Sandow's boot the difference as Souths keep their season alive

A 50 metre field goal from Chris Sandow in extra time has kept the South Sydney Rabbitohs' season alive after a 21-20 win over the Sydney Roosters in front of a 14,671 ANZ Stadium crowd tonight.

It was all the Roosters early in the match as they dominated field position and possession before scoring the first points of the game in the seventh minute with Kane Linnett pouncing on a Mitchell Pearce grubber.

The Chooks were almost over three minutes later after Shaun Kenny Dowell offloaded to Sam Perrett with the line wide open, but the Roosters' winger lost the ball in what was to be the first of several bombed opportunities by Brian Smith's side.

South Sydney were over for their first only three minutes later when Issac Luke scored straight from dummy half. Chris Sandow added the extras to make it an even ball game.

But the Roosters hit back ten minutes later scoring through Shaun Kenny Dowell. Todd Carney missed the conversion to keep the Roosters' lead to four.

The Chooks continued to dominate field possession for the remainder of the first 40, trapping Souths in their own half and creating their own opportunities but were unable to score again before half time.

In the second 40, the home side were over first, scoring in the 47th through Dylan Farrell. Sandow added the extras to give Souths the lead for the first time in the match.

But they did not hold the lead for long with the Roosters scoring a try only ten minutes later through Sam Perrett. Carney failed to add the extras again to keep his sides' lead to two.

The Roosters were made to pay for that missed conversion three minutes later when Sandow kicked a penalty goal to tie up the scores.

Brian Smith's side claimed the lead again minutes later when Sam Perrett went over for his double. Carney managed to add the extras on this occasion to increase the Roosters' lead to six.

But the Rabbits hit back with less than five minutes left in the match through Greg Inglis. Sandows' boot was reliable again and the match was headed into golden point.

The first period of golden point saw both sides take a few shots but neither managing to close out the match.

Points finally came again halfway through the second five minutes of extra time when Chris Sandow managed to kick a field goal from 50 meters.

John Lang will be happy his team have proven they are capable of pulling a win out of a hat despite being dominated all over the field by their opposition.

The Roosters will be ruing missed opportunities after letting the match get away with silly passes, unforced errors and penalties costing them dearly tonight.

Match Details
South Sydney Rabbitohs 21 defeated Sydney Roosters 20
National Rugby League - Round 19 (Rivalry Round) - Saturday July 16, 2011 5:30pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Brett Suttor and Phil Haines
Video Referee: Paul Mellor
Touch Judges: Jeff Younis and David Abood
Crowd: 14,671
Halftime: South Sydney Rabbitohs 6 Sydney Roosters 10 players of the match:
3 Points - Phil Graham
2 Points - Nathan Merritt
1 Point - Chris Sandow (3 Conversions, 1 Penalty Goal, 1 Field Goal)

Tries: Greg Inglis, Issac Luke, Dylan Farrell
Field Goals: Chris Sandow (1/1)
Conversions: Chris Sandow (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Chris Sandow (1/1)

