See you on the sidelines, Jerry

Warriors forward Jerry Seu Seu is set to be out for an extended period after being charged three separate times by the National Rugby League judiciary this afternoon.

The charges stem from the Warriors? upset win over Canberra at Ericsson Stadium yesterday afternoon.

Seu Seu was hit with a grade one knee lifting charge, a grade three reckless high tackle charge and a grade one careless high tackle charge.

Bulldogs forward Willie Mason was charged with a grade one contrary conduct charge for head-slamming, while Roosters winger Justin Hodges is set to spend some time on the sidelines after being charged with a grade four careless high tackle. Hodges was sent from the field for the tackle during the match against the Bulldogs on Friday night.

Parramatta?s Michael Witt has been charged with a grade one dangerous throw, while Solomon Haumono, like Mason, has been hit with a head-slamming charge.

Francis Meli from the Warriors is also facing a dangerous throw charge, while Roosters forward Michael Crocker has been hit with a grade one careless high tackle charge.

Seu Seu faces around six weeks out if he is found guilty of all three offences, while Hodges could find himself outed for between two and three games.