South Sydney trounce Parramatta 56-6 at ANZ

THE Rabbitohs have kept their slim chances of making the eight alive with a 56-6 thrashing of the Parramatta Eels in front of a 13,809 crowd at ANZ Stadium.

The home side took control of the first half early with Greg Inglis scoring in only the fourth minute after making a massive break down the field.

Parramatta were given an opportunity to hit back quickly but were unable to capitalise despite three repeat sets at the line.

It was all the Rabbits from there, Nathan Merrit was over next scoring in the 20th minute after a nice offload by Eddy Pettybourne.

Merrit was over for his double only three minutes later courtesy of some good dummy half work and more poor defence by the Eels.

Not to be outdone by his teammate, Inglis strolled over for his double in the 30th minute after a nice kick by Sandow.

A 60-meter break by John Sutton put on Merrit's third try only two minutes later.

However the Rabbitohs were not done yet, this time it was Sandow doing it all him four minutes out from half time.

The Eels were in trouble early in the second half when the Rabbits finished their first set only 20 meters out from the try line. But a Chris McQueen knock on took the Eels off the hook.

Parramatta were not so lucky in the 45th minute when Dylan Farrell scored in the corner for Rabbitohs first try of the second 40.

But the Parramatta defense was able to hold strong in the next passages of play and they were finally rewarded with some posession in the 56th minute.

A nice break by Ben Smith followed by a clever chip kick by Jarryd Hayne put Burt over in the 58th.

Parramatta were given numerous chances to score back to back tries over the next 10 minute, but it was the Rabbits who were the next to get over when Merritt scored his fourth.

Merritt was there to create the next try after breaking up the Parramatta defence before throwing a clever pass to Inglis who sent Chris McQueen over the tryline.

But the Rabbitohs were not done yet, with Nathan Merritt scoring off the next set to make it five tries. Sandow added the extras to give South their largest win in 31-years.

Match Details

South Sydney Rabbitohs 56 defeated Parramatta Eels 6
National Rugby League - Round 22 (Close the Gap Round) - Monday August 8, 2011 7:00pm
Venue: ANZ Stadium
Referee: Adam Devcich and Chris James
Video Referee: Paul Mellor
Touch Judges: Jeff Younis and Jason Walsh
Crowd: 13,809
Halftime: South Sydney Rabbitohs  Parramatta Eels players of the match:
3 Points - Nathan Merritt (5 Tries)
2 Points - Chris Sandow (1 Try, 7 Conversions)
1 Point - Issac Luke

Tries: Greg Inglis (2), Nathan Merritt (5), Chris Sandow, Chris McQueen, Dylan Farrell
Conversions: Chris Sandow (8/10)

Tries: Luke Burt
Conversions: Luke Burt (1/1) Live Commentary Good Evening folks and welcome to ANZ stadium where the South Sydney Rabbitohs take on the Parramatta Eels.

The home side will be desperate for a win tonight in order to keep their narrow chances of making the finals alive. While for the Eels, they are only one competition point ahead of the last placed Titans.
For the Rabbitohs fullback Rhys Wesser is out, Nathan Merrit shifts to fullback with Shaune Corrigan coming onto the wing.

