Sharks end Warriors' losing streak

Cronulla took their home game against the Warriors to New Zealand to help the Warriors open their 2011 account - they beat the Sharks 26 points to 18 in front of 14,600 fans at Owen Delany Park in Taupo.

The Warriors came to Taupo hoping to get their first win of the season, the New Zealand side started the game positively and were rewarded early. Glen Fisiiahi crossed in the third minute, and Maloney converted to give them ab early lead of six points.

The points woke up the Sharks, whose forwards began to dominate after the concession of points. The intensity was rewarded with a try to Smith in the 12th minute easily converted by John Williams to bring the scores level.

Sharks' forwards dominated the first half and were well on top of the New Zealand side, they converted this to a lead in the 31st minute with a soft try to Wade Graham which was converted and Sharks to a four point lead into half time.

Warriors came out with more purpose in the second half and Sharks came out with a case of the dropsies, with a very ordinary completion rate in the second half.Β  Warriors converted this to points in the 51st minute through the lightning speed of Fisiiahi and Maloney converted to put the Warriors ahead.

Sharks continued not to do themselves any favours and the next Warriors try came in the 61st minute to James Maloney who converted to put the Warriors 8 points ahead.Β  10 minutes later, sure enough Warriors score again, this time through Inu, Maloney's boot makes no mistake and the 14 point lead in the 73rd minute puts the game all but out of reach for Cronulla.

Cronulla managed another try through a probe down the left hand side, scored and converted by John Williams.Β  But in the 75th minute it was too little to late for the Sharks and it was just a matter of minutes before Warriors put their first win of the season on the board taking the game 26 - 18.

Match Details
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 18 were defeated by New Zealand Warriors 26
National Rugby League - Round 4 - Sunday April 3, 2011 12:00pm
Venue: Owen Delany Park, Taupo NZ
Referee: Gavin Badger and Brett Suttor
Video Referee: Bernard Sutton
Touch Judges: David Abood and Gavin Reynolds
Crowd: 14,645
Halftime: Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 12 New Zealand Warriors 8 players of the match:
3 Points - Jacob Lillyman
2 Points - Glen Fisiiahi (2 Tries)
1 Point - Paul Gallen

Tries: John Williams, Wade Graham, Jeremy Smith
Conversions: John Williams (3/3)

