Round Five: Sharks Den Survivor

Another week, another loss to Cronulla. After last night's dismal showing against the Cowboys, it's time to take aim and vote off another poor soul from Sharks Den Survivor.

The main offenders have largely been voted off already, but some stragglers still remain. Worst offenders last night were Sam Isemonger - who continues his run of dreadful form, David Peachey - who has failed to show much interest at all this season and Phil Bailey - the most undeserving rep player in the history of the NSW and Australian jerseys.

Last week, fans took their anger out on a deserving Greg Bird. Being voted out of SDS was quickly followed by a ten week suspension.

At the moment, it appears as though the only safe way to survive an extra week in this game is to play Premier League - although even they have been playing dreadfully.

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