South Sydney out muscle Newcastle

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have brutally disposed of the Newcaslte Knights 34-14, in front of 16,104 fans at ANZ Stadium this afternoon. It was all the Rabbitohs as their forward pack managed to run over the Knights, with their outside backs doing their job superbly.

The first half was an exciting affair with the possession swinging at vital points throughout the first half but it was the Rabbitohs who were able to collect the first points. It was in the 7th minute of the game after David Taylor unlocked his outside back ability to skip across the defence, take it on, offload and send Dylan Farrell powering over into the corner. Adam Reynolds then made sure that the Rabbitohs would take a six point lead early on with his sideline conversion. But the party wasn't over early, as Sam Burgess was able to put the South Sydney side into great field position. From there, Adam Reynolds' kicking game shined as he was able to put a pin point kick across to his outside men, who deflected the ball out to John Sutton who scored their second try of the first half in the 12th minute.

Willie Mason was able to inspire his squad to a try after a massive hit on Luke Burgess saw Akuila Uate score out wide through a great backline movement from the Knights in the 15th minute.

But just minutes later, South Sydney extended their lead once again, with a John Sutton bomb being deflected into the arms of Adam Reynolds who put in another perfectly weighted kick across to Everingham as he scored in the 18th minute out wide.

Chris Houston was able to put the Knights into good position on the scoreboard, as he scored an easy try in the 36th minute. After he wrapped behind Tyrone Roberts he was able to defuse the efforts of Issac Luke, who scored in the 23rd minute for the Rabbitohs, but stepping through some flimsy defence.

It took until the 54th minute in the second half for the Rabbitohs to post the first points, and it was done using a simple decoy runner, with Issac Luke passing out to Nathan Peats who slides through a yawning gap to score a simple try. Adam Reynolds put the Rabbitohs 18 ahead with a conversion.

But from there, the flood gates opened for the Rabbitohs after a grubber kick in goal was collected by Akuila Uate but Chris McQueen managed to strip the ball and score in the 57th minute.

A backline shift from the Knights in the 66th minute saw Akuila Uate score in the corner after some powerful running. After receiving a brilliant pass from his inside men, Uate skipped and stepped towards the try line and was too powerful as he crossed.

Knights debutant, Kyle O'Donnell was absolutely hit by Sam Burgess in the 68th minute, as he was taken from the field with a bloody face. Just moments later, the Knights were unable to score a try with Uate being ruled offside after a sensational effort.

The game became brutal in the final stages as David Taylor smashes James McManus in the 70th minute after Taylor solid run down the sideline. The Knights fought hard but were just unable to match the aggression and ability of the Rabbitohs.

After today's brilliant win, the Rabbitohs will play the Roosters next Monday night while the Newcastle side will try and make something of nothing from season 2012, as they take on Manly next Saturday night at Hunter Stadium.

Match Details
South Sydney Rabbitohs 34 defeated Newcastle Knights 14
National Rugby League - Round 18 - Sunday July 8, 2012 2:00pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Ashley Klein and Brett Suttor
Video Referee: Bernard Sutton
Touch Judges: Luke Potter and Nick Beashel
Crowd: 16,104
Halftime: South Sydney Rabbitohs 22 Newcastle Knights 10 players of the match:
3 Points - Adam Reynolds (5 Conversions)
2 Points - Sam Burgess
1 Point - Issac Luke (1 Try)

South Sydney Rabbitohs (34)
Tries: John Sutton, Issac Luke, Chris McQueen, Dylan Farrell, Nathan Peats, Andrew Everingham
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (5/6)

