Second half Tigers win hard fought game against lowly Cowboys

Wests Tigers have come from a 16 point deficit to record a 26-16 victory over the wooden spark favourites North Queensland.

North Queensland came out like a house on fire, opening the scoring through Ashley Graham who swooped on a nice kick from Thurston. They did a Wests Tigers for their second try, with Bowen laying on a nice pass for Harris to score, making it 10-0 after 26 minutes. Arana Taumata playing against one of several former clubs, made a great linebreak and beat the fullback to give the Cowboys a nice 16-0 lead after thirty minutes.

Tigers would gain some momentum though, scoring their first points of the night from a sweeping backline movement, finished off by Lote Tuiqiri. Benji Marshall started what turned out to be an awful night with the boot missing the kick, making the scoreline 16-4 at halftime.

The second half though, belonged to the Wests Tigers. Liam Fulton was destructive on the right side, palming off a few and passing to Brown to make the difference only eight. Four minutes later, Robbie Farah threw a bullet pass to Blake Ayshford to score in the corner reducing to the deficit to four points. Goal kicking the only thing keeping the Tigers behind.

Scores would be level though when Benji Marshall chipped for himself and regathered, eventually getting it out to Lote Tuiqiri who scored his second try for the match. Marshall had a chance to give them a one point lead, five minutes from time but shanked a relatively easy field goal. The Leichhardt crowd would help the Tigers get home on the back of an 9-2 penalty count, when Liam Fulton was determined to get there and did to make it 22 points to 16.

Marshall though would finish on a high, off a dropped ball stormed downfield to score a nice solo try making it 26-16 at fulltime.

Wests have another hard challenge travelling to Bluetongue Stadium to face Manly, with Geoff Daniela the only injury concern. North Queensland though have injury concerns to Willie Tonga and Johnathan Thurston

Match Details
Wests Tigers 26 defeated North Queensland Cowboys 16
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 19 - Monday July 19, 2010 7:00pm
Venue: Leichhardt Oval
Referee: Matt Cecchin and Shayne Hayne
Video Referee: Phil Cooley
Touch Judges: Paul Holland and David Munro
Crowd: 11,364
Halftime: Wests Tigers 4 North Queensland Cowboys 16 players of the match:
3 Points - Benji Marshall (1 Try, 1 Conversion)
2 Points - Lote Tuqiri (2 Tries)
1 Point - Liam Fulton (1 Try)

Wests Tigers (26)
Tries: Liam Fulton, Benji Marshall, Mitch Brown, Blake Ayshford, Lote Tuqiri (2)
Field Goals: Benji Marshall (0/1)
Conversions: Benji Marshall (1/6)

