Round Two: Sharks Den Survivor and

After striking up a winning combination in round one, Cronulla somehow managed to undo every good deed that they'd done in succumbing to the Manly Sea Eagles on the weekend. Where, only a week prior, they had been defending in packs, solid, organised and hungry, this week they stumbled around like a chicken without its head. Was it Kimmorley's absence? Let's hope so.

The Player of the Year points were tough this week, mostly because very few players put in enough to earn them. Somehow, though, we found three players amid the rabble to snatch up the rewards for round two.

Player of the Year Points 3. Adam Dykes - He must be wondering what on earth happened to his old club. One of the few who didn't let anyone else down. 2. Greg Bird - Tackled his heart out; has Bird turned it around? Let's hope so. 1. Luke Covell - Admittedly he was out of the line of fire on the wing, but when he was called on, he was mistake free. Also scored a difficult try.

Sharks Den Survivor

Last week, despite playing in a winning team, David Simmons had the wrath of the fans piled down upon him for his defensive woes. It was probably a fair decision; his form this weekend was nothing short of abysmal.

This week, though, there are a great deal of options to be voted out. David Peachey, the great man, for his badgering of the referee and general ill-discipline, which saw him spend ten minutes in the sin bin? Andrew Lomu, for his inability to catch a ball? Hutch Maiava, for his dreadful goal-line defence?

Options are many. Take aim and fire.

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