Newcastle Knights (14)
Tries: Chris Houston, Akuila Uate (2)
Conversions: Tyrone Roberts (1/3) Live Commentary Big match for both sides here, Souths hoping to keep pace with the top four while the Knights need to keep winning to have any chance of being in the top eight come September.
FULLTIME in Toyota Cup this afternoon, the Rabbitohs have outmuscled the Knights 24-16. Team Changes: A few shifts for both sides. Home side South Sydney welcome back centre Matt King in jersey #20. This pushes Andrew Everingham out to the wing, with Justin Hunt missing out. Ben Lowe and Dave Tyrrell are also out, with George Burgess and the returning Eddy Pettybourne on the bench in their place.
For the Newcastle Knights the two "ZT's" swap - Zane Tetevano will start while Zeb Taia will drop back to the bench. Chris Adams drops off the five man bench, which means debutant Kyle O'Donnell will line up for his first game in the NRL.
The Knights are making their way to the field.
The Knights will have first use of the football and the South Sydney Rabbitohs are entering the playing field.
1 min: Willie Mason takes the kick off run and charges back to his 20. Game on.
1 min: On the last tackle, the Knights use Jarrod Mullen who bombs the ball but Greg Inglis catches the ball and is tackled by Dane Gagai
1 min: A last tackle kick from Adam Reynolds clears the ball and McManus has the ball.
1 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Newcastle. High tackle. Rabbitohs 0-1 Knights.
2 min: Newcastle will have the tap on the half way line after the penalty.
2 min: Knights are into the Rabbitohs half
3 min: Knights have the first line break, and off a kick the Rabbitohs play at the ball, the Knights have a full set of six inside the 10 metre zone.
4 min: Boyd knocks it on and South Sydney have the ball back on their own 20.
4 min: Rabbitohs charge hard and are into the Knights half.
4 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Rabbitohs. Not releasing tackled player. Rabbitohs 1-1 Knights.
5 min: The Rabbitohs are inside the Knights 10 metre zone.
8 min: TRY
Dave Taylor skips and jumps before he offloads to Dylan Farrell who scores in the corner. Conversion by Reynolds successful.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-0
8 min: The Rabbitohs are on the attack from the kick off, 20 from their line.
8 min: Issac Luke does well and gets the Rabbitohs into the Knights half.
9 min: Reynolds bombs the ball high on the last, David Taylor knocks it back and the Knights will now give the ball back through a drop out.
9 min: Sam Burgess charges back hard and fast, getting them into great field position.
10 min: A grubber in goal is just too deep as the Knights have a 20 metre tap.
11 min: McManus was headed for the sideline but he offloads back into the South Sydney arms, 30 out from the Rabbitohs line.
11 min: Rabbitohs are into the Knights half with a brilliant line break from Sam Burgess off Michael Crocker
14 min: TRY
John Sutton scores the try for the Rabbitohs and Adam Reynolds has the conversion.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-0
14 min: On the first run, Willie Mason puts a massive shot on Luke Burgess who loses the ball on the 10 metre line.
16 min: TRY
Uate will help the Knights hit straight back with a try in the corner.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-4
16 min: Knights back on the attack here with some solid metres up the field
17 min: Mullen kicks down to Merritt who manages to bring it back to the Knights defence without fear.
20 min: TRY
Sutton puts a bomb up, the Rabbitohs bat it back and Adam Reynolds is able to collect, kick the ball low across the field and Andrew Everingham easily scores the try in the corner. Reynolds misses off the post
South Sydney Rabbitohs 16-4
20 min: Burgess brings the ball back off kick off and the Knights shut him down with force.
21 min: Reynolds is put under pressure and eventually grubbers by himself, but Tyrone Roberts cleans up on the 40 metre line. Knights ball.
21 min: Knights are into the Rabbitohs half.
22 min: Video ref: After a Mullen kick down to the try line, it appears that Boyd has come down with a try
22 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Newcastle. Offside, Rabbitohs 2-1 Knights
23 min: Rabbitohs into the Knights half
25 min: TRY
After the disappointment for the Knights, Jason Clarke made a half break before offloading to Michael Crocker who was able to draw and pass to Issac Luke who screamed his way to the try line. Reynolds converts.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 22-4
25 min: The South Sydney forwards are doing a brilliant job as they roll forward
26 min: Sutton kicks on the last but Uate catches it and he is wrapped up
26 min: Tyrone Roberts kicks for the corner but Greg Inglis collects the ball and brings it back to his 10 metre line
27 min: A new set for the Rabbitohs as Dane Gagai tries to strip the ball but loses it
27 min: And South Sydney just puts it down on half way. Knights scrum.
28 min: A good from McManus takes the Knights into the Bunnies half.
29 min: Another mistake from Newcastle after an awkward backline movement does not come off.
29 min: Souths win the scrum on their own 10 and are tackled 15 from their line.
