Round 3 - "Expert Tipsters"

It was a slightly better week for our experts in Round 2. We had three tipsters get five from eight, and in our books anything better than average is considered a win. Here's what we think will happen in Round 3.

Justin led the way for the experts in last weekend, getting 5 from 8 correct. Our forum members also proved they know their stuff, with the League Guru landing 5/8. In an embarrassing turn of events though, Tim, Az and Coby were beaten by the coin toss. The coin toss also leads the leaderboard after two rounds, with 9 correct tips.

Paul had a better week as well. After his awkward 1/8 in Round 1, he picked up a respectable 4 points in Round 2. He's claimed on twitter during the week that if he gets 5/8 this week he'll bow out while he's "on top". 

Lady Luck wasn't quite so lucky this week, only scoring 3 points, with our guest Twitter mate @lil_mel6 also only managing 3 points.

And just to remind you who's who, our full list of tipsters are below.

From our news team, Tim, Az, Justin and Coby will ‘help' you make your decision on who to back each week. Take our advice at your peril. Paul Mitry will also be sending through his tips - whether you take is advice is completely up to. For the most part we're notoriously terrible tippers, and for that reason we've thrown in a couple of extra ‘tippers' to help you make your decision.

Our very own Lady Luck will give her thoughts on the game, from a female (casually interested) rugby league supporter's perspective.

The League Guru has looked through the Front Row Forums, and made his decision based on popular opinion from our exclusive game day spoilers polls. Call him the voice of the people if you will. The man who knows what the people are thinking, and follows their lead blindly in to every battle.

Next up, we've grabbed one of our followers from Twitter and asked them to give us their tips for the weekend. This week for the Twitter team, we've got @josh0567 throwing his hat into the ring.

Lastly, we've got a Coin Toss. Perhaps the least scientific method available, but also probably the most likely to be accurate. Yes, just in case you're too lazy to jump up and find a coin to flip to place your tips for the weekend, we've done the hard work for you. We've found a coin, flipped it (heads = home team), and collated the results. Easy.

Good Luck! 

Tigers v Rabbitohs Rabbitohs Tigers Rabbitohs Rabbitohs
Broncos v Roosters Broncos Broncos Roosters Roosters
Panthers v Bulldogs Bulldogs Panthers Bulldogs Bulldogs
Sharks v Dragons Dragons Dragons Dragons Dragons
Cowboys v Warriors Cowboys Cowboys Warriors Cowboys
Sea Eagles v Eels Sea Eagles Manly Eels Sea Eagles
Raiders v Titans Titans Raiders Titans Raiders
Storm v Knights Storm Storm Knights Storm
Last Week 4/8 4/8 5/8 4/8
Total 7 6 8 7
Paul Mitry
Josh Howe  
Lady Luck League Guru Coin Toss
Tigers v Rabbitohs Rabbitohs Rabbitohs Rabbitohs Rabbitohs Tigers
Broncos v Roosters Roosters Roosters Roosters Roosters Broncos
Panthers v Bulldogs Panthers Bulldogs Panthers Panthers Bulldogs
Sharks v Dragons Dragons Dragons Dragons Dragons Sharks
Cowboys v Warriors Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Warriors
Sea Eagles v Eels Sea Eagles Sea Eagles Eagles Sea Eagles Eels
Raiders v Titans Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders
Storm v Knights Storm Storm Storm Storm Knights
Last Week 4/8 3/8 3/8 5/8 5/8
Total 5 7 6 7 9