Round Eight: Sharks Den Mailbag

It has been a long time coming, but we?re finally ready to re-open the mailbag to see what thoughts are on everybody?s mind. This week, we were sent emails on travels to Toyota Park, rumoured player signings and our very own video gallery. Let?s clear out the cobwebs and see what?s in store.


M. writes?

?I went to my first game at Toyota Park last Saturday and I have to say, it was amazing. It isn?t good that we lost, but the atmosphere was great and I?ll definitely be coming back in future!?

Its good to see fans getting out and supporting the Sharks in big numbers this year. Please make sure you do come back again, and hopefully the boys will pull out a victory for you next time?


Chris has a question regarding rumoured signings?

?Are the Sharks getting Luke Bailey or Willie Mason next year and are they looking for a fullback if Peachey finishes this year??

I can?t say for sure whether either Luke Bailey or Willie Mason will be joining Cronulla next season, but with Jason Stevens leaving the club it looks likely that we will heavily pursue both of these players. There?s a hot rumour doing the rounds that Luke Bailey will definitely be in the black, white and blue next season? but you can?t necessarily read anything into that, especially since clubs can?t negotiate with players until after June 1. However, if it comes true, you heard it here first!


Steve also had a question about the fullback, so I?ll answer both questions at once.

?Are there any rumours of any off contract fullbacks coming to Cronulla??

As for the fullback position, it remains to be seen if Peachey will be offered a contract for 2006, but on the off chance that he isn?t, you can probably expect to see either Nathan Merritt or David Simmons take up the custodian role next season. I haven?t heard a whisper about the Sharks going onto the market for a fullback.


Finally, a suggestion from Mike about improving the Sharks Den?

?If possible could you put up some more Moments of Glory videos? I suggest stuff from 1999, 1997 and a Peachey try from the ?96 semi final against Brisbane. Cheers and keep up the good work.?

Thanks for the kind words, Mike. We?re definitely looking into adding more videos up as soon as possible. In the next few weeks we?ll be putting out a call for anyone who has tapes of old Sharks games and wouldn?t mind lending them to the Sharks Den so that we can expand the videos section noticeably. We?re happy to keep taking suggestions as to what we should look out for in the mean time, though.


That wraps up the mailbag for this week. If you have a question, a comment, a hot rumour you?d like to share or just have something you want to get off your chest, drop us a line at? [email protected].