Stop the rot! SAVE LEICHHARDT OVAL! 23rd April 2004

Leichhardt Oval has been the Tigers home since 1934. There?s no better place to watch footy. But Leichhardt Oval is in urgent need of repair. We need the Government to lend a hand.

This Sunday (25th April 04) when the Eagles take on the Tigers at Leichhardt Oval we will be launching our campaign to save Leichhardt Oval. We?ll be handing out petitions to pressure the state government to get behind us in our quest to secure Leichhardt Oval not only as a football ground but also as a community asset for many years to come. In a game that is crying out for its traditions what better tradition is there than Sunday afternoon footy at Leichhardt oval. Please lend your support to our cause.

Please note that this is a supporter?s initiative and although both the Wests Tigers and Balmain Tigers football clubs are supporting us, the fans are driving this.

Why we are doing this:

Players have come and gone, as have sponsors, coaches and even our name however, the one constant for Tigers fans since 1934 has been Leichhardt Oval (we don?t speak of the Parramatta Stadium debacle). I personally refer to it as the ?Heartland? not just of the Tigers but also of Rugby League (and I know when visiting teams come visit they and their fans feel the same). Leichhardt reminds of you of what our game is about, born from the suburbs for all. It?s no coincidence then that the very first games of the NSWRL in 1908 were all played within 2kms of Leichhardt Oval.

At Birchgrove Reserve, Balmain over-ran Wests 24-0 and Souths beat Norths 11-7, while at Wentworth Park, Newtown beat Easts 32-16 and Glebe defeated Newcastle 8-5. In the two lower grades that day there were also teams representing Enfield, Sydney and Drummoyne.

Call me a romantic but, there is no finer way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon than a pub lunch at one of Australia?s finest and oldest pubs on Darling St Balmain (there?s dozens to choose from and everyone a winner), and then wander down Darling St (through one of Australia?s oldest suburbs) over Victoria rd, through the picturesque grounds of Callan Park and up to the gates of Leichhardt oval. Once in the ground you find your patch of grass on the hill, grab a drink from beneath the scoreboard and warm up the vocal chords for the mighty theatre of sport that is a Tigers home game.

There used to be a similar story to tell about dozens of grounds around the Sydney Metro area?.. Not anymore??. Leichhardt is the last true suburban Rugby League Ground in the NRL and it?s fate is in our hands?..

Ric, Anthony and Myself, all mad Tigers fans debated with others (on fan forums and at games) that Leichhardt?s fate was not already sealed, that something could still be done?. Too often people would reply ?But nothing has so far? or ?Who?s going to make it happen?? Thus the reason your reading this. If you love the Tigers and/or love the sport get behind us to help save a true Treasure to our game, community and heritage.