Schofield Believes Players Should Be Sacked

Former Leeds captain Garry Schofield says the Rhinos should sack jailed duo Ryan Bailey and Chev Walker. Bailey and Walker were sent to young offenders' institutions on Tuesday following their part in a city centre brawl last July.

Rochdale Hornets player Paul Owen was also jailed for 15 months for his involvement while another Leeds player, 19-year-old Dwayne Barker, was ordered to do 150 hours of community service.

Schofield, a former Great Britain captain, told the BBC: "If I am honest about it, I would not have any hesitation in terminating their contracts.

"The players will, I guess, be begging to be given a second chance but they have not only let themselves down but they have let the club down and also let the game down massively.

"They have brought the game totally into disrepute. You have got to be disciplined on and off the field and I feel very sorry for the game."

Schofield also criticised the Rugby Football League's announcement that the players will face no further punishment once their sentences have been served.

The whole episode, says Schofield, is another sorry one for the sport, coming so soon after the scandal of Keiron Cunningham's positive drug test.

"The Rugby Football League have also shot themselves in the foot," said Schofield.

"After the Keiron Cunningham situation, they've got a chance to stand up and be counted.

"But for them not to make much of a statement over something that is very tragic for the game -they can't keep hiding behind closed doors."