Sharks steal win against Dragons

The Cronulla Sharks have snatched a dramatic one point win over the St George Illawarra Dragons at Toyota Park tonight. The Dragons led 6-0 at half time and 12-0 with half an hour to go.

The Dragons opened the scoring in the 23rd minute, with Brett Morris scoring off a Jamie Soward chip kick from the scrum base, following a 40/20.

The Sharks generally dominated possession and territory in the remainder of the half, but were unable to score.

The second half started much the way of the first, Cronulla dominating possession and territory, and the Dragons scored against the run of play, with Josh Morris scoring.

The Sharks finally scored with 20 minutes remaining, Brett Seymour popping an incredible pass to Kearney who set up Covell to score. Covell missed the easy conversion, but made it 12-6 four minutes later with a penalty goal right in front.

With five minutes remaining Brett Kimmorley scored after his own grubber bounced around, and the score was 12-all, and Kimmorley gave the Sharks the lead for the first time in 78 minutes with a field goal.

Match Details Cronulla Sharks 13 def St George Illawarra Dragons 12 Round 21 - Saturday August 2nd, 2008 5:30pm Venue: Toyota Stadium Referee: Jared Maxwell Touch Judges: Steve Chiddy, Bernard Sutton Video Referee: Bill Harrigan Half time: Sharks 0 Dragons 6 Crowd: 18,256

Cronulla Sharks 13 Tries: Luke Covell, Brett Kimmorley Goals: Luke Covell (2/3) Field Goals: Brett Kimmorley (1/2)

St George Illawarra Dragons 12 Tries: Brett Morris, Josh Morris Goals: Jamie Soward (2/2) Field Goals: Jamie Soward (0/1), Ben Hornby (0/1) Player of the Match 3 Points: Greg Bird (Sharks) 2 Points: Jamie Soward (Dragons) 1 Point: Brett Kimmorley (Sharks) Live Commentary
SHARKS: 1. Brett Kearney 2. Misi Taulapapa 3. Ben Pomeroy 4. David Simmons 5. Luke Covell 6. Brett Seymour 7. Brett Kimmorley 8. Ben Ross 9. Isaac De Gois 10. Luke Douglas 11. Paul Gallen 12. Fraser Anderson 13. Greg Bird Interchange: 14. Danny Nutley 15. Kade Snowden 16. Adam Peek 17. Terence Seu Seu Reserves: 18. Grant Millington DRAGONS: 1. Brett Morris 2. Jason Nightingale 3. Chase Stanley 4. Matt Cooper 5. Josh Morris 6. Jamie Soward 7. Ben Hornby (c) 8. Justin Poore 9. Dean Young 10. Jason Ryles 11. Beau Scott 12. Jarrod Saffy 13. Stuart Webb Interchange: 14. Matt Prior 15. Dan Hunt 16. Lagi Setu 17. Rangi Chase Reserves: 18. Simon Woolford

Good evening from Toyota Park. Both teams are close to completing their warm-ups and returning to the sheds.

We hope you're strapped in and ready for this game. I mean it. If you have a seatbelt, buckle up.

Both teams taking to the field now.

1 min: We're underway, Dragons with first use of the ball.

1 min: Dan Hunt loses the ball in the first hit up.

1 min: Cronulla pulled up for a forward pass.

5 min: A bit of weak early biff.

10 min: Nightingale knocks on defusing a bomb, and the Sharks go on attack from 10 out.

11 min: Brilliant Dragons defence, Pomeroy looks certain to score and Soward somehow manages to hold him up.

23 min: 40/20 - Jamie Soward picks up a 40/20 for the Dragons.

23 min: TRY St George Illawarra Dragons A great try for the Dragons. From the scrum Soward kicks ahead for Morris who dives on the ball, and injures himself in the process. Conversion attempt by Jamie Soward successful. St George Illawarra Dragons 6-0

30 min: Kearney gets trapped in his own in goal.

31 min: Covell takes a dangerous bomb.

35 min: Sharks pulled back for another forward pass.

37 min: Hornby fails to clean up a kick, Sharks on attack 10 out.

38 min: VIDEO REF - For a Sharks try...

38 min: NO TRY - Great Dragons defence again. Impressive Sharks attack sees Gallen nearly score in the corner, but he is barely forced into the corner post.

40 min: ATTEMPTED FIELD GOAL St George Illawarra Dragons Soward attempts a field goal on half time. St George Illawarra Dragons 6-0

Halftime injury update: Brett Morris shoulder injury and won't be back. Saints have moved Hornby to fullback, Soward to half and Young to 5/8. Woolford at hooker.

40 min: Back underway at Toyota Park!

46 min: Sharks on attack off another close range penalty.

46 min: Nightingale comes up with the ball and we're treated to a few moments of bare-arsedness. Beau Scott makes an error 30 out and the Sharks go back on attack.

51 min: TRY St George Illawarra Dragons The Dragons get the ball to Josh Morris, who steps around Pomeroy like he's a three foot lesbian turtle, and the other Morris twin claims four points for the Dragons. Conversion attempt by Jamie Soward successful. St George Illawarra Dragons 12-0

58 min: Appalling call, the Sharks get a penalty 10 out after supposedly having had the ball stripped.

58 min: The Sharks go in, but amazingly get called back for a forward pass, without a forward pass in sight.

60 min: Soward kicks out on the full.

60 min: TRY Cronulla Sharks Brett Seymour throws a ridiculous pass to Kearney who finds Covell who brings the ball around closer to the posts. Covell hits the uprights with a painfully easy kick. Conversion attempt by Luke Covell unsuccessful. St George Illawarra Dragons 12-4

64 min: PENALTY GOAL Cronulla Sharks Crazy night. Setu hits Kimmorley late (barely) on a kick, and Covell slots the points from right in front. St George Illawarra Dragons 12-6

66 min: INJURY - Justin Poore being stretchered from the field.

66 min: CROWD - 18,256

72 min: Hornby kicks out on the full. The Sharks are getting every possible chance to come back in this game.

75 min: VIDEO REF - For a Sharks try...

75 min: TRY Cronulla Sharks A Kimmorley grubber pinballs around before he dives on it to score. Conversion attempt by Luke Covell successful. 12 all

77 min: ATTEMPTED FIELD GOAL Cronulla Sharks Kimmorley misses a field goal, but the Dragons are forced to run the ball out of their own in goal. 12 all

79 min: FIELD GOAL Cronulla Sharks It takes 78 minutes, but the Sharks take the lead with a Kimmorley field goal. Cronulla Sharks 13-12

79 min: Dragons recover the short kickoff.

80 min: The Dragons kick ahead, and the Sharks survive.

80 min: The Sharks must drop the ball out with one second remaining.

80 min: ATTEMPTED FIELD GOAL St George Illawarra Dragons Hornby misses. Cronulla Sharks 13-12

FULLTIME: The Sharks claw their way to a 13-12 come from nowhere win.