Snitch makes first return to

Huddersfield Giants Steve Snitch is going back to Wakefield with a point to prove...

The 23 year old makes a first return to Belle Vue in Saturday's engage Super League clash. It will be the first time the 23-year-old has faced the club he served for five seasons.

Snitch's main concern though is about helping his new club to gain two points in front the Sky TV cameras.

"The key on Saturday is for the Giants to show that the defeat at Wigan was a one-off. This match is the chance to prove to everyone that Huddersfield are better than the Wigan result suggests. As a squad, that defeat last Friday hit us hard. We just didn't do ourselves justice at all. The only positive we can take is the way we responded after the nightmare start and if we can reproduce the form we showed in the second half against Wigan, we'll give ourselves a great chance."

Yet even though Snitch knows Saturday is all about the Giants, he admits the game will be extra-special for him.

"Obviously this first visit back to Belle Vue is special and I want to do well. We are expecting that the game itself will be a close one, but I'm really looking forward to it.

"The first thing I did when the fixtures came out was to look when we played Wakefield. I obviously haven't had to wait long and am really looking forward to going back on Saturday as I have had some really good times there. It will be good to see and catch up with all of my old teammates, but again, the important thing is the two points."