30 min: Reynolds clears the ball and Boyd brings it back well before giving it to McManus who is brought down on his 30.
31 min: Uate makes a line break down the sideline and throws a long ball inside that goes to ground but the South Sydney side knock it on and Newcastle have a new set.
31 min: Mullen loses the ball inside the Rabbitohs 10 and Souths come up with it.
33 min: Dylan Farrell kicks to Boyd who is stopped on the 30.
33 min: Knights are into the Rabbitohs half
33 min: Merritt defuses a high kick from Tyrone Roberts. Rabbitohs ball 10 metres out.
34 min: Rabbitohs clear the ball and Uate skips into the defence but is brought down on the 30 metre line.
34 min: Some great second phase play sees Tahu play the ball 20 metres from the South Sydney line.
35 min: Tyrone Roberts kicks in goal and the Knights will get the ball back from a drop out.
35 min: Taia will play the ball 26 metres out on tackle 1.
38 min: TRY
Chris Houston will get the Knights back into the game after a wrap from Tyrone Roberts, he was able to easily evade the Souths defenders to score next to the posts. Roberts converts.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 22-10
38 min: Mullen grubbers but Everingham collects and brings it back 10 out from his line.
39 min: Sutton clears the ball and Uate is stopped on the 30.
40 min: Newcastle throw it around but that is half time.
40 min: Both teams are back onto the field and we are set for kick off. The Rabbitohs will have first use.
40 min: Tyrone Roberts gets us back underway! Sutton takes an awkward catch and is tackled 15 from his line.
40 min: INFRINGEMENT: Penalty Rabbitohs. Rabbitohs 3-1 Knights
41 min: Reynolds puts a great kick in and once again they force a drop out from the Knights
42 min: Brilliant charge from Geogre Burgess and he attraks a penalty. Souths on the attack in the 10 metre zone.
43 min: But South Sydney knock it on, just 18 metres from the line. Scrum Knights.
44 min: Mullen kicks and Merritt catches it easily. Knights tackled him 10 from his line.
45 min: Knights are into the Rabbitohs half
46 min: Mullen puts up a towering bomb but Inglis defuses the pressure
46 min: Rabbitohs are into the Knights half.
46 min: A forward pass is called by the refs. Play the ball Newcastle 10 out from their line.
47 min: Mullen drives it into touch, 15 metres from the South Sydney line.
49 min: Issac Luke tears apart the Knights an gets them into the Knights half
49 min: Reynolds tries a chip and chase but is unable to regather. Knights ball.
50 min: Uate kicks and the ball comes off the chest of Inglis but Uate brings him down 40 from the Rabbitohs from the line
50 min: Everingham makes a good line break, before Reynolds kicks but the Knights have the ball back. 10 metres from their line.
51 min: Mullen kiks down the throat of Inglis who easily gets it back to the 45 metre line.
51 min: Rabbitohs have great momentum. And the Knights knock the ball down and the Rabbitohs will have a scrum 30 metres out.
53 min: VIDEO REF: Nathan Peats crosses but the refs want to check the obstruction.
56 min: TRY
They award the try and Peats simply cuts open the defence. Reynolds will convert.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 28-10
56 min: A bad attacking set from the Rabbitohs sees a pass go into touch.
56 min: Knights have the scrum 35 metres from the line.
56 min: Adam Reynolds intercepts the ball 10 metres from his line and is taken down 20 from the Knights line.
57 min: Video Ref: Chris McQueen may have stripped the ball from a Knights defender to score the try
59 min: TRY
The Rabbitohs are starting to pull away now with a try and a successful conversion.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 34-10
60 min: Rabbitohs are starting to throw the ball around now, but the Knights finally have some possession back.
61 min: A big kick on the last from the Knights sees the Rabbitohs receive a tap.
61 min: Rabbitohs are into the Knights half.
62 min: Sutton bombs the ball but the bat back goes wrong and Boyd has the ball.
63 min: Knights are desperately trying to mount some field position but the Rabbitohs are making it very tough for them!
64 min: Dave Taylor makes a solid line break before offloading into Greg Inglis but he drops the ball. Scrum Knights 30 from their line
65 min: Roberts grubbers through and the Knights will get the drop out.
66 min: A massive drop out sees the ball go 59 metres on the full!
66 min: Knights attacking inside the Rabbitohs 10 metre zone.
68 min: TRY
A good try out wide for Uate
South Sydney Rabbitohs 34-14
68 min: Sam Burgess replicates Willie Mason's first half hit on Kyle O'Donnell as he loses the ball and Luke Burgess manages to butches the try.
68 min: Scrum Knights 10 metres from their line.
69 min: VIDEO REF: Uate may have pulled something from nothing.
69 min: Uate is ruled offside.
70 min: McManus is down after a big hit from Taylor.
77 min: The clock is winding down here for the Knights and the Rabbitohs will wrap up with victory!
77 min: Drop out Knights.
78 min: Sam Burgess offloads and Greg Inglis drops a certain try.
80 min: The game will wind down and the Rabbitohs will win.

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