Souths In Crisis

This week whether or not George Piggins and his board are re-elected there is expected to be monumental movements

That could change South Sydney forever.With the dismissal of a number of players & a coach over month period spells trouble for any club but fans are ones that are hurting and someone needs to answer or start offering solutions to the losing culture that has permeated the club over past decade.It is no wonder former players Craig Field & Darrell Trindall had personal problems which

Didn?t help the Rabbits in the past but a new problem called ?attitude? appears to be bearing a further complacency that is

Rubbing off on the fans,and they know it by turnstiles.

Souths were lucky once maybe twice but like the rabbits foot the dogs are barking louder & more losses are going to spell

An even uglier year for the once proud club,hoping that the 2001 court case victory can show true grit of club!