North Queensland Cowboys (16)
Tries: Ben Harris, Ashley Graham, Arana Taumata
Conversions: Johnathan Thurston (2/3) Live Commentary Welcome to a cold and rainy Leichhart stadium for tonight's clash between the Wests Tigers and the struggling North Queensland Cowboys. Earlier in the u20's North Queensland prevailed 28 points to 20.
One change for North Queensland, with Anthony Watts out suspended and replaced by Ben Harris. Some shuffling in the backline for Wests, with Chris Lawrence playing halfback in place of Robert Lui who played toyota cup earlier, Geoff Daniela moves into the centres and Mitch Brown taking his spot on the wing.
1 min: Both teams have had their final talk and made their way out to the field. North Queensland will kick off the final game of rivalry round.
3 min: Both teams have started off solidly, completing their sets and kicking it deep.
5 min: North Queensland could have the first try of the night.
7 min: TRY Northern Storm
And they do. Johnathan Thurston opts to run it on last, passes to Tonga who gets it back to Thurston who bends a kick for Ashley Graham to race in to score the opening try. Thurston tries to hook the kick but it fades across the goalposts.
North Queensland Cowboys 4-0
8 min: A poor kick from Bowen gives Lote Tuiqiri the chance to counter and he does, steaming downfield but is caught 40 metres out. Tigers get a penalty though for Cowboys being offside.
10 min: Ill discipline on their own line from the Cowboys as they concede a second penalty but North Queensland hold on taking Brown over the sideline.
12 min: Tigers again off the kick return launch a counter attack with Willie Tonga in all sorts of trouble. On top of that, Cowboys concede another penalty, allowing the Tigers in there half.
14 min: Wests Tigers could have their first try of the evening, just checking offside and grounding.
14 min: No Try! Payten dropped it before he got it down, Willie Tonga is off now, limping badly.
16 min: A golden opportunity for the Cowboys, Wests drop it on their own 40 metre line.
16 min: Wade McKinnon saves the day after Matt Bowen stabs one for Ashley Graham. Dropout though.
17 min: Matt Bowen could have the Cowboys second try, just checking obstruction.
18 min: No Try! Benji Marshall was impeded from having an attempt to tackle Bowen.
20 min: A Benji Marshall grubber is just too deep for his chasers, in the second of two sets the Tigers had at the Cowboys line.
22 min: Geoff Daniela is off the field with a shoulder concern, Daniel Fitzhenry is on the field for him, with Brown shifting to centre.
24 min: North Queensland will have a whole set at the Tigers line after Fitzhenry spills a relatively easy bomb.
26 min: TRY
North Queensland try a play off the scrum, with Bowen giving a flat ball to a rampaging Harris who goes over. Thurston has no trouble from besides the sticks.
North Queensland Cowboys 10-0
27 min: Chris Lawrence throws a long ball too hard to Marshall who drops it.
30 min: TRY
Arana Taumata makes a nice line break down the right, stepping some cautious defenders and is too fast for McKinnon and scores. Thurston has no trouble again, converting.
North Queensland Cowboys 16-0
32 min: A real bonus for the Tigers here from a mid-field bomb but they waste it with Robbie Farah throwing a long pass to Fitzhenry who misses it.
37 min: TRY
A nice shot from the Tigers dislodges the ball and off the set, they put on a nice backline play to Tuiqiri who scores in the corner. Marshall misses the kick.
North Queensland Cowboys 16-4
39 min: An exciting passage of play there with another Marshall mid-field bomb landing safe and Tuiqiri almost breaking through but he puts it on the toe for Marshall but it's too deep.
40 min: North Queensland play a safety first set with Thurston kicking it into touch taking the game to halftime.
41 min: Both teams back on the field, ready for the second half. Benji Marshall will kick off.
41 min: First penalty of the game for the Cowboys, for hands in the ruck.
46 min: TRY
Tigers have gone from left to right, going from the short side out to Fulton who steps Harris and palms off another, popping a pass to Brown to score. Marshall misses his second conversion of the match.
North Queensland Cowboys 16-8
48 min: Marshall launches another high bomb, caught easily by Tupou but penalty to the Wests Tigers because Mitch Brown was taken out.
49 min: Wests could have another try to Blake Ayshford but checking the grounding.
50 min: TRY
The Tigers are in again. Robbie Farah fires a bullet pass to Ayshford who struggles over to score, bridging the gap to four. Marshall is none from three, missing another conversion.
North Queensland Cowboys 16-12
52 min: Thurston tries the wraparound play with Tupou but its called forward, rightfully so.
55 min: TRY
Marshall chips for himself, steps and goes downfield swarmed by Cowboys defenders and floats a pass to Tuiqiri to score his second. Marshall should give up the kicking duties, missed all four of his conversions so far.
16 all
57 min: Robbie Farah plays a bit of chicken on last, when he kicks downfield and Scott, laying down and getting the penalty.
58 min: Marshall tries to throw one at the line for a frontrower but it bounces off and ball to the Cowboys.
59 min: North Queensland can't complete their set either, dropping it on fourth.
60 min: Wests try to keep the ball alive early in the count but the pass hits the ground and Tupou swoops on the ball, more urgent than either Tigers player.
63 min: Matthew Scott tries to offload in heavy traffic and drops it at the feet of a Tiger. Marshall tries a play with Fitzhenry but it goes over the sideline.
64 min: North Queensland get a rare penalty for Bryce Gibbs being all over the man playing the ball.
64 min: Mason though tries to charge into the defence on the first hit-up and gets a nice shot from Lawrence and drops it cold.
67 min: A shambolic set of six from the Tigers following the six again call. Wests panic with their plays and it ends with Fitzhenry being taken over the sideline by Will Tupou.
70 min: Chris Heinington throws a nice cut-out to Tuiqiri who is in space but the winger helds his line, forcing Lote to kick and it's recovered by Farah who knocks on.
73 min: North Queensland charge up the middle of the field from a Thurston inside pass but Ayshford on last recovers a nice kick and just gets back into the field of play.
74 min: Leeson Ah Mau has a brain explosion holding onto jersey of Farah stopping him from chasing his own kick. Tigers with a major opportunity to skip ahead.
A forgettable night with the boot for Benji, missing a field goal from in front.
16 all
76 min: North Queensland have their chance at setting up for the field goal but Bowen is done for obstructing Tigers defenders.
78 min: TRY
The Tigers have finally hit the front. Liam Fulton bursts onto a pass from Marshall and is just determined to get over the line, brushing off several defenders. Marshall gets his first conversion of the night to give them a six point break.
Wests Tigers 22-16
80 min: TRY
Benji has sealed a heart-stopping victory for the Tigers. North Queensland have to chance their arm but it drops for Marshall who races away to score. He misses the conversion to finish one from five in his goal kicking.
Wests Tigers 26-16

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