Scottwood Trust National Rugby League Sevens Tournament.

North Harbour Stadium in Albany will provide the venue for the 2005 Rugby League Sevens tournament which kicks off 9am on Saturday 5th February with the finals day from 10.00am on Sunday 6th February.

The two day national programme is in its second year running, and will be made up of twenty teams, split into 5 pools of 4 challenging for the Scottwood Trust Cup, Plate & Bowl.

The twenty teams are from throughout the country, from Otago to Northland, represented by 12 Bartercard Cup Franchises, Defence Force plus 7 Provincial Teams

The culmination of the tournament will determine the selection of a New Zealand Sevens team to play at the St Mary's Invitation Sevens in Sydney, 12th February 2005.

Previous Winners Hibiscus Coast will be back again this year to defend their title, but with teams including a number of Warriors players and NZRL elite squad players, they will have some tough competition to face.

The Scottwood Group sponsored event is organised by New Zealand Rugby League with support from the Mad Butcher, Lion Breweries and North Harbour Stadium.

Tickets are available from North Harbour Stadium, plus gates sales on the day. Ticket prices are $10 for an adult one day pass, $15 for an adult two day pass, $5 for children under 16 and Kids under 12 are FREE. By purchasing any Adult ticket punters will receive a voucher for 30 FREE Mad Butcher Pre Cooked BBQ Sausages - valued at $10

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SCOTTWOOD TRUST NEW ZEALAND RUGBY LEAGUE NATIONAL SEVENS 2005 POOL A POOL B POOL C POOL D POOL E Otago Otah/Ellerslie Hib/Coast Taranaki Cant / Bulls Central Northland Glenora Hawkes Bay Defense Force Nth Harbour Cant / Prov Counties/Man Wellington Eastern/Tor West Coast Mt Albert Gisborne Waicoa Bay Marist/Rich DAY 1 SATURDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2005 Game Time Ground POOL Match SCORE 1 9-00AM Stadium A Otago v Nth Harbour 2 9-10AM Oval A Central v West Coast 3 9-20AM Stadium B Otah / Ellerslie v Cant / Prov 4 9-30AM Oval B Northland v Mt Albert 5 9-40AM Stadium C Hib / Coast v Counties / Man 6 9-50AM Oval C Glenora v Gisborne 7 10-00AM Stadium D Taranaki v Wellington 8 10-20AM Stadium D Hawkes Bay v Waicoa Bay 9 10-40AM Stadium E Cant / Bulls v Eastern / Tor 10 11-00AM Stadium E Defense Forcs v Marist / Rich 11 11-20AM Stadium A Otago v Central 12 11-40AM Stadium A Nth Harbour v West Coast 13 12-00AM Stadium B Otah / Ellerslie v Northland 14 12-20PM Stadium B Cant / Prov v Mt Albert 15 12-40PM Stadium C Hibiscus Coast v Glenora 16 1-10PM Stadium C Countise / Man v Gisborne 17 1-30PM Stadium D Taranaki v Hawkes Bay 18 1-50PM Stadium D Wellington v Waicoa Bay 19 2-10PM Stadium E Cant / Bulls v Defense Force 20 2-30PM Stadium E Eastern / Tor v Marist / Rich 21 2-50PM Stadium A Otago v West Coast 22 3-10PM Stadium A Central v Nth Harbour 23 3-30PM Stadium B Otah / Ellerslie v Mt Albert 24 3-50PM Stadium B Northland v Cant / Prov 25 4-10PM Stadium C Hib / Coast v Gisborne 26 4-30PM Stadium C Glenora v Counties / Man 27 4-50PM Stadium D Taranaki v Waicoa Bay 28 5-10PM Stadium D Hawkes Bay v Wellington 29 5-30PM Stadium E Cant/ Bulls v Marist / Rich 30 5-50PM Stadium E Defense Force v Eastern / Tor FINAL DAY QUALIFIERS SCOTTWOOD CUP Pool winners, plus Qualifier 6 SCOTTWOOD PLATE Qualifiers 7 to 12 SCOTTWOOD BOWL Qualifiers 13 to 20 SCOTTWOOD TRUST NATIONAL SEVENS 2005 DAY 2 FINALS DAY SUNDAY 6th FEBRUARY CUP SECTION DAY 1 Qualifiers 1 to 6 12-00am 12-20pm Qualifier 3 V Qualifier 5 Qualifier 4 V Qualifier 6 (1)___________ v __________ (2)_ _________ v ____________ 2-00pm 2-20pm Qualifier 1 V Winner Game 1 Qualifier 2 V Winner Game 2 (3) ___________v ___________ (4) __________ v____________ CUP FINAL 3-40pmWinner Game 3 V Winner Game 4 (5)______________ v________________ CUP WINNER ________________________________ PLATE SECTION DAY 1 Qualifiers 7 to 12 11-20am 11-40am Qualifier 9 V Qualifier 11 Qualifier 10 V Qualifier 12 (6) ___________ v ____________ (7) ___________ v ___________ 1-20pm 1-40pm Qualifier 7 V Winner Game 6 Qualifier 8 V Winner Game 7 (8) ____________ v ___________ (9) __________ v ___________ PLATE FINAL 3-10pmWinner Game 8 V Winner Game 9 (10)______________ v _______________ PLATE WINNER ___________________________________ BOWL SECTION DAY 1 Qualifiers 13 to 20 10-00am 10-20am Qualifier 13 V Qualifier 20 Qualifier 14 V Qualifier 19 (11) __________ v ___________ (12) __________ v ___________ 10-40am 11-00am Qualifier 15 V Qualifier 18 Qualifier 16 V Qualifier 17 (13)___________ v ___________ (14) ___________ v ___________ 12-40pm 1-00pm (Winner Game 11 v Winner Game 13 Winner Game 12 v Winner Game14 (15) ____________ v _____________ (16) ___________ v ____________ BOWL FINAL 2-40pmWinner Game 15 v Winner Game 16 (17)_______________ v _____________________ BOWL WINNER _____________________________________