Second half burst gets Eels the win

The Parramatta Eels have scored 20 second half points to defeat the Penrith Panthers 26-18 at CUA Stadium tonight. The Panthers led 14-6 at half time, but were unable to stop the surging Eels in the second half.

The Eels opened the scoring in the 10th minute with Daniel Wagon strolling across for an easy try. The Panthers responded quickly with Petero Civoniceva being awarded a try after a million looks from the video referee. The Penrith side took the lead with Tony Puletua scoring while standing in the centres. The only other scoring the first half was a penalty goal after an Eels short drop-out failed to go the 10 metres.

After half time, the Panthers looked to have scored the first try, a fine 100 metre effort only for it to be denied because the ball was taken on the full in the in goal. The Panthers never recovered from this point and the Eels took over the game.

In the 50th minute, Nathan Hindmarsh was the beneficiary of a fortunate bounce to score. Five minutes later the Eels scored a fine team try, moving the ball from inside their own half and from the left side to the right side for Mateo to score. Following a penalty Brett Finch put Weller Hauraki in, despite hints of a double movement, only two minutes later. Finally, for the Eels, Finch and Burt set up Joel Reddy.

The Panthers, down 26-14 struck back with five minutes to go, but when Sammuts conversion hit the posts any chance of a comeback was over.

Penrith Panthers 18 vs Parramatta Eels 26 Round 8 - Full Time :: May 3rd, 2008 7:30pm Venue: CUA Stadium, Penrith Referee: Ben Cummins

Penrith Panthers (18) Tries: Petero Civoniceva, Tony Puletua, Michael Jennings Goals: Jarrod Sammut (3/4) Parramatta Eels (26) Tries: Daniel Wagon, Nathan Hindmarsh, Feleti Mateo, Weller Hauraki, Joel Reddy Goals: Luke Burt (3/5) Player of the Match 3 Points: Brett Finch 2 Points: Feleti Mateo 1 Point: Jarrod Sammut

Good evening from CUA Stadium, Penrith. Tonight we have the Westie Derby, the Panthers vs the Eels.

Both teams on the field now, kickoff shortly.

1st min: Underway at CUA Stadium! Parramatta to get the first possession.

8th min: Panthers hot on attack after a penalty, but give one away in possession.

9th min: Penrith give away a silly penalty with the Eels on attack.

10th min: TRY Parramatta Eels Pathetically easy try. Keating cuts out Moi Moi from dummy half and Wagon strolls through a huge gap to score untouched. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful. With the conversion, Luke Burt brings up 1001 career points. Parramatta Eels 6-0

15th min: VIDEO REF - For a Panthers try...

15th min: TRY Penrith Panthers THAT TOOK REALLY LONG. Civoniceva barges through the defence and we spend a week looking for a possible double movement. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Sammut successful. 6 all

19th min: TRY Penrith Panthers Quick ball movement from the Panthers finds Tony Puletua out in the centres and he has no trouble crashing through the tackle to score. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Sammut successful off the uprights. Penrith Panthers 12-6

22nd min: The Panthers are looking very dangerous tonight, and have picked up a goal line drop out.

23rd min: Panthers lose the ball and the Eels get out of jail, for now.

29th min: Jennings breaks down the left side, but throws a pass 5 metres forward to nobody while racing down the sideline.

31st min: Panthers go close again - wide pass out to Gordon sees him make a break, and Wesser and Sammut can't quite catch his kick before it goes dead.

32nd min: The Eels lose the ball on attack while looking dangerous, and then give away a penalty.

35th min: PENALTY GOAL Penrith Panthers The Eels attempt a short goal line drop out and it doesn't quite make the 10 metres, giving the Panthers an easy two points. Penrith Panthers 14-6

37th min: VIDEO REF - For a Panthers try...

37th min: NO TRY - A great break by the Panthers is held up well by the Eels defenders.

39th min: 40/20 - Luke Burt picks up a 40/20, just.

39th min: Panthers nearly take an intercept, but instead gives the Eels a fresh set from a scrum 10 out.

40th min: Tautai gets the ball 15 out with nobody in front of him, but the Panthers defenders get across and push him into touch.

HALFTIME: And the Panthers are good value for their eight point lead.

41st min: Back underway!

42nd min: INJURY UPDATE - Eric Grothe picked up a concussion in a head clash in the first half and won't be back tonight.

45th min: The poor Panthers! They take a bomb on the full in the ingoal and go 100 metres to score, only to realise they need to take the 20 metre restart.

50th min: TRY Parramatta Eels The Eels put a chip in over the top and Hindmarsh is the recipient of a lucky bounce. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt unsuccessful. Penrith Panthers 14-10

55th min: TRY Parramatta Eels The Eels move the ball bringing it out of their own end, and break down the left side. They continue to shift the ball back to the right and Mateo scores in the corner. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful. Parramatta Eels 16-14

57th min: Parramatta back on attack again off another penalty.

58th min: TRY Parramatta Eels The Eels are in again! Finch runs to the line and finds Hauraki who scores despite hints of a double movement. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt successful. Parramatta Eels 22-14

61st min: TRY Parramatta Eels Chalk up another one, Finch picks up a loose ball and offloads to Burt, who runs and finds Reddy who scores in the corner. Conversion attempt by Luke Burt unsuccessful. Parramatta Eels 26-14

66th min: Panthers get a penalty for Sammut being knocked over chasing his own chip kick.

68th min: Parramatta make a break and Hayne is penalised in possession.

70th min: A little bit of push and shove amongst both teams.

75th min: TRY Penrith Panthers Panthers are finishing with a flourish, Jennings scores. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Sammut unsuccessful, off the uprights. Parramatta Eels 26-18

80th min: Panthers throw the ball into touch attempting to move it quickly. Game all but over now.

FULL TIME: The Eels burst in the second half sees them defeat the Panthers.