Scottwood Trust National 7's - Day
1 Results and Review

New Zealand League 7's selectors, Graeme Norton, Duane Mann and John Ackland will really have their work cut out for them following day one of the Scottwood National 7's Tournament held at North Harbour Stadium today. The talent and skills on display would make the task difficult for the most experienced selectors, something these guys are. Tomorrow afternoon they will name the NZ Residents squad to play in the St Mary's Invitation 7's in Sydney on February 12 & 13. The abating of the heat and humidity that has been Auckland recently, meant that the teams were competing in almost perfect playing conditions. Unfortunately the morning rain obviously scared a lot of fans away, as day one of the tournament was fairly poorly attended. If I suggest there was 1100 folks there at it's peak, I would probably be being very generous. The hardy punters who attended, however, were treated to a fete of League 7's. Just how good is it to witness teams from Hawkes Bay, Otago, Taranaki, Gisbourne/Tairawhiti, the West Coast and provincial Canterbury competing on a league field in Auckland. How good is's damn good. It's damn good and even better that every team is competitive and given the right nuturing you would have to think that a lot of these teams, in a fairly short time frame, could be competing at a national level in the 13 man game. With 20 teams competing in five pools you would reasonably expect that there may be a little biffo along the way. No, every game played was played in excellent spirit and I can count the pentalties awarded for foul play on one hand. A pretty good result for thirty games. The day produced no major upsets, although the provincial Canterbury side (as opposed to the Canterbury Bulls) came within a whisker of upsetting the mighty Mt Albert Lions. The Cantabs lead the entire game with Mt Albert grabbing the lead and the win right on the hooter. In the the first half of the Gisbourne/Tairawhiti versus Hibiscus Coast Raiders, the team from Poverty Bay got out to a very lead. Inuargural Scottwood Cup winners, Hibiscus Coast Raiders, had to pull everything out of their arsenal to get the game back on track and run out winners. Just on the Raiders it was interesting to note the return of centre, Shaun Ata, after a stint with the Penrith Panthers club. So, who were the standouts. Time and space does not permit because there were more than a few. Some players though, do deserve special mention. Daniel Floyd from the Hibiscus Coast Raiders. Josh Davis and Wesley Henry from Wellington. Wesley Henry had an absolutely awesome day. It takes a bit to impress this old writer but I was impressed - this bloke is so strong. For the Otago side, Robbie Rameka was head and shoulders. Gisbourne/Tairawhiti produced an amazing number 7 by the name of Storm Kiddie. This young bloke is slightly built but his enthusiasm and skills are a delight to watch. For the Waicoa Bay team, Heyden Kerena was the absolute goods. Gee, is this guy a future Kiwi half or not. Canterbury Bulls regular second rower, Chris Newton, is a guy who reminds me so much of Nathan Hindmarsh - not in size, but the body shape is all wrong, the loping gait seems more suited to a trotter, the centre of gravity is all up the creek but can this guy play. He's an absolute try scoring machine. Tangi Ropati for the Marist Richmond franchise was extremely classy and I'll be very surprised if he doesn't pay a visit to St Mary's shortly. There are so many more and I wouldn't be a selector for quids. Can't wait for tomorrow. More fantastic 7's footy. Finals time in Bowl, Plate and Cup......and then the squad announcement.

RESULTS: DAY 1 - Saturday 5 February 2005, North Harbour Stadium, Auckland


Otago vs North Harbour Tigers North Harbour Tigers 20 Otago 14

Central Falcons vs West Coast Central Falcons 14 West Coast 12

Otahuhu Ellerslie vs Canterbury Provincial Otahuhu Ellerslie 22 Canterbury Provincial 6

Northland vs Mt Albert Lions Mt Albert Lions 20 Northland 6

Hibiscus Coast vs Counties Manukau Jetz Hibiscus Coast 18 Counties Manukau Jetz 14

Glenora Bears vs Gisborne/Tairawhiti Glenora Bears 14 Gisborne/Tairawhiti 10

Taranaki Sharks vs Wellington Wellington 18 Taranaki Sharks 0

Hawkes Bay vs Waicoa Bay Stallions Waicoa Bay Stallions 12 Hawkes Bay 10

Canterbury Bulls vs Eastern Tornadoes Canterbury Bulls 12 Eastern Tornadoes 10

NZ Defence Force vs Marist Richmond Marist Richmond 16 NZ Defence Force 4


Otago vs Central Falcons Central Falcons 18 Otago 12

North Harbour Tigers vs West Coast North Harbour Tigers 36 West Coast 8

Otahuhu Ellerslie vs Northland Otahuhu Ellerslie 20 Northland 4

Canterbury Provincial vs Mt Albert Lions Mt Albert Lions 16 Canterbury Provincial 14

