Rugby League
resurgence in PNG

A Rugby League resurgence isn?t only happening in Britain and Australia for 2004, with Papua New Guinea seeing the return of many former clubs which have collapsed in recent years, launching come back campaigns.

In Port Moresby, the West of Kerema club which collapsed in 2001, will join the DCA club from the Porebada Village in making a return to the Port Moresby Rugby League competition this year, in a South Sydney style return to the league. By South Sydney style return, I mean, both of the clubs are two of the oldest in the country, with over 50 years of history and have contributed a large number of players to the national side including Tara Gau, Mea Morea, Dairi Kovae and Arebo Taumaku who all came from DCA.

Dairi Kovae if you remember him, played two games for Norths in 1988, and 8 for Newcastle in 1989, scoring one try. He also made the ?Rest of the World? side that took on Australia in 1988 as a reserve.

Wests boast famous PNG players, Gideon Kouru, Haoda Kouru, Joshua Kouru and Tuksy Karu who all made the national side through its development programs.

Meanwhile, not all the resurgence has been in the Port Moresby with the Mt Hagen Tigers looking to return to its local league after a fall out last year.

The New Town Jets are returning to the Mt Hagan League after disappearing three years ago, and are currently holding an off-season Rugby League competition with a number of other clubs in the district.

Results from the Mt Hagan Off-Season competition on the weekend were: New Town Trotters 15 ? 10 Biapri Cowboys Wipmul Tigers 16 ? 4 Kolgma Warriors Island Brothers 12 ? 6 Kay Raiders Barnhill Rats 12 ? 6 ABM Bulldogs Mambla Sharks 4 ? 0 Kaiwe Knights Pang Sole Roosters 4 ? 4 Mil Wild Dogs

Wipmul Tigers are currently leaders of the competition, winning 8 from 8 and with 16 competition points, whilst the New Town Trotters are the only other undefeated team in the competition, with 15 points.