Sharks win 'local derby' in extra time

St George Illawarra Dragons 16 vs Cronulla Sharks 18 Match Summary

Heartbreak for Dragons players and supporters as the side went down tonight in extra time to Cronulla Sharks by 18-16, after Jason Ryles was penalised late in the very first tackle count. The boot of Luke Covell sealing the fate of the home side.

The game was riddled with errors from both sides right from the first whistle. The settling in period tough for the two sides and it wasn't until the 13th minute of the match when Josh Morris scored for the Dragons that the attacking flare from the two sides started coming to the fore. However at crucial times errors would nullify any true scoring opportunities.

The try by Cronulla captain Greg Bird in the 30th minute of the match gave the Sharks the lead going to the break, 6-4.

Tit for tat is the best way to describe the 2nd half of the match. One team would seem to have the upperhand, only to have the other hit right back at them.

With the try to Goodwin in the 79th minute to level the score, and the subsequent missed conversion by Covell, extra time seemed appropriate.

With 5 tackles down, and Ryles being penalised, all eyes were on Covell. When he nailed the kick, euphoria for one side, heartache for the other.

Match Details Round 4 - Full Time :: April 5th, 2008 5:30pm Venue: ANZ Stadium Referee: Sean Hampstead

St George Illawarra Dragons 16 Tries: Josh Morris, Lagi Setu, Ben Hornby Goals: Mark Gasnier (0/2), Jamie Soward (2/2) Cronulla Sharks 18 Tries: Greg Bird, Brett Kearney, Bryson Goodwin Goals: Luke Covell (3/4) Player of the Match 3 Points: Brett Kearney (Sharks) 2 Points: Brett Kimmorley (Sharks) 1 Point: Greg Bird (Sharks)

Leagueunlimited Live Commentary Greg Bird moves into stand off in the Shark's side for tonight's local derby, with the return of Lance Thompson into 1st grade for the first time in 2008. Change for the Dragons, Chase Stanley coming into the starting line-up for the injured Dean Young, with Stuart Webb moving to the bench.

1 min: Kick off! With Hornby for the Dragons

5 min: Both sides settling in and able to make good metres with their sets.

9 min: A bit of feeling in this match as the Sharks celebrate a call against the Dragons.

11 min: The Dragons set up some excellent attacking option only to make a mistake and turn the ball over. Completion rate only 2/5.

13 min: TRY St George Illawarra Dragons Morris scores out wide as the Dragons, following an earlier penalty, are able to finish off the set without a mistake. Conversion attempt by Mark Gasnier unsuccessful. St George Illawarra Dragons 4-0

16 min: A break by Gasnier had the Sharks defenders stretched, however Hornby wasn't able to get the pass to stick.

20 min: Nice kick through by Kimmorley on the run for his outside backs is well read by Nightingale who snaffles it up and gets Hornby back in the field of play.

22 min: First real chance for the Sharks in the match and Hornby forces an error from Bird right on the line, after Kimmorley had the defence stretched briefly.

27 min: A 50/50 call by the ref stops the Shark players from the attack with yet another error in the match

29 min: TRY Cronulla Sharks A brilliant kick return by Kearney set up the try. Pomeroy 2 tackles later puts Bird thru for the try. Conversion attempt by Luke Covell successful. Cronulla Sharks 6-4

34 min: The Dragons seem to be slowing a little late in the half. A fine kick to the Shark's fullback comes to nothing as the Dragons players are called offside.

37 min: The Sharks, hot on attack are awarded a penalty just out from their line, Dragons slowing down play.

39 min: Goal line dropout - Sharks

39 min: Big shot on Thompson by Webb and Reynoldson forces the ball out on the 1st tackle.

Halftime: The 1st half finishes almost appropriately, with an error. Sharks lead 6-4.

41 min: Covell for the Sharks gets the 2nd half underway

43 min: Penalty for the Dragons as Chase was impeded after his kick

45 min: PENALTY GOAL St George Illawarra Dragons 28 metres out, he makes no mistake. 6 all

50 min: Both sides stepping it up a little as the game goes on. Errors seem less in this half already.

51 min: Oops, spoke too soon. Knock on by Covell just 10 metres out from the Dragons line.

54 min: TRY St George Illawarra Dragons Setu crashes thru from a pass by Rangi Chase. Video ref deem benefit of the doubt try as it looked as though he was held up. Kick hits the post. Conversion attempt by Mark Gasnier unsuccessful. St George Illawarra Dragons 10-6

55 min: Mistake by Reynoldson from the kick off hands possession to the Sharks.

57 min: Mistake aplenty are back by both sides. All at the Sharks 20 metres line.

60 min: Error rate 11-10 to the Dragons... it seems more?

63 min: TRY Cronulla Sharks A break by Kimmorley is well played as Covell puts a little chip thru on the run. Kearney outruns Ellis to touch the ball down over the line. Conversion attempt by Luke Covell successful. Cronulla Sharks 12-10

69 min: Kimmorley and his long kicking saves the day as the Sharks look under the pump a little from the Dragons defence which suddenly looks more determined.

70 min: TRY St George Illawarra Dragons Hornby, from dummy half heads done the short side which pays dividends as he finishes off what he started. Conversion attempt by Jamie Soward successful. St George Illawarra Dragons 16-12

74 min: The Dragons once more on attack. Covell catches the ball in goal on the 5th. Cooper limping in the background.

76 min: 10 metres out from the Dragons line, Covell is dragged across the sideline following a great kick by Soward. Dragons ball.

77 min: Another mistake

79 min: TRY Cronulla Sharks Bird kicking early in the tackle count sets up Goodwin who's flying in and dives over the tryline with the ball intact. Covell to win the match, hooks it badly Conversion attempt by Luke Covell unsuccessful. 16 all.

We go to extra time.

81 min: Dragons kick off in extra time

82 min: Ryles gives away a penalty, hanging onto Kearney on the 5th tackle..

82 min: PENALTY GOAL Cronulla Sharks Covell doesn't muck this kick up. The game is over. Cronulla Sharks 18-16

Fulltime: Sharks win in extra time, very hard for the Dragons players to accept I'd say, but delight for Cronulla.