Round Six: Sharks Den Survivor

What to do? Last night Cronulla completely out-enthused their more revered opponents, Canberra, with not a single player offering a sub-par performance. Canberra were completely shut out by the Sharks, and hopefully that will be reflected as we go into round six of the SDS.

Last week, Sam Isemonger was sent packing (although as I have not been at home all week, I wasn't able to update the result) and he responded with what was certainly his best game in the top grade.

This week, voting someone off will be far more difficult. The best bet is to target some of the players in the Premier League. Some favoured options include Jon Green - out for the season with a damaged knee, Dale Newton - out indefinitely with bulging discs in his back, and Paul Franze - who was the worst performer in a fairly strong Premier League team last night.

Its time to vote!

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