Squad for Warrington Game - Faz,
Cass and Bibey back

Warriors Coach Stuart Raper has announced the following side for Friday's home Super League clash with Warrington Wolves at the JJB Stadium.

The squad includes Captain Andy Farrell who has been out since the opening game at Castleford back in February due to a knee injury, also returning are Mick Cassidy after a hand injury and Ricky Bibey after a back problem.

Wigan will lineup :

Shaun Briscoe Brian Carney Martin Aspinwall David Hodgson Jamie Ainscough Nick Graham Adrian Lam Terry O'Connor Terry Newton Danny Sculthorpe Paul Johnson Danny Tickle Andy Farrell

Mick Cassidy Ricky Bibey Gareth Hock Mark Smith

On the return of the three to the squad Stuart Raper said ,

"We are delighted to have Faz, Cass and Rick back in the squad for Friday's game, it's a boost for everyone to have such quality players back in contention. It has been a frustrating time particularly for Andy to miss the first part of the season, it's the longest he has ever had out of the game so it will be good for him and a bonus to the team. Faz is champing at the bit to be apart of what we have done in the last six weeks."

Meanwhile Andy Farrell admitted he couldn't wait to return,

"This has been the longest in my career I have been sidelined, so it's not been the best of times, the last few weeks things have been getting gradually better and I have been training for the first time with the team this week and I am back on Friday. The longest I have been out before is three weeks, I think I have been very hard to live with this last three months. In the middle of it you just can't see an end to it and that's the most frustrating thing ,but I have been good this week with a ball back in my hands again"

"It was only a basic operation, I think the operation only lasted fifteen minutes but it's what happens in the aftermath, there was a fine line between trying to get the fluid down and getting the rehab in I needed so it was the case of doing a weeks training and a week off to try and get rid of the fluid. I have gradually battled through that and am delighted to be back now."

Asked how he will feel when he runs out against The Wolves, Andy added,

"It's not the game I am worried about as such, it's the reaction of the knee afterwards, I will be checking my leg all the time to see if the fluid has come back, it's just a natural thing, I will be glad to get the game under my belt.

"Warrington are a team in top form and are doing very well under Paul Cullen, there is a lot of fire within their team and we know we need to be in our top form, it will definitely test me out."