Sharks secure one-point win

A Todd Carney field goal has secured a 19-18 win over a late finishing Brisbane Broncos at Suncorp Stadium in front of 25,677.

The first half saw a scrappy affair on a slippery Suncorp surface as both sides failed to post any points during the first 40 minutes. The major incident out of the first half saw Wade Graham sidelined with a AC shoulder injury after only 12 minutes.

The second half saw a tight affair in the final 5 minutes as the Broncos scored two tries to give the Sharks a fright.

Josh Hoffman broke the deadlock after 53 minutes as he has stepped out of the tackle of the Sharks defenders to dart through off a pass from Ben Hunt. The Broncos jumped ahead to 6-0 with a Scott Prince conversion.

Cronulla returned serve just minutes later as Man of the Match Todd Carney provided a pin-point pass to Michael Gordon to stroll through the Broncos line. The game locked up after 58 minutes, 6-all.

Former NSW Blues five-eight, Carney, was on the mark as he broke free of the Broncos defence to link up with Jayson Bakuya to make it a 6 point lead after 66 minutes. The Sharks on a roll with possession flowing in their favour.

Corey Norman when from hero to zero in the space of 60 seconds as he first earned a penalty for the Broncos. However, at the other end of the field, he failed to take a catch of the kick which allowed Sosaia Feki to waltz over for the Sharks' third try. The boys from the Shire extended to 18-6 with 7 minutes on the clock.

Todd Carney slot the match winner as the field goal ended being the difference between the two sides. Despite the Broncos marching home with two late tries to Corey Oates and Jordan Kahu, it was not enough as time expired. The Sharks singing back to Sydney with a 19-18 victory.

Match Details
Brisbane Broncos 18 Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 19
Venue: Lang Park
Crowd: 25677
Halftime Score: 0 all Players of the Match:
3 points - Todd Carney
2 points - Michael Gordon
1 point - Josh McGuire

Tries: Josh Hoffman, Corey Oates, Jordan Kahu
Field Goals:
Conversions: Scott Prince (3/3)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Michael Gordon, Jayson Bukuya, Sosaia Feki
Field Goals: Todd Carney (1/1)
Conversions: Todd Carney (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Live Commentary

Welcome to's LIVE COVERAGE of Brisbane Broncos hosting the Cronulla Sharks from Suncorp Stadium in this stand-alone Friday Night fixture. We kick off Round 18 with the battle of 12th vs. 6th as both teams look to make an impact on the 2013 finals series.

TEAM NEWS: Cronulla Sharks are unchanged from Tuesday, named 1-17. This will see Michael Gordon take the field after being sidelined for four weeks.

Meanwhile for the Broncos, the only change sees Ben Hannant ruled out with Scott Anderson replacing him in jersey 20

Broncos: 1. Corey Norman 2. Jordan Kahu 3. Corey Oates 4. Josh Hoffman 5. Lachlan Maranta 6. Scott Prince 7. Peter Wallace 15. David Hala 9. Andrew McCullough 10. Josh McGuire 11. Alex Glenn 12. David Stagg 13. Mitchell Dodds
Interchange: 14. Ben Hunt 16. Dunamis Lui 17. Lama Tasi 20. Scott Anderson

