Souths Logan News

Last week-end's victory for the MAGPIES over Brothers-Valleys was celebrated with wins in the Colts and the Mixwell Cup A grade teams as well. The highlights of last week-end were the reversal of form for the promising players in the Colts team. Former Souths champion forward and Colts Coach, Chris Phelan, found himself digging deep into his playing and coaching experience to remedy the unexpected early form of his young chargers. A change of position for Tanu Wulf from centre to five-eight saw a spirited effort from the former Tully Tiger and a glimpse of what the Souths supporters have been waiting to see. Phelans' Colts will have a chance now to continue with their new found energy and prove their potential as future Queensland Cup players.

The A-Grade team displayed true MAGPIE character with come back to snatch victory at full time. With only ten minutes to go the crowd believed they were witnessing an early scalp for the new bretheran club. The Black and White defence made a stand and with determined pride the Souths team pressured the home side into submission with skilled and enthusiastic attack scoring enough points to level the scores. The players displayed powerful team pride to get back into the home team's quarter. Then, as the full time siren sounded, five-eight Chris Bax calmly took a pass two off the ruck to drop a field goal. The ball took an unsual trajectory to pass through the uprights and send the Magpie team into a state of elation that was felt through the crowd at O'Callaghan. Talk of the MAGPIES team spirit to comeback like they did was the topic of the crowd prior to the main game.

An early start to the Queensland Cup game to accomodate the television broadcast on ABC caught the MAGPIES napping and slipping to a ten point defecit in only minutes. The experience of the clubs hardened forwards contained the efforts of the new boys of the league and the talent of seasoned players like Captain Jace Van Dijk, Darren Glaze and Josh Dillon led the way for proven champion Kevin Prior and Raiders player Alwyn Simpson and rookie Eddie Dodd to score two tries a piece. Interesting interchange selections by coach Griffin gave the MAGPIES a variety of attack options with rookie Bob Blair, Aaron Lewis and Nathan Rowe. Cam Joyce delivered his consistent energized game with sound displays from centres Peterson and Doherty. Josh Dillon was voted Players' Player and the Man of Match was awarded to Jace Van Dijk.