Tries: Krisnan Inu, James Maloney, Glen Fisiiahi (2)
Conversions: James Maloney (4/4)
Penalty Goals: James Maloney (1/1) Live Commentary Hello and Welcome to Owen Delaney Park, for this Cronulla Sharks home game aginst the Warriors taken to Taupo New Zealand. This may be the first NRL gane to be played here at Taupo... Sharks are looking to get 3 wins in a row here to continue a fantastic start to the season for them, Warriors on the other hand still searching for their first win.
Warriors took out the Toyota Cup match here 40 points to 16.
TEAM NEWS: Johnny Mannah in jumper 18 replaces Dean Collis for the Sharks. The Warriors are 1 through 17.
1 min: Warriors kick off and we are underway.
4 min: TRY
TRY to the Warriors. Great offload to Mannering to Tupou who puts Fisiiahi in to score his first try in the NRL. Conversion from Maloney successful.
New Zealand Warriors 6-0
7 min: Some nasty head clashes, teams going at eachother here.
8 min: Tupou strips a ball from Heremiah at halfway to give the Sharks an opportunity here.
9 min: Warriors clean up, 20 metre restart.
11 min: Great return from Gardner and a half break, Warriors missing some tackles here too.
12 min: PENALTY against Warriors inside the 10.
13 min: TRY
TRY to the Sharks. Jeremy Smith walks through some flimsy defence to score the Sharks' first. John Williams converts to even the score.
6 all
14 min: Warriors defence is being made look ordinary with a few offloads from Cronulla here.
15 min: Sharks trapping Warriors deep in their territory.
16 min: Sharks forwards carving up, making some difficult work for the New Zealand side.
17 min: PENALTY to the Warriors against Gallen for taking the kicker out.
Warriors take the shot at goal from directly in front and Maloney nails it.
New Zealand Warriors 8-6
19 min: Warriors throw a forward pass from dummy half, asking Cronulla to hit back.
20 min: This scrum is taking far too long...
21 min: Blood bin for Michael Luck after another head clash holds up play some more, forced substitution because he appears to need stitches.
22 min: Strong defence from Heremaia and Smith coughs the ball up.
23 min: Half a break from Ta'ai...
24 min: Warriors kick it out for a 20 metre tap, to avoid letting Gardner run it back.
25 min: High bomb flat foots Inu and Sharks get six again right on the attack.
26 min: Gallen puts in a grubber which goes dead, good pressure from the Warriors defence there.
27 min: Maloney's boot gives Sharks another 20 metre restart.
28 min: Inu picking up these balls without much thought for ball security, but getting away with it.
28 min: Mateo offload hands the ball over the Sharks.
29 min: Great take from Krisnan Inu difuses strong Cronulla attack.
30 min: Mateo bomb taken beautifully by Wright.
30 min: PENALTY to the Sharks already at halfwat, inviting them upfield.
32 min: TRY
TRY to the Sharks, This one came out of nothing, Wade Graham just runs through some weak defence. Conversion from Williams successful.
Cronulla Sutherland Sharks 12-8
33 min: Sharks doing all the attacking here and Inu again picking up the ball without much thought for keeping it.
34 min: PENALTY against the Warriors, markers not square.
35 min: Wade Graham loses the ball in a tackle to turn the ball over.
36 min: Better set from the Warriors, actually attacking here.
37 min: Good kick by Maloney goes over the sideline near the goal line.
38 min: Referee continuing to waste time giving scrum lectures.
39 min: Fisiiahi working well in the custodian role.
40 min: PENALTY against Gallen for a high tackle.
40 min: Maloney boot goes touch in goal, so Warriors do nothing with the penalty and the hooter blows with Sharks ahead by 4.
41 min: Second half underway.
42 min: Strong first set from the Warriors, but Inu passes it to Sharks hands.
42 min: Sharks knock on inviting Warriors to attack some more from 20 out.
43 min: Good kick by Maloney traps Gardner in goal for a repeat set to the Warriors.
44 min: Maloney held up on the last to turn the ball over.
45 min: Rickety kick from Gardner ruled to be played at by the Warriorsto hand Cronulla a scrum.
47 min: Sharks bomb a chance at the line to give Warriors a real chance through Inu who just didn't have the legs to make it all the way, but holds n to put the Warriors right on the attack here.
48 min: Warriors cough it up, so great opportunity comes to nothing.
49 min: And Sharks turn it right back over.
52 min: TRY
TRY to the Warriors. Lightning speed from Fisiiahi, put in by Maloney from the scrum to score. Easy conversion by Maloney to put the Warriors ahead,
New Zealand Warriors 14-12
54 min: Cronulla backline fielding really well.
55 min: Opportunity for the Sharks cleaned up at the back and gets back into the field of play.
56 min: Warriors with a lot more energy this half, really want the win here.
57 min: Sharks chancing their hands but Wrriors too strong.
58 min: Warriors forward pass from dummy half and Sahraks have the ball in an attacking position for a full set for the first time in the half.
59 min: Gallen loses the ball in a tackle to hand the ball back.
60 min: PENALTY against the Sharks to piggy back the Warriors upfield.
VIDEO REFEREE for a possible Warriors TRY.
62 min: TRY
TRY! Great ball by Berrigan to put Maloney into a hole to score. Maloney converts his own try.
New Zealand Warriors 20-12
63 min: Ukuma Ta'ai loses the ball in a tackle to invite Cronulla to hit back.
64 min: Gardner loses the ball forward trying to offload and gets hurt in the tackle.
65 min: Good kick from Maloney, Sharks forced to take it out.
66 min: Gallen pass ruled forward, scrum 35 out.
67 min: Williams reads the Mateo kick well, Sharks working it out from their own line again.
68 min: Warriors coastin here.
68 min: Mateo gives the ball to Cronulla.
69 min: Harlem Globetrotter stuff from the Sharks but the Warriors read it well.
72 min: TRY
Mateo breaks down field and offloads to Fisiiahi, Inu put in to score. Maloney conversion successful.
New Zealand Warriors 26-12
73 min: Warriors have all but sealed the game.
75 min: TRY
Cronulla probe down the lefhand side, great support to Williams in to score. Great boot by Williams to convert this own try.
New Zealand Warriors 26-18
76 min: Sharks hand the ball over with a forward pass.
77 min: PENALTY for a strip against Cronulla, Warriors are just minutes away from their first win of 2011.
78 min: Cronulla can't hold onto much in this second half, continuing to turn the ball over in these closing minutes.
79 min: PENALTY to the Warriors who are now six tackles away from opening their 2011 account.
80 min: And the Warriors take their first victory for 2011 beating the Sharks 26 points to 18.

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