Sharks: 1. Michael Gordon 2. Sosaia Feki 3. Stewart Mills 4. Jonathan Wright 5. Nathan Stapleton 6. Todd Carney 7. Jeff Robson 8. Bryce Gibbs 9. John Morris 10. Sam Tagataese 11. Jayson Bukuya 12. Wade Graham (c) 13. Chris Heighington
Interchange 14. Isaac De Gois 15. Tyrone Peachey 16. Mark Taufua 17. Ben Ross
We are minutes away from kick off at Suncorp with both teams completed their warm up. Cronulla won the toss tonight and the Broncos will kick off first here
1 min: We are UNDERWAY at Suncorp Stadium as the Brisbane Broncos kick off to give the Cronulla Sharks first use of the ball
2 min: First penalty of the game against the Broncos for laying in the ruck too long. Sharks march up to halfway as a result.
3 min: Todd Carney opted to run the ball on the last tackle, but his long cut out pass to Nathan Stapleton is ruled forward. Change over for the Broncos on their 10 metre line
Josh McGuire makes an unforced error.
Josh McGuire wasn't ready to take the pass as he looked to change direction and dropped it cold. Sharks with the scrum feed 40 metres out from their own line
6 min: David Hala has to force the grubber kick from Wade Graham out over the dead ball line. Line drop out for the Cronulla Sharks
8 min: Penalty to the Broncos to help them out of their own half. A strip the call against the Cronulla Sharks
9 min: Peter Wallace's grubber kick is forced dead by the Sharks, line drop out is called as Peter Wallace's kick was a good option on the last tackle.
9 min: The Sharks have gone the short drop out and they have come up with the ball. Wade Graham on the back of the kick managed to gain 20 metres off the run. Sharks just short of halfway
11 min: The Sharks jumped off the line and the Broncos get six more tackles as a knock on is ruled against the Shire boys. Brisbane continue their roll on from halfway
12 min: David Hala was caught on the last tackle with the ball, he put in the grubber kick across the field and the Sharks collect the ball 2 metres from their own line
Lachlan Maranta makes an unforced error.
Lachlan Maranta jumped for the ball in the contest of the Peter Wallace kick and it's a knock on ruled. Sharks with possession 10 metres from their line. Meanwhile Wade Graham has come off the field for the Sharks with the trainer
Corey Norman makes an unforced error.
Corey Norman has dropped the ball as he attempted to offload the ball in a tackle. Possession handed over to the Sharks 30 metres from their own line through a scrum feed
Tyrone Peachey makes an unforced error.
Tyrone Peachey has coughed up possession straight back to the Broncos has he was tackle hard. Broncos back on the attack 40 metres from the Sharks goal line
17 min: Corey Oates attempted to dive through the Sharks defence as he took the short pass from Andrew McCullough on the last tackle. Change over for the Sharks on their 10 metre line
18 min: Jeff Robson stabs the kick over the sideline to clam things down here at Suncorp Stadium. Broncos will have a scrum feed 30 metres from their own line.

