Seven Residents Fail To See The

With the neighbour notification period drawing to a close for the lighting Development Application (DA) at Oki Jubilee Stadium, a petition has been received by Kogarah Council against the installation of the light towers and poles.

On 13 January, Kogarah Council received a petition that was signed by seven residents who are opposed to the Councillors providing consent to the DA.

R2K is pressing on with the petition in favour of the lights and has managed to garner solid support in the streets encircling the ground. Most residents in streets such as Colvin Avenue, Wheeler Street, O'Meara Street, Anglo Square, High Street, Garden Street and Park Street have been very happy to sign the petition and see the improvements to the ground as beneficial to the Kogarah Municipality. It's interesting to note how many Dragons' supporters live close to the ground, with many expressing the view that they would like to see more matches at Kogarah than are currently staged there.

In addition to the local residents, the businesses in Kogarah and Carlton have been enthusiastic about the petition and look forward to Oki Jubilee Stadium being maintained as a community asset where they can attend rugby league, soccer and other local events.

R2K is seeking volunteers this Saturday (January 29) to assist with the lighting petition in Carlton and Beverley Park. If you're able to assist, please contact Lachlan McLean on 04040 16027 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

In other news, Kogarah Council will vote on the DA tomorrow night (January 24) for the installation of the turnstiles in English Street at the northern end of the ground. While two residents from High Street and Prince Edward Street have registered their opposition to the turnstiles that will assist with disabled access, there has been no opposition from the residents in English Street.

Significantly, Kogarah Council notified 1,500 residents of the proposed turnstiles and two objections from 1,500 is an unsubstantial number. The DA for the turnstiles is expected to be approved and an R2K representative will also speak in favour of the proposal.