For the Eels, Chris Hicks comes onto the wing in place of Jordan Atkins, Mitchell Allgood moves to lock in place of Reni Matua, Rory Brien and Justin Poore come onto the bench.
1 min:  Luke Burt kicks off and the match is under way.
1 min:  The Rabbits make 40 meters on their first set before Sandow boots it down field.
2 min:  Luke Burt boots the ball down field after the Eels make 43 meters on their first set.
2 min:  Greg Inglis make a massive break down the right side, he might go all the way here.
4 min:   TRY  
Greg Inglis scores in the corner after making a 60 meter break. Conversion by Sandow is successful.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-0
5 min:  Souths make it to the 40 meter line before Sandow boots it down field. Burt fields the ball on his own 20.
6 min:  Penalty to the Eels. They will have a full set of six 30 meters out from the try line.
7 min:  Burt attempts to grubber into the in goal on the last but Inglis is able to field it before it gets there, however he loses the ball as soon as he is tackled and the Eels will get six 10 meters out.
8 min:  Keating grubbers early in the tackle count, Burt and Hayne are there to take it, but Burt knocks it on.
9 min:  Now the Eels concede a penalty to give the Bunnies a piggyback  into their half.
10 min:  Sandow attempts a chip to Dylan Farrell's wing 10 out, but it goes out on the full.
11 min:  Hindmarsh loses the ball trying to play it on his own 30, exactly what the Eels don't need.
11 min:  The Rabbits are making a lot of meters on the left side.
12 min:  Luke throws a forward pass early in the tackle count and Parramatta are off the hook.
13 min:  Hayne puts in a driving kick on the fourth ten meters his side of halfway, the ball bounces out five meters from the Rabbits line, good set by Parramatta there.
15 min:  Rabbits make it to halfway on their set before the ball is kicked down field by Sandow and Burt fields it on the full on his own 10 meter line.
16 min:  Another good set by the Eels finishes only 20 meters out from the try line, Hayne kicks the ball beautiful and McQueen is forced to field it a meter out from his own line and does well to stay in the field of play.
17 min:  Eels lose the ball on their own 40.
18 min:  Eels are penalised for a strip five meters out from their own line and Souths get another six.
20 min:   TRY  
Nathan Merrit scores after a good offload by Pettybourne, conversion attempt by Sandow is successful. Eels fans and players will not be happy about that one, replays suggest the stripping penalty was a bad call.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-0
21 min:  Taylor makes a break and gets to the Eels 40 before offloading to Inglis who is tackled, but the Eels are penalised for interfering in the play the ball.
23 min:   TRY  
Merrit gets his double after a quick play the ball. Sandow has no problem adding the extras. The Eels are defending extremely poorly at the moment.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 18-0
25 min:  Jarryd Hayne's kicking game is the only thing going right for the Eels at the moment.
30 min:   TRY  
Inglis gets his double after a clever kick by Sandow. Sandow fails to add the extras.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 22-0
31 min:  John Sutton is through the Rabbits.
32 min:   TRY  
Merrit has a hat trick after a 60 meter break by John Sutton. Sandow kicks the goal from right in front.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 28-0
37 min:   TRY  
Sandow makes a break on his own 40 meter line and runs the length of the field to score. Sandow converts his own try. The Eels' defence keeps getting more atrocious.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 34-0
39 min:  O'Hanlon knocks on trying to dive on a loose ball after an offload by Ben Smith and the Eels will get a scrum on halfway.
40 min:  The Eels survive after Moi Moi dives on an Inglis kick. That's the half.
41 min:  Chris Sandow kicks off to bring the second half under way.
42 min:  Eels might have a try here, waiting on a video referee decision.
42 min:  No try! Chris McQueen knocked the ball on before Dave Taylor grounded it.
44 min:  Parramatta give away a penalty at the end of the set. South Sydney will go on the attack again.
46 min:   TRY  
Souths spread it out right to create and overlap and Dylan Farrell scores in the corner. Conversion attempt by Sandow is waved away.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 38-0
47 min:  Hayne is penalised and the Rabbits will get another piggyback up the field.
48 min:  Intercept by Moi Moi.
50 min:  Parramatta concede another penalty.
53 min:  Better stuff from the Eels there, they finish their set only 20 out from the Rabbitohs line allowing Hayne to put a kick into the in goal but Hicks falls over before gathering it.
55 min:  Possible try to Parramatta through Burt after a good break by Ben Smith and nice chip from Hayne.
56 min:   TRY  
Ben Smith uses Sandow as a speed bump before being tackled a few meters from the Souths' line the ball goes to Hayne to chips the ball into the in goal, it bounces on the cross bar and into the arms of Burt who scores. Burt converts his own try.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 38-6
57 min:  Eels get a piggyback out of their own half after a penalty against Souths.
58 min:  Hayne puts a little too much on a grubber into the in goal and Rory O'Brien runs through, but it just goes dead.
63 min:  Eels earn a goal line drop out after running the ball and a nice kick by Hayne.
64 min:  Chris McQueen intercepts a long pass by Hayne and his side are off the hook. Poor stuff by the Eels, the Rabbits' defence is completely uncoordinated.
65 min:  Eels are busting the Souths' defence open very easily, but their execution is so poor.
70 min:   TRY  
Nathan Merritt gets his fourth after busting the defensive line open. Conversion attempt by Sandow is successful.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 44-6
77 min:   TRY  
The Rabbitohs keep it alive through Nathan Merritt, who passes to Inglis who throws a long pass to McQueen who races over to score in the right corner. Sandow's sideline conversion attempt is successful.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 50-6
80 min:   TRY  
Nathan Merritt makes it five tries with a nice run down the right side line. Sandow adds the extras and that's the game.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 56-6