Rovers in the Same Pot as their Neighbours

Whilst Featherstone Rovers are in the business of redeveloping their stadium and

Maximising the potential of their with neighbours Castleford Tigers and Wakefield Wildcats are working towards new stadiums, all three according to Rovers' Stadium Co-Ordinator Paul Coventry 'in the same pot' regarding the way they are viewed by the Local Authority.

He outlined the situation, explaining;

"Whilst our needs are somewhat different to our neighbours, we do feel that we are being treated with equanimity by the local authority. We are in the progress of negotiating the green field site that some of our land consists of into a brown field one to permit the development we wish to complete.

The change in the economic climate of the country has concentrated the minds of possible partners and how they would feature in our development plans. In many ways this is a good thing. The 'pie in the sky' people have fallen by the wayside. The ones that we do have on board as putative partners are people that we can really work with.

For instance, we work very closely with the PCT(Primary Care Trust) in many of our community projects. There is mutual regard and respect. A central feature of the development of the Bigfellas stadium would be the inclusion of a 'Health Hub' within the new complex.

The general feel is very much a positive one, even during this recession, but the situation is complex. You can't just order a load of steelwork and concrete and set up shop."