Snowden takes early plea

Newcastle Knights prop Kade Snowden has made the difficult decision to take the early plea for a Grade 4 Shoulder Charge issued by the Match Review Panel on Monday.

Snowden was sent from the field in Saturday night's game against the North Queensland Cowboys for a tackle on hooker Ray Thompson.

While Snowden and the Club believe there was no intent in the incident and considered their options to challenge the charge, the risk of two additional games on the sidelines outweighed defending the charge.

"While we have decided to take the early plea, we are adamant the grading is excessive and inconsistent with all other gradings throughout the course of the year," CEO Matt Gidley said.

"We are confused as to what the Match Review considered in their grading, given they have deemed this the worst shoulder charge of the year by two grades.

"If this is now the standard for a send off and grading, will be watching closely to ensure it is enforced consistently."

Snowden will miss seven games.