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Newsletter 4

1. Stop the Rot on television tonight!

A 2 minute STR item is on Stateline tonight - 7.30pm on the ABC. We are hoping the item will also be played on Sunday at the ground so keep an eye on the big screen if you miss it tonight.

2. 8000 Petition Mark Achieved

The STR team is pleased to announce that we have now collected over 8000 petitions from concerned members of the public. We aim to collect more this Sunday and have sent out a plea in Roar Review for members to send back 5 signatures each. That would be a massive boost to the tally and it is not difficult to find 5 people to support the cause.

STR was also pleased to recently receive 164 petitions from Bronson Harrison's family. Bronson tells us that it was his sister who has been busy collecting them and a couple of Save Leichhardt Oval T-shirts will be sent out to them next week.

3. Petitions this Sunday

Special thanks to those who have helped gather petitions at previous games, especially Andrew Ferguson, Patti Perkins and her young helpers. We are again looking for people to grab a clipboard and collect signatures on Sunday. It would be great to hit the 10,000 mark and people who help out will get a limited edition, extra special Save Leichhardt Oval t-shirt for their efforts. Just come up and see us at the gates on your way in.

4. Media Coverage -

Since the last email there has been a lot of media coverage of the campaign. You can read all of the newspaper clippings at

There are a couple more from the Glebe that will be posted tomorrow.

It would be great if people wrote in to these papers about their articles to keep the momentum going. We thank those who have already written in to the Glebe and to Sandra Nori.

You can also listen to a 2GB radio debate between Sandra Nori and STR's Rob Rosenberg which is linked to our brand new forum at

5. Bits and pieces

Apologies for leaving Garry Freeman off our Media Day Thank You email a month ago Whiz was out there all morning and we thank him for his support.

Another person who attended the Media Day and has been a supporter of the campaign will be playing in his last game at Leichhardt Oval on Sunday. We hope everybody turns out on Sunday to give Darren Senter the farewell from Leichhardt Oval that he deserves.

Darren has been a true Tiger for 10 years and said yesterday, "I'm now looking forward to playing out the season and saying farewell to all the loyal and dedicated fans who have supported me throughout my career".

Who can forget Darren leading Balmain in their last match at Leichhardt against Parramatta when he played through hypothermia as the good guys got up in the mud!

It will be a special day for Darren so get out and support him and lets finish 2004 with a 100% success rate at Leichhardt and a record crowd to boot.

Last but not least, thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you all out there on Sunday. It doesn't get much better than a Sunday arvo at Leichhardt against the Rabbitohs! [email protected]