Serbia confirmed sixth entrant for
Victory Cup

Serbia-Montenegro has been announced as the sixth participant for the 2004 Victory Cup which will be held in Moscow, St Petersburg and Kazan. The Victory Cup, which kicked off the first time in May last year was considered a huge success, with Russia pushing France all the way in the final in front of a crowd of over 7,000 on a weekday afternoon. The tournament helped Russia to qualify for funding from the Russian Sports Council, funding which has helped the event to expand and allow the inclusion of Serbia and the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF).

The event will again have the two separate pools, with Russia expected again to be grouped with USA and France with the BARLA side. Serbia is expected to be placed with the Russians, whilst the NZDF is likely to have to overcome a very tough French and BARLA teams to qualify for the main final.

The tournament is expected to also continue with the double-header style setup used in the Victory Cup last year, with teams alternating between Kazan and St Petersburg for the pool matches.

The main final, plus the lead up finals (3rd V 4th and 5th V 6th) will all be played at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow. This triple header will be treated as a ?Festival of League? with an official street parade to be held the day before.