Should reporting warrant a sin

In the wake of the farcical scenes at Parramatta Stadium on Saturday night, one has to wonder if the reintroduction of the 5 minute sin binning option would help referees better control matches that teeter on the edge of anarchy.

Given the send off option has all but gone by the wayside in 2003, the NRL should look at introducing a mandatory 5 minute sin bin for all players who commit reportable offences. The major gripe of most clubs and their fans is when a player is hurt in an illegal tackle (and the offending player is not sent off), why should the victim?s team be disadvantaged by the loss of the injured player.

I am not suggesting for a second that the game will be free from the foul play that occurs. If introduced, the players and coaches will undoubtedly be aware that if a player strays high, drives or lifts a player in a spear tackle situation or abuses the referee, then they risk the referee sending them to the sin bin for 5 minutes.

Obviously, the onus will remain on the referee in determining the severity of the offence and in turn whether to place the player on report. However, it may help improve one gray area in league that keeps contributing to the inconsistency that has plagued the NRL this year.