Round Nine: Sharks Den Survivor

It is with great pleasure that I announce another win to the Cronulla Sharks. It seems that these rare gems are becoming more frequent as the year progresses, which in turn means that another first grader should have his hide saved from the swinging axe of the Sharks Den Survivor.

Last week, David Peachey was shockingly given the punt after a poor defensive effort. Despite being a club stalwart, the fans weren't afraid to let him know his game was sub-standard and he was given early leave from the game. However, the fickle nature of the game saw Peach come back better than ever last night, instrumental in a number of Cronulla's tries against the Storm.

This week, it will be another difficult voting round. A number of Premier League players are still lounging around, so it is they that should be targetted for round nine.

Its time to vote!

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