Round Seven: Sharks Den Survivor

Another week, another hard fought win to Cronulla. Sharks and Eels fans' hearts collectively went into meltdown as the game ticked into extra time, but thankfully Nigel Vagana was quick to score a golden point, preventing too much prolonged agony.

Last week in Sharks Den Survivor, young Premier League prop Jon Green was axed after being ruled out for the season with a knee injury. This week it will be much more difficult to find a player to vote out, especially after last night's game.

The best option is to target one of the nine Premier League players still remaining in the game. Premier League went down by four after running away to an early twenty point lead - no doubt stemming from when Chris Beattie was sent off midway through the match. Beattie is therefore the prime candidate, but other possibilities include:

Russ Aitken, Dean Bosnich, Paul Franze, Keith Galloway, Nathan Merritt, Dale Newton, Michael Russo and Hassan Saleh.

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