Souths prevail as Canberra

I, for one was not expecting a victory today as Canberra had been impressive in their last two starts and being a true believer in Canberra's reputation for blowing tight games, I tipped the Rabbits and they did me proud. Canberra played some of the dumbest, mind numbing football for years and with so many falcons, Canberra are sure to finish up with at least one trophy in the cabinet at the end of the year.

Souths played basic no frills football with a dash of skill here and there, and they totally outclassed a leaderless rabble that like to impersonate a football team from time to time.

Simon Woolford as captain, showed no leadership in a tight match and the service provided from dummy half was pathetic with so many knock ons and misthrown passes, it looked like it was his first game of Rugby League in any grade.

Souths capitalised on Canberra's moronic play with Raiders players not knowing who was getting the ball, fullbacks standing back so far in defence the only way to communicate with the front line was with morse code and smoke signals.

Souths played hard and were by far the better side and all they had to do was play some basic footbal with Canberra panicking when they hit the lead midway through the second half. They simply do not know how to win and the skill level at the Raiders is by far the worst of any team in the NRL. I could suggest changes but there is simply no other talent within the club to bring through, so they are stuck with all the rotten apples for the remainder of the year and hopefully an open cheque book will provide a few answers for a club struggling to match even the battlers in the top flight.

Best for Souths were Hart,Stringer and Stanley, while only Terry Martin and Ruben Wiki could put their hand out for a pay cheque today. Phil Graham from Canberra does not know the basics and showed that while he does have limited potenital, he is not a first grade player and should find himself in the minors next week.

Memo to Coach Elliott. No Wolfgramm please. I'll happily pull on the boots if the call comes out, but I have ticker so I guess i'll die wondering.

Rabbitohs 26 vs Raiders 20 (Full Time) 2:30pm 19 May 2002 Aussie Stadium Referee: S Hampstead South Sydney Rabbitohs(tries Hart, Grose, Richardson, Craigie, King. goals Stanley 3/6.) Canberra Raiders(tries Finch, Tongue, Graham. goals Graham 4/4.)