And update on Wade Graham, he is in the sheds with medical staff with a shoulder injury. He is unlikely to return at this stage
19 min: Bryce Gibbs has collected Josh McGuire high as he slipped as he changed direction. Penalty is enough for the incident and the Brisbane Broncos attack 20 metres from the Sharks try line
Mitchell Dodds makes an unforced error.
Mitchell Dodds has dropped the ball as the Broncos attempted the short passing game at the try line, Sharks come up with possession on their 10 metre line.
21 min: Peter Wallace provided a chip kick over the Sharks defence which almost saw Josh Hoffman fly through and claim first points. But it wasn't to be with Michael Gordon cleaning up in good covering defence.
22 min: Jonathan Wright with a soccer kick ahead on the sideline almost saw the Sharks post first points. However, Scott Prince forced the ball dead to save the try after bolting through the Sharks chasers. Play continues after all that with a line drop out
24 min: Penalty to the Broncos as Corey Oates was taken in the air while taking kick off the boot from Todd Carney. Sharks almost coming up with the points off the kick
29 min: Penalty to the Sharks as the Broncos markers ruled to have hands in the ruck after the held call. Cronulla march up to 40 metres from the Broncos try line
30 min: Secondary penalty to the Sharks for Alex Glenn holding down too long in the ruck according to referee Luke Phillips. Sharks now only 20 metres from the Broncos goal line
Jeff Robson makes an unforced error.
Jeff Robson has dropped the ball as the Sharks attempted to spread the ball across the blind side. Broncos with the scrum feed on their own 10 metre line. 30 minutes gone here and still no score
33 min: Todd Carney's kick is collected by the Broncos 10 metres from their own line, but before they could start their set they are dragged over the sideline. Change over called and the Broncos will play the ball
34 min: Michael Gordon was looking to be trapped in goal off the kick from Wallace, but bolted out of the in goal area and gained 30 metres before the covering defence caught up with him.
34 min: Carney fired a kick to the western corner of Suncorp for Nathan Stapleton but it's too big. 20 metre restart called for the Broncos
38 min: Jeff Robson rolls the ball through a kick over the sideline. Scrum feed for the Broncos 20 metres off their own line
40 min: HALF TIME at Suncorp Stadium has seen no point scored between the Broncos and Sharks
41 min: Second half is UNDERWAY at Suncorp Stadium with the Cronulla Sharks kicking off
41 min: INJURY UPDATE on Wade Graham, he as a reported AC joint injury in his shoulder and won't be back tonight for the Sharks
43 min: There is an injury concern for David Stagg in back play as he is with the trainer.
44 min: Time off here after Todd Carney has dived out of the in goal. But we are going back to a late hit on Peter Wallace
44 min: Mark Taufua has been penalised and is on report for a shoulder charge on Peter Wallace as he got the kick away on the last tackle. Broncos take the free kick and attack 20 metres out from the Sharks try line
46 min: Peter Wallace with a good kick to the in goal but Jon Wright saves the day as he jumped on the ball before Alex Glenn. Line drop out the ball with Wright trapped in goal
47 min: Scott Prince has fallen to ground after a charge to the goal line, time is off as we have a look at the play
47 min: Nothing comes off the play with Prince. On the last Wallace kicked across field for Josh Hoffman who went to ground with the ball.
Tyrone Peachey makes an unforced error.
Tyrone Peachey comes up with a poor play of the ball as he tried to play it quickly. the mistake gives the Broncos a scrum feed 40 metres from the Sharks goal line
49 min: Peter Wallace's kick taken in the field of play by Nathan Stapleton who then bolts 40 metres down the touchline before being collected by Peter Wallace
50 min: Todd Carney went so close to the goal line, but lost it back and the Broncos dived on the ball. In the next play, penalty to the Broncos for a high tackle from the Sharks
54 min:
Josh Hoffman has stepped and dived out of the tackle of the Sharks defenders as he darted away off a pass from Ben Hunt out of acting half. Scott Prince converts from out wide
Brisbane Broncos 6-0
56 min: Penalty to the Sharks as the Broncos were ruled offside as Hoffman tried to take the catch. Sharks take the quick tap and attack 10 metres out
Scored by Michael Gordon. Conversion attempt by Todd Carney successful.
Michael Gordon has slipped between the Broncos defence as he took a short pass from Todd Carney. Carney with the conversion from the western side of the field slots the conversion to lock the game up
6 all
60 min: Injury concern for Todd Carney who is down after being collected by Ben Hunt, nothing from the officials but Carney is with the trainer
62 min: Nathan Stapleton flew high off the kick from Todd Carney on the last and fell to ground. Change over for the Broncos 20 metres from their own line
Scored by Jayson Bukuya. Conversion attempt by Todd Carney successful.
Todd Carney has broken free of the Broncos defence to run 20 metres to link up with Jayson Bakuya to race away to score the Sharks second try. Carney on fire so far tonight for the team from the Shire, he converted to make it a six point lead
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 12-6
68 min: Penalty to the Broncos, they take the free kick and start their set just short of halfway
69 min: Corey Norman is caught with the ball on the last tackle as the Broncos spread the ball across the field. Change over for the Sharks 10 metres from the goal line
70 min: Feki's kick is horrible as it is bombed straight up in the air. Josh Hoffman almost got away on the next play on the blind side. Broncos on the attack
71 min: David Hala has been forced over the touchline as he charged forward, but three Sharks defenders drove him over the sideline. Scrum for the Sharks 10 metres off their own line
Scored by Sosaia Feki. Conversion attempt by Todd Carney successful.
Sosaia Feki has simply cleaned up the mistake from Corey Norman who failed to take the bomb from Carney. Feki with an easy four-pointer to extend the lead. Carney with the conversion on the western side adds the two points
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 18-6
74 min: Chris Heighington has come up with the ball as the Broncos attempted a short kick off. Sharks with it on halfway
Field goal attempt by Todd Carney successful.
Todd Carney has snapped a low field goal from 30 metres out and extends the lead to 13 points.
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 19-6
Scored by Corey Oates. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Corey Oates has rolled through the Sharks defence to post the Broncos 2nd four-pointer of the night. Scott Prince with the conversion slots the goal to close the gap
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 19-12
Scored by Jordan Kahu. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Jordan Kahu has charged over in the corner for the Broncos as they played hot potato football. Scott Prince with a beautiful strike from the eastern side makes it a 1 point gap
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 19-18
80 min: The Broncos attempted some quick passing footy but it was to no point as they were defeated 19-18 after 80 minutes.