SportOdds weekend wrap

The Rugby League weekend kicked off with the ANZAC Test on Friday night. Most of SportOdds League punters kicked the long weekend off with a good win, after Australia were heavily supported to cover the 18.5 point line that they had to give up, which they duly covered. Some money came from across the Tasman for the Kiwis at $6.25 to win the game, and they got 40-45 minutes to think that they had a chance of collecting at the big odds. Australia blew them away in the final 1/2 hour and deserved their good win.

NRL Rd 7 games were not affected too much by Test player withdrawals. Only Newcastle and St George Illawarra fielded significantly re-shuffled line ups. The biggest upset of the round came on Saturday night with Cronulla winning the year's second Golden Point Extra-Time game with a Nigel Vagana try to knock off a Parramatta side that did just about everything to win the game except for actually winning it.

The two biggest bets of the week came in the other two Saturday night games, with the same SportOdds punter taking both Canberra -9.5, and Melbourne -9.5 for $40k each at the $1.90 line, ending up with one up and one down.

The Cronulla upset was not as beneficial to SportOdds as was planned, and given Melbourne's easy win over the ordinary Cowboys, we needed a better Sunday to right a wayward ship. Luckily for us the biggest 'go' of the week, the Sydney Roosters did not cover the 4.5 line that was available most of the week, and we were able to keep our noses in front for the weekend.

Another large bet saw a regular SportOdds punter from Sydney take Australia in the Test match to cover the 2nd Half Handicap of 10.5 points for 15k at $1.90. The punter decided that while the Kiwis may put up a good fight early on, the additional class of the Australians would mean that they would be able to gap New Zealand in the 2nd period. This proved to be spot on in judgement and collected $28,500 for the trouble.

RUGBY LEAGUE Results & Dividends: ANZAC Test & NRL Rd 7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Australia 37, New Zealand 10 To Win: Australia $1.12 Line: -18.5 Australia $1.90 Start: Pick Your Own Start Available Margin: 13+ Australia $1.45 Half Time/Full Time Double: Australia/Australia $1.28 First Scoring Play: New Zealand Try $4.00 First Try Scorer: David Kidwell $31.00

St George Illawarra 8, Roosters 11 To Win: Roosters $1.58 Line: +4.5 St George Illawarra $1.90 Start: Pick Your Own Start Available Margin: 1-12 Roosters $3.10 Half Time/Full Time Double: Roosters/Roosters $2.10 First Scoring Play: Roosters Goal $6.50 First Try Scorer: Reece Simmonds $14.00

Parramatta 14, Sharks 14 (Sharks won in Golden Point) To Win: Draw $26.00 Line: +6.5 Sharks $1.90 Start: Pick Your Own Start Available Margin: 1-12 Sharks $4.00 Half Time/Full Time Double: Any Other Result $9.00 First Scoring Play: Parramatta Try $2.25 First Try Scorer: Eric Grothe $12.00

Souths 8, Bulldogs 34 To Win: Bulldogs $1.08 Line: -22.5 Bulldogs $1.90 Start: Pick Your Own Start Available Margin: 13+ Bulldogs $1.33 Half Time/Full Time Double: Bulldogs/Bulldogs $1.24 First Scoring Play: Bulldogs Try $1.65 First Try Scorer: Hazem El Masri $11.00

Broncos 32, Penrith 14 To Win: Broncos $1.72 Line: -2.5 Broncos $1.90 Start: Pick Your Own Start Available Margin: 13+ Broncos $3.40 Half Time/Full Time Double: Broncos/Broncos $2.45 First Scoring Play: Broncos Try $2.30 First Try Scorer: Barry Berrigan $29.00

Melbourne 28, Nth QLD 6 To Win: Melbourne $1.28 Line: -10.5 Melbourne $1.90 Start: Pick Your Own Start Available Margin: 13+ Melbourne $1.90 Half Time/Full Time Double: Melbourne/Melbourne $1.70 First Scoring Play: Melbourne Try $2.00 First Try Scorer: Steven Bell $14.00

Wests Tigers 30, Manly 22 To Win: Wests Tigers $1.47 Line: -4.5 Wests Tigers $1.90 Start: Pick Your Own Start Available Margin: 13+ Wests Tigers $ Half Time/Full Time Double: Manly/Wests Tigers $6.50 First Scoring Play: Wests Tigers Try $2.35 First Try Scorer: Jason Moodie $11.00

Canberra 19, Newcastle 18 To Win: Canberra $1.36 Line: +9.5 Newcastle $1.90 Start: Pick Your Own Start Available Margin: 1-12 Canberra $3.20 Half Time/Full Time Double: Canberra/Canberra $1.70 First Scoring Play: Canberra Goal $6.00 First Try Scorer: Michael Hodgson $34.00