Samuel From KMC Plans To Light Up

Fay Samuel, the current Vice-President of R2K and a former Deputy Mayor of Kogarah, has stepped back into local politics by standing for Kogarah's Middle Ward in this Saturday's election. The former Liberal Councillor is now a candidate for the KMC Progress Association, which she established in the mid-1990s.

By far the most forthright of the KMC candidates, Samuel has pledged to install permanent lighting at Oki Jubilee Stadium if elected on Saturday:

"During my time as a Kogarah Councillor and Deputy Mayor, and as a member of the successful R2K team who played a major role in the return of the St George Bank Dragons to their rightful home, it goes without saying that I have, and always will support any necessary enhancements to make this steeped in tradition community asset a showpiece of the wider St George Community."

"It has always been my belief that lights should have been installed many years ago. With the latest lighting technology I believe we can achieve a desirable outcome for all concerned and I look forward to Kogarah hosting many night games into the future."

Samuel's fellow candidates from the KMC Progress Association fully support the Dragons' continued tenure at Oki Jubilee Stadium. Val Colyer, who stood as the Liberal candidate for Kogarah in lastyear's State election, supports the concept of Kogarah being used as a multi-purpose facility for sport and recreation. Similarly, Jennifer Weatherstone from KMC supports "improving and utilising a facility unique to the Kogarah area."

R2K Secretary John Ormsby extended his best wishes to all candidates for Saturday's election:

"While R2K has not had an opportunity to meet all the candidates, we have been struck at the openness and approachability of the candidates we have managed to catch up with," Ormsby said.

"R2K would obviously like to see Fay do well on Saturday, and we have also been very impressed by the vision of Michael Kitmiridis, Mark Coure and Adam Mazzaferro from the Liberal Party. In addition we would like to see Labor's Michael Platt returned to office as he clearly supports R2K's objectives and has the best interests of the Kogarah Municipality at heart"

R2K will aim to meet with all of the successful candidates following Saturday's election.