Six teams confirmed for 2004
Victory Cup

Six teams will compete for the second Victory Cup which will be held in Moscow around July next year. The inaugural tournament, which saw France, USA, Russia and a BARLA Great Britain side battle it out at the Moscow Olympic Stadium, was considered a huge success, and whilst a crowd of only 10,000 saw the two days of action, the Russian Sports Minister, and Moscow Government will both get behind the 2004 tournament.

USA, France and a side from Britain have all been confirmed for the 2004 side, with the New Zealand Army sending across a side to make up spot number five. The sixth team is yet to be confirmed, but there is talk that there is around 3 ? 4 different nations all competing for that final spot.

Russia was though at one stage to be expanding the tournament to 8 teams, or according to some reports by the US Press, up to 16, however have taken the responsible stance, and have compromised excessive expansion to ensure the long term growth and success of the event.

How the six teams will battle it out is as of yet unknown, but it is likely that two pools of 3 teams will battle it out, with the top team from each playing off for the Victory Cup.

The tournament is expected to be played on a Weekend as well this year, verses last year where the match was played on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, which was believed to be one of the reason crowds were affected.