Tries: Sam Perrett (2), Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Kane Linnett
Conversions: Todd Carney (2/4) Live Commentary Good Evening folks and welcome to ANZ Stadium for this round 19 clash between rivals since the day of yore, the Sydney Roosters and South Sydney Rabbitohs.
We have overcast conditions here at Homebush at the moment and we might get another shower or 2 before full time. The Roosters won the Toyota cup match here tonight, winning /> The home side have just announced a few late changes to their line up. Rhys Wesser is out with a hamstring injury, Nathan Merritt will move into the fullback position in his place, while Shaune Corrigan replaces Merritt on the wing. Jason Clark moves to the bench with David Tyrell starting in the second row.
The Roosters have announced no late changes.
Both sides are on the field now, the match should be underway shortly.
1 min: Braith Anasta has taken the kick off and the game is underway.
2 min: Roosters finish their first set in 10 metres into the Rabbitohs half. Pearce puts up a bomb and Nathan Merritt can't diffuse it. Scrum for the Roosters on Souths' 20.
4 min: Carney puts up a bomb on the last but McQueen is able to take it and get the Rabbits' pff the hook.
5 min: Rabbitohs are penalised for laying on a tackled player to give the Roosters a piggy back ut of their own half.
7 min: TRY
Try for the Roosters! Pearce puts through a grubber on the last and Kane Linnett pounces on the ball. Conversion attempt by Todd Carney is successful. Roosters lead Souths 6-0
Sydney Roosters 6-0
10 min: SKD gets on the outside of his defender and gets into some space. He offloads to Perett with the line wide open on Souths' 20 but Perett knocks it on.
13 min: TRY
Issac Luke straight from dummy half. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow is successful. 6-6
6 all
15 min: Roosters are penalised for crowding the player playing the ball. Souths will get a piggyback out of their half.
16 min: Tap 20 for the Roosters after Sandow puts up a bomb on the last and no Souths' player has any interest in contesting it.Perrett takes it on the full in the in goal.
18 min: Luke knocks the ball on 10 meters his own side of halfway. Roosters will get a scrum inside Souths territory.
19 min: Todd Carney puts up a bomb on the last and Greg Inglis loses the ball in his own in goal.
20 min: Carney puts a grubber into the in goal on the third, Inglis gets to the ball first but is tackled by Perrett in goal. Another line dropout for the Roosters.
22 min: TRY
Pearce throws a short ball to SKD who stretches out to score in the corner. Conversion attempt by Todd Carney is unsuccessful. Roosters lead 10-6
Sydney Roosters 10-6
23 min: Souths will get a scrum on halfway here after Roosters knock on.
26 min: Sandow puts up a bomb on the last but it's all too easy for Phil Graham who takes the ball just inside the field of play.
27 min: The kickchases from Souths have been woeful tonight, it has all been too easy for the Roosters' backs.
29 min: Roosters have been penalised for being inside the ten after trapping Souths in their own 10 for the first 4 tackles in a set.
30 min: Pettybourne loses the ball trying to play the ball and is then penalised for swearing at the ref on his own 40.
31 min: Possible Roosters' try to Leilua here.
31 min: No Try! Good cover defense from Souths forces Leilua over the sideline.
32 min: Penalty against Nate Myles to give Souths another piggyback up the field.
34 min: Corrigan puts a poorly weighted grubber through on the last, it goes dead and the Roosters are off the hook.
34 min: Roosters are making great meters here. They are finishing all their sets in Souths' half.
39 min: Roosters are making great meters on the left edge but a bombing a lot of opportunities with some atrocious passes. This time it's a hospital pass from Roosters' skipper Anasta to Kane Linnett who cannot hold onto it.
39 min: Penalty against Jason Ryles on halfway. Souths will get one chance before half time.
40 min: Corrigan is tackled into touch with 15 seconds left in the half. The players do not even bother to pack the scrum and that's the half. The Roosters are dominating here but they are slaughtering way too many opportunities.
41 min: The second half is underway.
41 min: Roosters finish their first set of the half in Souths' territory. Pearce puts through a long grubber. 43 min: Friend attempts a 40/20, it goes the distance but it goes out on the full.
44 min: Sutton puts a grubber through on the last Linnett cleans it up but is ruled to have knocked it on meters from his line.
45 min: Roosters are penalised for breaking out from the scrum too early.
46 min: Possible try to Dylan Farell here.
47 min: TRY
Rabbitohs spread it out ride and Dylan Farrell manages to put the ball down before being tackled into touch. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow is successful.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-10
51 min: Sandow drops the ball on his own 40 after a poor pass from Issac Luke from dummy half.
52 min: Pearce puts through a grubber on the last. Sandow is forced to bat it dead and the Rosters will get a line dropout and another shot at the Souths' try line.
54 min: Pearce goes to the air on the last. Chris McQueen fails to take it but Greg Inglis is there to save the day and is tackled a few centermeters out from the try line.
56 min: Roosters make some great meters on their set. Pearce grubbers it through on the last but Farell is able to keep his arm in the field of play however on the next tackle McQueen is pushed into his own in goal. The Roosters will get a line dropout.
58 min: TRY
Beautiful set from the Roosters. Todd Carney manages to offload the ball in a tackle and SKD flicks the ball out to Takairangi who draws in two players before flicking it out to SKD who flicks it out to Perrett who scores in the corner. Conversion attempt by Todd Carney is unsuccessful.
Sydney Roosters 14-12
59 min: Roosters get a penalty and should go on the attack again.
60 min: Foward pass by Jake Friend and we have a blood bin here after Shannon Mcpherson has an awful head clash with Nuasala.
61 min: FPN makes a try saving tackle on Sandow before being penalised for laying on the tackled player too long. Souths will go for the two.
Sandow has no problem tying up scores here. 14 all.
14 all
63 min: Crocker loses the ball 35 out from his own line. Roosters will get a good opportunity here.
64 min: SKD knocks it on off the scrum. Sandow collects the ball but is hammered by SKD, Sandow throws the ball at SKD and then Sandow blows up. Roosters are penalised for a high shot. Bad call their. The hit was on Sandow's shoulders.
66 min: Sandow goes to the air on the last and Graham takes it put meters out from the line and makes 30 meters before offloading to Pearce.
68 min: TRY
Great offload by Guerera to SKD who draws two men before offloading it to Perrett who scores. Conversion attempt by Todd Carney is successful.
Sydney Roosters 20-14
71 min: Michael Crocker is out cold here after a tackle on Myles.
71 min: Crocker is a little shakey here, but he is walking off the field himself.
72 min: Inglis makes a beautiful break here but he doesn't have the speed anymore and is tackled on halfway.
72 min: Sandow goes to the air on the last and Chris Mcqueen gets there first but he cannot reel it it in and knocks it on a few meters out from the try line.
74 min: Roosters lose the ball.
74 min: Sandow puts through a grubber on the last but Nate Myles saves a try here by kicking ball just as Merritt is trying to ground it, Souths will get a line dropout though.
77 min: TRY
Souths spread it out to the left, Sutton gets in behind the defence and offloads one handed to Greg Inglis who scores. Conversion attempt by Chris Sandow is successful. 20 all.
20 all
80 min: Jason Ryles attempts a field goal from 40 out at fulltime but he misses it. We have golden point here.
81 min: Anasta has won the toss and has chosen to kick off.
82 min: Anasta attempts a field goal from halfway but it does not make the distance.
83 min: Sandow attempts the field goal 30 meters out from the Roosters' line after a break from Sutton. But it goes dead.
85 min: Merrett attempts a field goal 30 out from the line and just goes under the bar.
87 min: FIELD GOAL
Sandow has kicked a field goal from 50 meters out.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 21-20

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