thirty metres out.
97 min: Tigers look for the try, Ayshford tries to find someone but he gets tossed over the sideline.
101 min: TRY
Shaun Kenny Dowall has intercepted the ball and run the length to win the game!
Sydney Roosters 19-15

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