Scotland Name Four Squads

Scotland will make history on Sunday when they field four international teams on the same day for the first time. In a triple-header at Brewery Field, Bridgend, Scotland will play Wales and Under-15, Under-19 and A team level, while Scotland Students will be playing the Army at Carlisle in the Scottish Courage Cup. "This is a tremendous day for Scotland Rugby League and shows how far they have come in ten years," said European Development Officer Kevin Rudd, previously coach to the Scottish Students and A team.

Scotland A have called-up Fife Lions centre Gavin Curran, Ewen Drummond from Stornoway and Adam Nunn (South London) to replace the injured John Macdonald of Edinburgh Eagles and unavailable Pete Shaw (Leicester) and Peebles' Dan Gordon for the opening Parkhouse Recruitment Four Nations Championsip match against Wales in Bridgend on Sunday.

SCOTLAND A (to play Wales, 3.30pm): Ray Baselala (Royal Scots), Andy Borthwick (Newcastle), Andy Brown (Fife Lions), Mark Burns (Birmingham Bulldogs), Ash Carroll (Edinburgh Eagles (Capt)), Andy Champ (Hemel Stags), Paul Clark (Navy), Gavin Curran (Fife Lions), Ewen Drummond (Kent Ravens), Barry Edgar (Clyde Bulls), Kieran Eddy (Clyde Bulls), Craig Fisher (West Cumbria Crusaders), Ian Gilmour (Leicester Phoenix), James Mackay (Penrith Pumas), Scott MacGillivray (Fife Lions), Mark Slatter (Hillsborough Hawks), Al Stewart (Liverpool Buccaneers), Nathan Worton (Hillsborough Hawks). Stand-by: Adam Nunn (South London Storm).

SCOTLAND STUDENTS (to play the Army, 2pm): Mark Webster, Calum Morrison, Mike Murphy, Lee Spence, Bobby Bahadori, Chris Fletcher, Mike Wallace, Andy Gray, Tony Williams, Sam Onions, Dave Birchall, Keir Bell, Dave Simm, Dave Ford, Stuart Dunbar, Dougie Thomson, Andy McPhail, Ryan Black.

SCOTLAND UNDER-19s (to play Wales, 12.30pm): Pete Allison, Karl Beardshaw, Richard Brown, Colin Denby, Stuart Dunbar, Darren Greenwood, Alister Leighton Scott, Martin Lowe, Chris Lyle, Brian Malone, Matty McNee, Nick McNee, Dean Muir, Wayne Rafferty, Liam Reid, Nap Rhoden, Chris Rudd, Keiron Seeds, Rob Sloman, Che Smith, David Valentine, Paul Walker, Andy Wormuld.

SCOTLAND UNDER-15s (to play Wales, 10am): Mark Richardson (Dalziel); Jamie Seery, Owen Chastey, David Crangle, Cristopher Fisher, Ross Bryan, Jamie Nolan, Chad McGlame, John Ross (all Easterhouse Panthers); Craig Owenson (Edinburgh Eagles); Ben Musio, Andrew McFee (both Hamilton); Graeme Horsburgh, Mark Toddie, Stuart Davidson, Douglas Russel (all Fife Lions); Nick Campbell, Nicky Blamire, Ben Blamire, Michael Frizzel (all Greenock).