Hibiscus Coast vs Glenora Bears Hibiscus Coast 20 Glenora Bears 0

Counties Manukau Jetz vs Gisborne/Tairawhiti Counties Manukau Jetz 18 Gisborne/Tairawhiti 16

Taranaki Sharks vs Hawkes Bay Taranaki Sharks 24 Hawkes Bay 16

Wellington vs Waicoa Bay Stallions Waicoa Bay Stallions 18 Wellington 12

Canterbury Bulls vs NZ Defence Force Canterbury Bulls 32 NZ Defence Force 4

Eastern Tornadoes vs Marist Richmond Marist Richmond 18 Eastern Tornadoes 8


Otago vs West Coast Otago 16 West Coast 14

Central Falcons vs North Harbour Tigers Central Falcons 10 North Harbour Tigers 0

Otahuhu Ellerslie vs Mt Albert Lions Otahuhu Ellerslie 16 Mt Albert Lions 14

Northland vs Canterbury Provincial Canterbury Provincial 26 Northland 0

Hibiscus Coast vs Gisborne/Tairawhiti Hibiscus Coast 26 Gisborne/Tairawhiti 6

Glenora Bears vs Counties Manukau Jetz Glenora Bears 14 Counties Manukau Jetz 6

Taranaki Sharks vs Waicoa Bay Stallions Waicoa Bay Stallions 20 Taranaki Sharks 16

Hawkes Bay vs Wellington Wellington 16 Hawkes Bay 4

Canterbury Bulls vs Marist Richmond Marist Richmond 32 Canterbury Bulls 16

NZ Defence Force vs Eastern Tornadoes NZ Defence Force 28 Eastern Tornadoes 10


Otago Taranaki Sharks NZ Defence Force Hawkes Bay Gisborne/Tairawhiti Eastern Tornadoes West Coast Northland

10.00 am (Game 11) 10.20 am (Game 12) Qualifier 13 v Qualifier 20 Qualifier 14 v Qualifier 19 Otago Northland Taranaki Sharks West Coast

10.40 am (Game 13) 11.00 am (Game 14) Qualifier 15 v Qualifier 18 Qualifier 16 v Qualifier 17 NZ Defence Force Eastern Tornadoes Hawkes Bay Gisborne/Tairawhiti

12.40 pm (Game 15) 1.00 pm (Game 16) Winner Game 11 v Winner Game 13 Winner Game 12 v Winner Game 14

SCOTTWOOD BOWL FINAL: 2-40 pm (Game 17) Winner Game 15 v Winner Game 16 SCOTTWOOD BOWL WINNER:


North Harbour Tigers Mt Albert Lions Canterbury Bulls Glenora Bears Canterbury Provincial Counties Manukau Jetz

11.20 am (Game 6) 11-40 am (Game 7) Qualifier 9 v Qualifier 11 Qualifier 10 v Qualifier 12 Canterbury Bulls Canterbury Prov Glenora Bears Counties Manukau

1.20 pm (Game 8) 1-40 pm (Game 9) Qualifier 7 v Winner Game 6 Qualifier 8 v Winner Game 7 North Harbour Mt Albert

SCOTTWOOD PLATE FINAL: 2-30 pm (Game 10) Winner Game 8 v Winner Game 9 SCOTTWOOD PLATE WINNER:


Hibiscus Coast Raiders Marist Richmond Brothers Otahuhu Ellerslie Central Falcons Waicoa Bay Stallions Wellington

12.00 am (Game 1) 12.20 pm (Game 2) Qualifier 3 v Qualifier 5 Qualifier 4 v Qualifier 6 Otahuhu Ellerslie Waicoa Bay Central Falcons Wellington

2.00 pm (Game 3) 2.20 pm (Game 4) Qualifier 1 v Winner Game 1 Qualifier 2 v Winner Game 2 Hibiscus Coast Marist Richmond

SCOTTWOOD CUP FINAL: 3-00 pm (Game 5) Winner Game 3 v Winner Game 4 SCOTTWOOD CUP WINNER: