S.S.D.R.L.F.C 96th AGM Results

The South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club staged their 96th Annual General Meeting today at South Sydney Leagues Club. Issues such as where home games will be played, money owed to players who have left the club, sponsorship agreements and other issues related to the running of the football club were brought up in the meeting.

South?s have inducted 5 new football club members into their hall of fame which include Neil Clement, Russell Crowe, Richie Powell, Kerry Stokes and Elwyn Walters. All 5 inductees have received the highest accolade the club can offer due to their ongoing and long term support for South?s both on and off the field.

Rabbitohs board member and TV personality Ray Martin, informed the fans on the Rabbitohs playing one of their home games at North Sydney Oval against Manly this year. This would maximise profit in the gate takings for this match. Due to North Sydney, Manly and Souths will all be attending the match.

Club icon and great George Piggins spoke about his plan to bring the Rabbitohs back home to Redfern Oval in the near future. This promise was followed by a round of applause and support from all who attended. This relocation would increase Rabbitohs gate takings and profit from home games dramatically and increase crowd figures.

The current 9 board members were all re-elected by a vast majority of votes with aspiring candidates only receiving just over 200 votes each, while the current board members each received over 1600 votes.

S.S.D.R.L.F.C Board of Directors Voting Results Mr Sol Bellear - 1666 votes ? On Board Mr Martin Dubler - 239 votes Mr Sean Garlick - 234 votes Mr Nick Greiner - 1834 votes ? On Board Mr James Hatfield - 1632 votes ? On Board Mr Nikolas Hatzistergos - 1806 votes ? On Board Mr Tom Kouloukakis - 176 votes Dr James Lahood - 1666 votes ? On Board Mr Peter Lahood - 1625 votes ? On Board Mr David Lyons - 146 votes Mr Ray Martin - 1840 votes ? On Board Mr Wayne Mead - 174 votes Mr Nicholas Pappas - 1826 votes ? On Board Mr Wade Singleton - 118 votes Mr Ken Stewart - 1670 votes ? On Board Total ballot papers - 1855