Round Three: Sharks Den Survivor
and PotY

It took an inept performance from the Eels (and their 'champion team on paper') to put Cronulla back into the winner's circle this weekend. There were a few shaky moments, but ultimately some trademark brilliance from Brett Kimmorley got us home in the end.

With the luxury of a win, distributing the Player of the Year points wasn't nearly so difficult as last week: this time around, there were some worthy recipients.

Player of the Year Points 3. Brett Kimmorley - The difference between a win and a loss. Pinpoint kicking, a superb cross field kick for David Peachey and generally good leadership. 2. Paul Gallen - An absolute monster in both attack and defence. Made a few errors, but more than made up for them with his work rate. 1. David Peachey - Likewise, some errors, but another sparkling game from the Peach. Crossed for his 100th career try, too - only the second Shark ever to achieve the milestone. (ET, with 165, is the other.)

Sharks Den Survivor

Andrew Lomu was made to bear the full brunt of the fan's anger after last weekend's abysmal showing. Too many dropped balls, too many weak runs and not enough interest cost him in a big way, and he joins David Simmons in loser's lodge after week two.

Having defeated the Eels this weekend, however, the choice is a little more difficult. Nobody truly stood out as a 'bad' player, despite errors and a few silly penalties. Perhaps this week, one of the reserve graders, injured or suspended players is worthy of voting out? Or perhaps you have someone in mind that you'd just like to see gone anyway. Take your pick.

It's time to vote.

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